There are 253 free applications in the Games category. The most recent apps are listed on the top.

Boxy Pocket
Boxy Pocket is a free and very addictive Sokoban-like game for the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform. It features original Sokoban levels and sound.

Lotto Quick Pick tool. Having problems selecting 6 numbers for your winning lottery ticket? Then this application will help you to pick lucky numbers!

Smartphone Bet
Bet against other people on a range of sporting events.

Draw Poker
Draw Poker for Windows Mobile Smartphones. Simple and Free.

All Mobile Mines
All Mobile Mines is the classic Minesweeper game for Windows Mobile smartphones.

RCX Doom
This is a port of the original DOOM game primarily intended for the phones with landscape screen orientation and QWERTY keyboard.

Smart Blocks
It is a falling-blocks puzzle video game also known as Tetris. Line up 3 or more blocks horizontally, vertically or oblique.

Smartphone Sudoku
Smartphone Sudoku is a mobile version of the famous logic-based number placement puzzle game Sudoku.

Smartris is a Tetris clone for the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform developed back in 2003 for the very first Microsoft Smartphone Orange SPV.

The classic 15-puzzle game is very old, but remains one of the most popular logic puzzles. Get a free version for your Windows Mobile Smartphone.

Blocks is a free clone of the classic falling block puzzle game, also known as Tetris.

Bounty Hunter 2099 Pinball
Bounty Hunter 2099 is an exciting, fast-paced, futuristic and free pinball game for your Smartphone.

Bubblets is a free puzzle game. Match similar bubbles together in order to burst them from the board.

B-Tris is an elegant free Tetris-like game for Windows Mobile Smartphones. The game has a big choice of beautiful skins.

Free Bubbles
Amazing bubbles-type game to play on all Windows Mobile Smartphone platforms. This game comes in French, but it is really easy to understand.

UFO Invasion
UFO Invasion is a classic space shooter game with pretty graphics and sound. The controls are very intuitive and handy, dedicated for one handed use.

Magic Squares!
Magic Squares! is a simple square puzzle game, where you move pieces in order to restore the original image that has been sliced randomly.

MicroTurismo is a funny racing game initially created for Orange SPV Smartphones.

Petals Around the Rose
A Smartphone simulation of the famous brain teaser of all time - Petals Around the Rose. The game is played with 5 six-sided dice.

Basic Snake Deluxe
Basic Snake Deluxe is a variation of old good snake series of games. It has three levels of difficulties with various speeds and sizes.

Camera Controlled Snake
In this game player can control direction of the snake by rotating the device. The software detects movement by examining images from built-in camera.

Block Busting Babes Light
Block Busting Babes Light combines the excitement of a Tetris puzzle game with fine art photos of sexiest girls from all over the world.

Pocket GNU Go
Go, also known as Weiqi, is an ancient board game originated in China more than 4,000 years ago.

Mobile Reversi
Mobile Reversi is a Reversi player for Windows Mobile Smartphones. Reversi, also known as Othello, is a classic board game.

In Fishocopter you must guide your fish through the sea, avoiding crabs, sea urchins, shells, and other fishes.

Backgammon is a smartphone version of the classic Backgamone board game, in which pieces are moved after each roll of the dice.

Pocket Hasami
Hasami Shogi is a famous Japanese chess variant where you move your pieces like a rook in chess.

Help Willie to solve the puzzles to return home. The goal in each level of this free smartphone game Willie is to reach the point Z.

Guide your ball though the levels, avoiding the holes and choosing the fastest path.

Snake-Mania is a variation of the classic Snake game.

Hangman is a smartphone version of the classic paper and pencil guessing game.

SPVMan is a great Pacman clone for the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform. It is a fun game - great for killing a couple of minutes in your spare time

PhoneChess is a small program that simulates a chess game on your Smartphone.

Smart Simon
Simon says... Play that tune! Let Simon teach you to play some tunes. Just follow what Simon is playing, note for note.

