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Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery
This app will help you recover media, SMS, contacts from your Android phone or tablet.

Zeam is a minimalistic launcher alternative app for Android devices.

Timeriffic can mute or un-mute the global Android ringer and other settings at a specified time of the day.

Privacy Inspector
Privacy Inspector scans installed Android apps to check their code and lookout for apps that steal your private information and may be harmful.

With PhoneKlone app one can upload photos, SMS and location to, where one can interact with them.

OSMonitor is a free and open source app that lets you monitor your Android system.

OI About
OI About display version information, links, credits, and license of an installed application.

Milestone Overclock
Milestone Overclock app enables user overclocking rooted Motorola Milestone, Droid, Droid X/2 and others.

Lock aka App Lock is an Android app that can protect your privacy by setting password protection on accessing apps, files and folders.

Ghost Commander
Ghost Commander is a file manager for Android platform inspired by famous (Norton|Midnight|Total) Commander application.

JuiceDefender helps to extend battery life by automatically managing battery-draining components (e.g. 3G/4G, WiFi, etc.).

Firefox is a customizable web browser for Android with multiple tab support and ability to sync with desktop.

Persian Soft Keyboard
Persian Soft Keyboard is a Persian keyboard with good prediction dictionary for Persian words (plus slang).

z4root is a system application, which can root your Android device with a single click of the button.

Elixir is a system information app with highly configurable widgets to display information about battery, CPU, memory, storage and more.

Dr.Web anti-virus Light
Dr.Web for Android Light is an antivirus app for Android powered devices.

CM Updater
CM Updater is an over-the-air updater for the CyanogenMod series of custom Android ROMs.

Brightness Profiles
Brightness Profiles is an Android app that aimed at easy adjustment of the phone's brightness level.

Brighteriffic creates a Home shortcut that lets you toggle the global screen brightness. It should work with Cupcake, Donut and Eclair.

ReadM for S60 is a reader for electronic books, which supports a variety of popular text and audio formats, including Aportis DOC, TCR, and MP3.

FExplorer for Series 60 is a popular file manager, which allows you to see the content on your phone's internal memory and memory card.

aLogcat is a developer tool that enables you to view Android device (logcat) logs directly from your phone.

Adobe AIR
Adobe AIR is a runtime that enables Android users to run web applications on their mobile devices without a browser.

SDMove is an open source program to find apps on Froyo that can be moved to external storage and move them.

AutoAnswer is a free Android app that answers the phone automatically when it rings.

Quickdroid enables you to quickly search, find and launch apps, contacts, bookmarks, artists, albums and songs.

Toggle Headset 2
Toggle Headset 2 is a widget to fix a bug in the Android 1.6 release related to HTC multi-function adapters and the 3.5 mm audio jack output.

AdjBrightness is a tool to adjust brightness for the screen of your Android powered device.

Ukrainian Keyboard
Ukrainian Keyboard is the Ukrainian language on screen keyboard to use on Android powered phone.

aKeyUI is a simple on-screen keyboard app for Android-powered phones.

Nagroid is an unofficial open-sourced nagios client for Android enforced devices.

Swapper is a simple tool for extending memory. Useful when you need some memory for non active applications (music player, browser, maps, etc.).

Alarm Klock
Alarm Klock is an alarm clock app for Android that can use MP3/Media library as alarms.

Scandinavian keyboard
Scandinavian keyboard is a modification of standard keyboard with support for Scandinavian and some other keyboard layouts.

RAMDroid is widget that shows amount of unused memory of your Android device.

With cmwrap app for Android the cmwap users can enjoy basic Google services such as Gmail, Gtalk, etc.

MarketEnabler is a SIM tool application to change the SIM issuer code in order to fake the phone's location.

Touch Test
Touch Test is a simple display and touchpanel test tool, including multi-touch.

Test Card
Test Card is a simple screen test card for Android designed to allow you to view the structures of pixels under magnification.

With Dazzle one can create multiple switcher widgets for WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, airplane mode, and brightness controls.

Audalyzer is an audio analyser for Android phone that displays sounds readings from the microphone as a waveform, frequency spectrum, and dB meter.

OI Safe
OI Safe is Android app that stores your passwords using AES encryption with possibility to import/export data.

Blackmoon File Browser
Blackmoon File Browser is a file management app that supports more than 100 registered file extensions.

BatteryLife is a battery widget for the home screen of Android powered devices.

Battery snap
Battery snap lets you investigate your battery usage history and real time forecasts the remaining autonomy of your device.

AutoKiller is a memory optimizer for Android that helps fine-tune the internal manager of the memory.

Apps@Bar is an app that extends the functionality of status bar in Android powered devices.

AppRemover app for Android allows you easy and fast uninstall applications from your device.

AppUsage Monitor
AppUsage Monitor is an Android software that counts number of launches for all apps installed on your Android powered device.

App Installation Tracker
App Installation Tracker is a software to check out the history of installations and uninstallations of Android apps.

Aptoide client
Aptoide client is an app to install Android applications located on multiple servers that have Aptoide server part on.

APKtor is an alternative public market client to browse and install apps located on public servers called repositories.

Apex Uninstaller
Apex Uninstaller is an Android software for uninstalling apps from your Android device.

AnySoftKeyboard is a on screen keyboard application to be used on Android powered devices instead of standard one.

Animated Analog Clock
Animated Analog Clock is a nice looking widget of animated clock with a beautiful animation of a second hand.

AndroXplorer is a file manager with sliding drawers for file sorting, navigation and toolbar.

Andromax is a number of widgets to display information about your Android device and its work.

Android File Manager
Android File Manager is a simple file manager developed for Android powered devices.

aCommander is a commander style file manager for Android powered smartphones and other Android devices.

AndFire is a firewall software for Android that can filter messages, block calls, block ftp/pop3/smtp, works as an app firewall, and virus firewall.

Analog Clock Collection
This is a widget offering you collection of different looking analog clocks to be used on your Android phone.

3G Watchdog
3G Watchdog is a simple service to monitor your mobile (3G/Edge/GPRS) Internet traffic against your monthly, weekly, or daily quota.

Universal Androot
Universal Androot is an application that provides you with the root access for many Android devices.

Refine Efficiency
Refine Efficiency is a performance utility (memory booster, app killer, cache cleaner, start up manager) app for Android devices.

Android System Info
Android System Info is an Android app that provides a lot of technical information, task manager and other functionality.

BatteryTime Lite
BatteryTime Lite is a application for Android that indicates battery status of your phone.

Android Terminal Emulator
Android Terminal Emulator is a terminal emulator to run system commands or scripts on your android phone.

APNdroid is an Android app aimed to save battery power by turning off mobile data usage.

Quick Settings
Quick Settings is all-in-one settings app that lets you adjust many settings of your Android phone from a single place.

AudioManager is a home screen widget and volume manager that lets you get live readings of your current volume levels and adjust them.

Battery Status
Battery Status is an Android app that displays current battery power state in the status bar of your Android device.

ToggleWifi is an Android app that switches the WiFi setting on or off with only one press.

Spare Parts
Spare Parts app for Android provides you with UI to change the settings that you normally cannot see.

Remote RDP Lite
Remote RDP Lite is a Lite edition of a remote desktop protocol client for the Android powered devices.

BatteryView is an Android app that monitors battery state and warns you then needed.

FoxyRing is an application for your Android phone that manages your ringtones, in order to make it smarter than before.

Copy to Clipboard
Copy to Clipboard is useful app for Android that allows you to copy text to the clipboard.

Setting Profiles Lite
Setting Profiles Lite is a profiles app to control ringtone, wifi, bluetooth, power settings, etc.

Dropbox app synchronizes your files between your computers and your Android mobile device.

Task Manager
Task Manager is an Android app that allows you close apps in few clicks. It helps you save battery and gives you feeling of control over your apps.

appSaver app for Android allows you save your apps to the phone's SD card.

FileZ is an advanced file manager for the Palm OS.

Apps Organizer
Apps Organizer for Android allows you to organize installed applications using labels.

Droid Wall
Droid Wall is an Android firewall, which allows you to restrict access of third party apps to access your data networks (2G, 3G and Wi-Fi).

Rock Clock
Rock Clock is a clock widget for your Android home screen.

eloSENS is a small app to see detailed info about your Android sensors and their outputs.

Autorun Killer
Autorun Killer is an Android app that lets you manage applications that start up when you boot your device.