Battle for Wesnoth
Battle for Wesnoth is a fantasy turn-based strategy game. The original game was created for desktop and this is a port to Android by Alessandro Pira.

Dots (GameBag One) from Ilium Software is a free entertaining game for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC device

Kevtris by Caywen is a free Tetris clone with nice graphics, customizable controls, and is very addictive

SokoSave Mobile
SokoSave Mobile by Eric Sunshine is a version of Sokoban for Pocket PC devices.

Bass Guitar Hero
Bass Guitar Hero by Dolph Larson is a game designed for PocketPC, which was inspired by the Guitar Hero game.

Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe by Dolph Larson is a computer version of the classical paper-and-pencil Tic-tac-toe game for two players

Break My Bricks
Break My Bricks by Dolph Larson is a clone of the classic break out game

Yaniv app brings popular among travelers card game Yaniv to the Android smartphones and tablets.

World of Dragons
World of Dragons is an multiplatform online MMORPG playable on Android, Blackberry and more than 1700 devices. Be the hero of Iglion.

Where's My Water Free
In this game you need to help the sweet alligator to take a bath by guiding water to the shower. Every drop counts here.

Whacksy Taxi
In Whacksy Taxi game for Android you compete other cars in a race, where you have to dodge, jump and fly over high speed traffic.

TrailHit is a location-based game, in which you must solve puzzles and find things to save the planet.

Townsmen 6 Free
Townsmen 6 Free is you chance to play your part in the French Revolution by mobilizing the population and marching towards Paris to overturn the king.

Tangram is a dissection puzzle consisting of seven flat shapes, called tans, which are put together to form shapes.

Space Man
Space Man is an Android adventure game challenging your agility and dexterity, in which you have to quickly find the space and run for it.

Slide: Super Hero
Slide: Super Hero is a classic slide puzzle which features comics characters like Batman, Superman, etc.

Slide: Hello Kitty
Slide: Hello Kitty is a classic slide puzzle game than features images of Hello Kitty and her friends.

Shoot the Apple
Shoot the Apple - one of Android games, where you shoot. Here you shoot alien from the cannon into the apple hidden behind obstacles.

Pole Chudes
Pole Chudes is an Android port of old DOS-game well known among Russian users. It has Russian interface.

Pocket Legends
Pocket Legends is one of the world's largest mobile MMO games for Android enabled devices.

Pikachu Game
Pikachu Game is the Android version of the popular Pikachu game for PC.

Number Blink
Number Blink is a simple Android game to test your blink memory.

NetHack Slash'EM
NetHack Slash'EM is a port of the Slash'EM variant of the classic roguelike game NetHack.

Medieval Castle Defense
Medieval Castle Defense is a tower defense game for Android mobile devices, in which you protect your camp from enemies.

Lost Monkey
Lost Monkey is an Android game where you must help your monkey get back home to Habbo Hotel.

Kongregate Arcade
Kongregate Arcade allows you to play 600+ free mobile games on Android supported mobile devices.

IS06 Are
IS06 Are is a simple Janken (rock, paper, scissors) game to kill time with your Android phone.

Icy Splash
Icy Splash is a reflexion and casual game where you have to connect four scoop of ice-cream to make them melt.

Hot Death
Hot Death for Android is a variant of the classic card game Uno, with many additional cards.

Guns'n'Glory FREE
Guns'n'Glory FREE app lets you play a cowboy role to become the most fearsome and richest leader of all bandits in the Wild West.

ScummVM enables Android users to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games, given that you already have their data files.

Game Dev Story Lite
In the Game Dev Story Lite you manage your own game company trying to create a million-selling game.

Frozen Egg
Frozen Egg is an open source Android game where you have to knock the eggs down by forming groups of three eggs.

Farm Tower
The animals of the Farm Tower need your help. Your mission is to destroy the blocks of the Towers without letting the animals fall onto the ground.

Farm Frenzy Lite
Farm Frenzy Lite is an arcade game, which puts you on the farmer role. Develop your farm to produce articles for selling in the town's market.

Egg Savior
In the Egg Savior game for Android you have to help the chicken to overcome all obstacles and get to the eggs before the thief steals them.

Dream Sleuth
Dream Sleuth is the mysterious hidden-object game for users of Android supported mobile devices.

Double Hit Balls
Double Hit Balls is a classic arcade game (Arcanoid) for Android powered devices. Game contains 12 levels.

Brave Penguin Jumper HD
This is a jumper game where you lead a small but brave penguin to the stars.

Super GoBoy
Super GoBoy is a Game Boy Color Emulator for Series 60. It allows you to play Game Boy ROMs right on your Symbian phone.

BallDroppings Lite
BallDroppings Lite is a playtoy where balls fall and bounce off lines you create, making percussive and melodic sounds.

Backgammon Narde
Backgammon Narde is a classical Narde game for Android supported mobile devices.

Asteroid Defense
Asteroid Defense is a tower defense game for Android platform, in which you have to protect the earth from asteroid rain.

Angry Birds Rio
Angry Birds Rio is another exciting avian adventure, where you help the Angry Birds to free their friends and defeat the evil smugglers.

2 Player Reactor
2 Player Reactor is an educational two-player reaction game developed for Android users.

CaveMan is a strategy game for BlackBerry, where you play a role of a cave man, moving stones and collecting coins.

3DTetris is a modification of classic tetris game, which allows you to play the game in 3D dimension.

Fish Tycoon Lite
Fish Tycoon Lite is a virtual fish breeding game for Android mobiles.

Bistro Cook
In the Bistro Cook game for Android smartphone you play a role of a cook in a Bistro that has to be very fast.

3D Tetric
3D Tetric is a 3D variation of one of the classic games Tetric, available for free for Android smartphone users.

Royal Horse Club
Royal Horse Club is a game established for millions of fans and horse racing experts.

Tumbler is a simple black and white arcade game for BlackBerry, in which you score points by dropping balls off of the bottom of the screen.

Dope Wars
Dope Wars is a turn-based strategy game for BlackBerry, where you play a role of a drug dealer.

Andor's Trail
Andor's Trail is an open source roguelike RPG for Android smartphone.

RimMario is a clone of the popular game Super Mario Brothers to play on old C++ BlackBerries.

Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Seasons is a Christmas edition of the popular Angry Birds game for Android.

NetHack is a free and open source port of the popular roguelike video game to the Android OS.

Frozen Bubble
This is the open-sourced Android port of the popular Frozen Bubble game.

Amazed is a simple but addictive accelerometer-based marble-guidance game for Android.

Sand Blaster
Sand Blaster is an open source game that simulates falling particles like sand, water, and other elements in two dimensions.

In lightMemory game for Android you have to replay the color sequence that the computer shows you.

Light Racer
Light Racer is a motorcycles racing game for Android with 3 different play modes.

Light Racer 3D Basic
Light Racer 3D Basic is a futuristic motorcycles race game to play at Android supported smartphones.

aiMinesweeper White Snow Skin
This is a White Snow skin designed for the aiMinesweeper game version 2.0 or higher.

aiMinesweeper is an Android mobile version of one of the most popular single-player logical game Minesweeper.

aHunt is a retro USSR console game from 1980s available for the users of Android mobile devices.

In aMineSweeper is a classic game, where you have to expose squares and clear the field out of mines.

Paddle Bounce
Paddle Bounce is a ping pong game where you have to handle bouncing ball with a paddle to not let it fall down.

ZQuake is a Palm OS port of the famous Quake 3D game. The port is based on the original work of

PacDude 100%
PacDude 100% for Palm OS is a free remake of classic arcade game Pac-Man. It features colorfully animated high resolution graphics.

Paddle Bounce G
Paddle Bounce G is a variation of Paddle Bounce game, where you control the paddle by tilting your phone.