PreHome is a simple and light task switcher application for Android based smartphones.

Sytrant is an Android app that synchronizes the system time through internet time servers.

Underground is a simple task switcher application for Android that hooks into the Home key.

Task Switcher
Task Switcher is a task change application developed for Android powered devices.

jkAppSwitch is an application switcher tool for Android powered smartphones.

CPUMonitorMini application for Android OS based smartphones, which shows the CPU usage in status bar.

Time Alarm Pro
Time Alarm Pro application will remind you the time at every hour. Use Custom Sounds/TTS for your own alarm messages.

Beautiful Silence Widgets
Beautiful Silence Widgets is a small pack of two widgets in high-resolution, one to activate the vibrate mode, and one for the silent mode.

GoodNight Lite
GoodNight Lite is a limited version of GoodNight tool that will allow you to sleep well without worrying about changing your phone settings.

TedZkeletal Large Clock
TedZkeletal Large Clock is a custom analog clock widget for android phone that changes the look of your clock.

Cute Ladybug Clock
Cute Ladybug Clock is a custom analog clock widget for android phone that makes your clock look like ladybug.

Cute Fox Clock
Cute Fox Clock is a custom analog clock widget for android phone that makes your clock look like fox.

NexDEEP Clock
NexDEEP Clock is a custom analog clock widget for android phone that makes your clock look NexDEEP style.

NexDEEP Large Clock
NexDEEP Large Clock is a custom analog clock widget for android phone that makes your clock look NexDEEP style.

BlueDark Clock
BlueDark Clock is a custom analog clock widget for android phone that makes your clock look BlueDark style.

Nexus Clock
Nexus Clock is a custom analog clock widget for android phone that makes your clock look Nexus style.

Cute Piggy Clock
Cute Piggy Clock is a custom analog clock widget for android phone that makes your clock look Cute Piggy style.

Nexus Clock HR
Nexus Clock HR is a custom analog clock widget for android phone that makes your clock look Nexus style, with higher resolution.

AndExplorer is a file manager for Android devices. It allows browsing files and folders stored on device and sdcard.

Memory Booster Lite
Memory Booster is a powerful mobile Memory & RAM boosting tool specially designed for Android smartphone users.

Time Alarm
Time Alarm will remind you the time at every hour. The current version supports only Korean sounds. Please, use TTS for other language.

free memory lite
free memory lite is an application that helps to clean the memory and save battery power of your Android device.

SimpleTime is a simple timer app that fills the hole Google left in their clock application.

Toggle Settings
Toggle Settings is an android application, which lets you customize different profiles with defined settings for everything what can be toggled.

Blink extends your default Android LED alert system and customizes your LED color for SMS/MMS, Incoming Call/Missed Call, and Low Battery/Memory.

Unlock Screen Changer
Unlock Screen Changer is a program that moves you to the Android's Home Screen every time you press Hang-Up button.

Cool FlashLight
Cool FlashLight it's simple but powerful application intended to turn your phone into a flashlight.

TaskPanel Lite
TaskPanel Lite is the scale-down version of TaskPanel. This app enables to kill or switch between background tasks, configure tasks to be autokilled.

Slide Keyboard
Slide Keyboard is a softkeyboard displaying keys 4 times bigger than the standard keyboard.

Microsoft Tag Reader
Microsoft Tag Reader for Android lets you discover information and entertainment by scanning mobile barcodes with your Android phone.

Titanium Backup
Titanium Backup is claimed to be the only tool capable to backup, restore and analyze installed apps, data and Android Market links. Batch mode too.

Appack is a task and package manager for the Android platform. It can manage currently running and installed third-party applications.

mTools is a suite of mobile tools that provide you with easy management of your mobile life and enable you to transfer files between mobile devices.

ixMAT Scanner
ixMAT Barcode Scanner uses the camera on your Android-powered device to read barcodes and look up product information such as prices and reviews

RingRiser makes volume of ring, alarm and SMS signal on your Android phone playing increasingly from the lowest to user defined level.

Linda File Manager
Linda File Manager is a simple and intuitive application to manage your files on the Android powered phone.

Intuitive tool to easily manage applications on the Android based phone. AppMonster allows you to install, uninstall, backup, sort your applications.