Balance the Bomb
Balance the Bomb is a game, where you balance the bomb in the palm of your hand and future of all the world depends from you.

Candy Farm
Candy Farm is a mixture of line drawing and puzzle game, where you have to get all candies to their boxes.

Live Hold'em
Live Hold'em is a live poker game to play with the Facebook friends or other Android users.

City Jump
City Jump is an Android game, in which you play a superman jumping between the walls of the buildings.

Andoku is a sudoku puzzle game for Android that offers not only the traditional sudoku, but also a lot of its modifications.

ROM Gripper
ROM Gripper is a free Android app to search and download ROM games for different emulators. So many people can play the games from their childhood.

Open WordSearch
Open WordSearch app is a word search game for Android with support for multiple word banks.

Funny Touch Screen
Funny Touch Screen application offers educational Android games for babies.

The Elements
The Elements is an open-sourced game for Android mobile platform similar to falling sand game.

Backgammon Free
This app brings to your Android the Backgammon - an ancient game of strategy and luck which is still popular worldwide.

Angry Birds
Angry Birds is an Android game, where you have to use your logic and skills to help birds fight against the pigs.

Slice Slice
Slice Slice is a puzzle game for Android, where you need to slice a given shape into several pieces of a same or almost same size.

Knights Chess Puzzle
It is a challenging puzzle game with chess knights to train your brain with Android mobile phone.

Bunny is a puzzle game, where you have to sort 15 bunnies, and put them to appropriate places according to their numbers.

Pets LIVE is a game, where you train the pet of your choice, raise it until it is strong and battle against others.

Radiant Lite
In Radiant Lite shooter game for Android you will need to fight the aliens in the space.

Buka Lite
In the Buka Lite game you have to protect BUKA, a little planet set on a quest to find the Happy Place.

ProjectINF is a true real-time, online, multi-player shooter to play on your Android phone.

Brain Genius Deluxe
Brain Genius Deluxe is a number of brain testing and training games to play at your Android device.

It is a free version of Nebtrix shooter game for Android, with the limitation to one level.

Pucked is a rapid paced puck game for Android, where you have to shoot merging shapes. The game contains a world wide highscore list.

Penguin II Power Bar
This is a penguin game modification with additional dynamic power bar, where you better to hit the falling down penguin when your power is maximal.

Penguin I Classic
This is the classic penguin game, where you have to hit penguin as strong as you can to make it fly as far as possible.

Age of Conquest Lite
Age of Conquest Lite is a strategy game for Android, where you take the reigns of a budding empire and struggle for control of the world.

Basketball Shot
Basketball Shot is a simple game, where you have to shot to the basket with ball and collect scores.

AirAttack Lite
AirAttack Lite is an android arcade game, where you have to destroy attacking planes and helicopters.

Memory is a game, where you have to eliminate all pairs of the matching cards as quick as you can.

Cestos is a multiplayer game for Android, in which you have to make your marbles be last ones standing in the battle with one of online users.

Jewellust lite
Jewellust lite is a lite edition of a popilar gem-swapping puzzle game for Android devices.

Pocket Empires
Pocket Empires is an online war game (MMO) for Android phones, where you can harvest, build, conquer.

Abduction! is a game, where you follow the UFO into space with a jumping cow to save your herd that has been abducted by aliens.

Air Control Lite
In Air Control Lite android game you take a role of an air traffic controller and have to direct airplanes to runways while avoiding collisions.

Gang Wars Lite
Gang Wars Lite is a multiplayer online mafia game where you can try your best to become a Don.

iMobsters is an online multiplayer mafia game developed for Android powereed devices.

Toss It
Toss It is time-killer game for Android phone, where you have to toss a ball into the basket.

Moving Blocks Puzzles
Moving Blocks Puzzles is a set of two puzzles and two block games.

Maze is a 3D puzzle game for Palm OS handhelds.

Jumps is an arcade game where a penguin jumps from a rock and tries to fly as far as possible.

Sahalin is a step by step economical strategic game.

Chaser is an arcade game with 25 levels for Palm OS PDAs.

MiniSpaceWar Vector
MiniSpaceWar Vector is a retro arcade game for Android powered devices.

AllBinary Arcade One
AllBinary Arcade One is an app for Android phones that offers 4-in-1 arcade games by AllBinary.

Air Hockey: EM
Air Hockey: EM is an air hockey game available for Android powered smartphones.

Gomoku (Renju) is an abstract strategy board game for Palm OS.

Chaser Dig
80 levels of funny adventure where you have to use both brain and reaction to win.

Eric the Bomber
Old Eric the Bomber (Bomberman) strategic game.

Greedy Pirates
Shake your phone to build the cannon's power, tilt your phone to adjust it's firing angle and then blast the cannon ball as far as you can.

32Red Casino
32Red Casino app by Kyoogi allows you gambling in casino right at your Android powered phone.

Robo Defense Free
Robo Defense Free is a tower defense action game where you buy and install your robots to protect your camp from the invasion.

Bonsai Blast
Bonsai Blast is an addictive game, in which you have to match colored balls in groups of at least 3 by shooting with random colored balls.

Sexy Image Puzzle
In the Sexy Image Puzzle app you have to connect parts of the women pictures to complete puzzles.

IMR-Life is an implementation of Conway's Game Of Life.

IMR-Snake is an implementation of the Snake (Nibbles) video game for the Palm OS.

BoxMan is a Sokoban-type puzzle game for Palm OS.

Sokoban is a popular logic game invented by Hiroyuki Imabayashi in 1982.

Paper Toss
Paper Toss is a hit mobile casual game now available for Android. Here you have to toss a ball of paper into a trash basket considering current wind.

Pilot Mines
Pilot Mines is a game for Palm OS, modeled after the X11 minesweeper clone.

Sudoku is a free palm app to play Sudoku games on the go, with a logical solver and other features.

PocketChess game for Palm OS allows you to play chess against a simple opponent, anywhere you and your Palm device are.

Go81 is a program which plays the game of Go (also known as Weichi or Baduk) on small boards (9x9 and 13x13).

Go169 is a program which plays the game of Go (also known as Weichi or Baduk).

myTextSpeed is an android app, which will measure how fast you can text random words.

Numbers And Letters Challenge
Numbers & Letters Challenge is an inteligence Android game.

Kanji Writing Game
Kanji Writing Game is a game for Android in wich you have to draw kanjis (japanese characters).

Maxim Jaguar Journey
Maxim Jaguar Journey is a Palm OS road-rally game, where players can get behind the wheel of a Jaguar X-TYPE.

Nike Shade Running
Run down the street, avoiding objects and staying out of the sun.

Nike Street Rock
Just pick up a rock, kick it around, and score points for knocking stuff over.

TS-Apprentice is an assistant to help speed play in the 3rd Edition of the Dungeons and Dragons game.

TS-ShadowDice is a Die Roller for the Shadow Run role playing game.

BlueBlocks is a multiplayer Bluetooth blocks game for Palm OS.

Argon V
Argon V is an action shooter with vertical multilayer scrolling. The objective is to shoot everything that moves.

Xibble is a crossword game for Palm OS devices for two, three or four players.

Antigen is a puzzle game with a strategy element for Android powered mobile phones.

SFCave is a simple game, where the gamer controls a flying ribbon and avoids walls of a cave.

DopeWars is a game where the objective is to get rich through buying and selling drugs.

Board Games
Board Games for Palm OS is a set of two board games: Tic Tac Toe and Mosaic.

CheeseFind is a small Palm OS version of the find the mouse type game.

Anvestor is virtual economy game. You can buy or sell stocks, bonds, securities on stock exchange and real estate from all overt the world.