Brightness Level
Brightness Level is a widget, which allows you easily change screen brightness on your Android smartphone.

Advanced Task Manager Free
Advanced Task Manager Free is a software, which allows to terminate, uninstall and do other with applications on your Android phone.

Uninstaller by Rhythm Software is a simple uninstall tool for android powered phone.

Antivirus by droidSecurity Inc. is application protecting your android phone from viruses, malware and exploits with real-time scanning.

Backup and restore your Android contacts, music, photos and videos using a simple user-friendly interface.

aPad by KaKu is an Android application that can edit text of files, stored on SD card.

Lookout Mobile Security
Lookout Mobile Security is the antivirus and backup tool, which can additionally search for specified phones in the surrounding.

Bump by Bump Technologies, Inc is a freeware aiding to swap contact information and photos between two phones.

WiFi OnOff
WiFi OnOff is a simple WiFi toggle widget, which allows you to switch on/off your WiFi with only one click.

GPS OnOff is an android application from CurveFish, which lets you easily switch on or off your GPS.

Wifi Analyzer
Wifi Analyzer displays all available WiFi channels around you and helps you to find the less crowded channel. is an Android application to measure the speed of Internet connection of your Android device.

AndroZip is a file manager application, which lets you manage files/folders, work with archives, install applications, and manage tasks.

OI File Manager
OI File Manager allows you to browse your SD card, create directories, rename, copy, move, and delete files.

Digital Clock Widget
Digital clock widget is a home screen digital time and date widget for Android, which looks just like the one on the iPhone unlock screen.

Quick Uninstaller
Quick Uninstaller is an application for Android supported devices, which lets you easily uninstall, backup/restore programs from your phones.

SilentMode OnOff
SilentMode OnOff is a simple ringer volume toggle widget for Android phone that allows you to switch on/off ringer volume state with one click.

Bluetooth OnOff
Bluetooth OnOff is a simple toggle widget for Android powered phones to easily switch on/off Bluetooth functionality.

aFlashlight is a simple flashlight tool, which you can use in the dark. It has ability to set color and brightness of the flashlight.

Retro Clock
Retro Clock is a home screen clock and date widget for Android, based on the classic mechanical flipping clock.

Save MMS
Save MMS allows you to save pictures, audio and video from txt messages to SD card. Even though app is no longer necessary, some people still use it.

Text-To-Speech Extended
Text-To-Speech Extended is a text-to-speech library for use by other applications. It extends the functionality of the Android TTS API.

TasKiller is a task manager for Android phones used to easily close running applications with the possibility to autokill tasks at startup.

Color Flashlight
Color Flashlight is a flashlight tool for Android, with ability to change color, adjust brightness and apply different effects.

ASTRO File Manager
ASTRO File Manager helps you manage files and tasks, backup applications, send files as attachments, view thumbnails and images.

Advanced Task Killer
Advanced Task Killer by ReChild is a tool for Android-powered phones to kill running applications also known as ATK.

OI Update
OI Update checker manages update information of applications that are currently installed on an Android phone and notifies when updates are available.

OI Flashlight
OpenIntents Flashlight helps you find your way in the dark by keeping the display backlight turned on while this application is running.

Manage 1.2 is a file manager for the Android mobile platform. It can do basic file operations like move, copy, delete etc.

BucketUpload is a file uploader for the Amazon S3 service. It can be used for personal or corporate backup, as a remote drive or file sharing.

Android File Browser
Android File Browser is a simple file system explorer and launcher of applications.

File System Explorer
File System Explorer by John Lombardo is a minimalistic system file browser written as a showcase for a simple Android application.

JADE Android
JADE Android 1.0 is a software package that allows developing agent oriented applications based on JADE for the Android platform.

Android Feed Reader
Android Feed Reader is yet another RSS/Atom feed reader for Android. It provides some basic feed reader functionality. Just don't expect too much.

Contacts Sync
Contacts Sync can connect to a Microsoft Exchange server and load your contacts right into your Android-powered phone.

Android RSS
Fully functional Android RSS reader created as a way to learn the new Android platform SDK.

Password Safe
Password Safe is a simple and handy password manager for the Android mobile platform. The software has nice graphics and is very intuitive to use.


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