QuadraPop is a color pairing games with user friendly control buttons. Connect four or more gems with the same color.

OpenSudoku is a simple open source sudoku game for Android

Pyramide is a free solitaire game for Android, where you have to remove all the cards from the pyramid in order to win.

More Marbles
Bejeweled gem game. Match 5 gems to build up bonus points. Get the code for extra modes!

Dot n Munch Lite
Use the touch screen to find the one safe spot before time runs out.

XAP! noob Zombie
XAP! noob Zombie is a smart 2D shooting game with various opponents where you have to kill zombies and protect babies.

Super K.O. Boxing 2 Free
Super K.O. Boxing 2 Free is a free edition of boxing game for Android powered devices.

I Love NY
I Love NY is a quiz for people who want to check their knowledge about New York City and share the results with the friends.

Spin Cube Lite
Spin Cube Lite is a kind of popular puzzle game, best known as the Rubik Cube, with the 2x2 to 10x10 cubes available.

Cuboid Lite
Cuboid Lite is a Rubik cube puzzle developed for the Android mobile devices.

Connect is a simple mathematical thinking game developed for Android powered phones.

Androban is yet another Sokoban clone for Android powered mobile phone.

In Alchemy game for Android you have 4 base elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air. Combine them and their products to get more than 200 new elements.

Solitaire is a simple collection of different types of the Solitaire game: Regular, Spider, Freecell, Forty Thieves.

PAC-MAN is a famous arcade game, where you have to collect your scores, while completing level by level, and escape from the ghosts following you.

AntiTetris is a funny puzzle game for Android where you ought to keep the balls from being eliminated.

BigTwo is a card game for Android mobile phone with rules that are based closely on Poker.

Jewels is a simple, yet quite polished and fun match-3 puzzle game for Android powered mobile phones.

Sexy Beauties Puzzle
Sexy Beauties Puzzle is a puzzle game made of the sexy star photos. When you finish the puzzle, you can set it as wallpaper or share via email.

Tap Puzzle
Tap Puzzle is bubble bursting game. Click on group of 2 or more blocks of the same color and they disappear. Build bigger groups to get more point.

Route Words Lite
Route Words Lite is a highly addictive little word puzzle game which will challenge your wits and word knowledge.

Replica Island
Replica Island is a game where you control a small robot that has to locate a mysterious artifact on a bizarre island.

Papaya Farm
Papaya Farm is a virtual farming game for Android, which allows you to sow, grow and harvest in your land.

Armored Strike Lite
Armored Strike Lite is a classic tank warfare for Android with a modern touch and extreme firepower.

Wheel Chooser
Wheel Chooser will help you to choose right wheels for your car. 40 different cars and 10 deferent wheels are available in this version.

Brick Annoyed
Brick Annoyed is classic arcade game. You have to destroy all balloons on the screen to advance to the next level.

Dog Clicker
With three different clicker sounds and an easy-to-use interface, Dog clicker is a handy tool for dog owners to train their dogs.

Numerica is a little puzzle game for Android that is easy and fun to play, but will also give your brain a work out.

Eye In The Sky
In the Eye In The Sky game for Android you must protect a unique alien forest by blowing away the bad elements, while letting the good ones through.

A fun and challenging little game that is great to play when you have a few minutes during the day.

Alien Escape
A fun little shooter game that lets you blast away at a large army of alien ships above the city lights of Los Angeles.

Fun Crosswords
Fun Crosswords is a words puzzle games. You would be able to download new puzzles, customize how to check the words and show the answers.

World War
World War is an online game for android powered phone that happens in year 2012 and presents a broken out nuclear war.

AutoTrafego Lite
AutoTrafego is a free edition of traffic-management game for Android powered devices.

ExtremeTypist is an application that allows you to test your typing speed on a mobile device.

Cardex is a virtual wallet, which lets you save card details on your Android smartphone.

Fish Food
Fish Food is a game for Android platform, where you have to make big fishes eat the smaller ones by touching and dragging.

Cosmix is a simple game, where you have to defend your cosmic ship from the attacking missiles by shielding it with robotic worm.

Puzzle15Game is a simple game based on Android 1.5. It's enough just the touch screen to play with Puzzle15Game

Twister Spinner
Twister Spinner application for Android offers an alternative to the classic twister spinner.

BitBlocks is a very basic and fast tetris-style game for the android phone.

BitWords Free
BitWords Free is a word finding game for android phone, where one has to spell words by using adjacent letters.

Winx Puzzle
Winx Puzzle is the jigsaw puzzle for the Android that features several puzzles. Version 2.3.0 has 83 levels.

DiLines is clone of old Line game, where you have to build lines of the same color to earn scores.

Nesoid Lite
Nesoid Lite is a Nintendo Entertainment (NES) ROM emulator for the Android mobile platform.

ScoreNinja is a global ranking and high score list that can be used by any game.

Minesweeper for Android
Minesweeper for Android is great minesweeper clone for Android that features nice UI and global highscores.

Plucking Daisies
Plucking Daisies is a game were you can pluck the petals of a white daisy to find out if your beloved one loves you or not.

GameBoid Lite
GameBoid Lite is an emulator for the GameBoy Advance (GBA) game console.

Little Python
Little Python is a Snake-like classic game for Android.

This is beautiful 3D display art work in a Nexus One. Should work on other ANdroids but not as beautiful maybe.

Parallel Kingdom - Age of Emergence
Parallel Kingdom overlays a real-time, perpetual game world on top of your real world using your phone's GPS capabilities.

Bebbled is a Jawbreaker-like game for Android featuring Online, Freestyle, and Campaign modes with 33 different levels.

Deadly Mafia Free Online RPG
Deadly Mafia is a free online browser-based RPG game that simulates life of a mafia.

Simon Tatham's Puzzles
This app offers 31 small one-player auto-generated puzzle games. Version 8853.4 introduces some graphics improvements on high-resolution devices.

Puzzles is an Android port of Simon Tatham's portable puzzle collection. The collection consists of 27 different puzzle games.

AndPishti Alpha
AndPishti is an Android version of the popular Turkish card game Pishti. It supports single player and multi player option

Mages Chess
Mages Chess is a classic chess game and server as a demonstration of capabilities of the Mages Game Engine.

Mages Game Engine enables you to develop effective multi-player client/server internet games for mobile devices with minimum efforts.

Space Bugs Demo
SpaceBugs is a shoot-em up with perspective on you move 2 ships at the same time. The game is a mix of Gyrus/Tempest and Xenon 2/Tyrian 2000.

Memo Game
Memo Game is a Memory game for the Android platform. An exciting board game, to be played for fun at all times.

Android Sudoku
Android Sudoku game consists of 3 Sudoku puzzles, offers three difficulty levels, hints for players and has a nice background music.

Scrambled Net
Scrambled Net is a network-unscrambling puzzle game, based on the KDE game KNetWalk. The purpose is to connect all the terminals to the server.

Android Blackjack
Android Blackjack by Kenneth Riggio is a variation of the most popular casino card games in the world to the Android mobile platform.

Arensus Crossword Player
Let the user solve crosswords on Android. The crosswords are downloaded from the internet.

Monolith Android
Monolith Android is a 3D tetris-like game for the android mobile phone platform. The code is based on the SDK samples of the Android SDK.

Twisty is a Java-based port of the Z-machine interpreter for Android. It has three built-in games and also allows to load external game packages.

Dodge Balls
Dodge Balls is a fun arcade game for the Android mobile platform. Move your spaceship not to get hit by dodge balls falling from the sky.

Lunar Lander
Lunar Lander is yet another sample game, which was extracted from the Android SDK. It showcases a simple 2D graphic implementation on this platform.

Snake is the first ever publicly released application for the Android mobile platform. It was included in the Android SDK as a sample application.


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