There are 166 free applications in the Reference category. The most recent apps are listed on the top.

Dreams Dictionary
The Dictionary provides you with the answers you are looking for regarding all those images which make little apparent sense while you sleep.

Marketing Dictionary
The dictionary contains a list of over 650 common and uncommon marketing research words and phrases.

Mobipocket Reader
Mobipocket Reader is an offline eBook reader application for Windows Mobile Smartphones.

Glasgow Coma Scale
A medical application, which calculates the scale for assessing level of consciousness, particularly used in trauma.

Convert It
A fully customizable Universal Converter and Data Tracking System to capture Expenses from currency conversions, stock quotes, calories burned, etc.

Pocket Quran
The complete Holy Quran in Arabic for Windows Mobile Smartphones; runs natively on all WM Smartphone versions and does not require any Arabic support.

Weather Watcher
Weather Watcher automatically retrieves the current conditions, forecasts, weather alerts and zoomable satellite maps.

LOVEcalc calculates your relationship chance according to your and your partners name.

Zodiac Signs
Zodiac Signs tells you what sign you are in the both Chinese Zodiac and the common Western Zodiac. Plus you get a basic information about your sign.

Unit Converter
Converts Common Units of measurement. Categories of units include: Length, Weight or Mass, Volume and Temperature.

Weather Watcher Mobile
Weather Watcher Mobile retrieves automatically the current humidity conditions, forecasts, weather alerts and provides zoomable satellite maps.

Current U.S. weather and detailed forecasts presented in a rich, yet easy-to-use experience.

Weather notification
Weather notification is an open-source utility, which displays the weather in the notification bar.

QuoteMaster app provides Android users with stream of hand-picked quotes from famous people throughout history and popular personalities.

OTempo gives weather information for the Spanish region of Galicia using data from MeteoGalicia website.

NYC Events
NYC Events an app for Android mobiles that lists NYC Parks, Art and Music events.

Mensa Regensburg
Mensa Regensburg app allows you to check what meal currently offers the university canteen at University of Regensburg (Germany).

Mensa Passau
Mensa Passau app helps students, staff and guests of the University Passau to find out what dishes are offered in the university's canteen.

Mensa Landshut
Mensa Landshut app shows the canteen menu of the German university FH Landshut.

Mensa Deggendorf
Mensa Deggendorf displays menu with prices for the university's canteen at FH Deggendorf in Germany.

HoroDroid Eng
HoroDroid Eng is an Android application for reading daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes on you device with nice graphical interface.

HoroDroid is a horoscope app for Russian Android users for reading daily, weekly, monthly horoscopes in Russian language.

Gospel Library
Gospel Library from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints enables users to read the scriptures and general conference talks.

Nook is a client app for the Barnes & Noble's own eBookstore, to be used on Android devices.

William Shakespeare's speeches
William Shakespeare's speeches is an app that allows you to view Shakespeare's speeches.

Google Search
Google Search app allows you to search the web from your Android supported mobile device.

Gesetze app displays German laws from which is provided by German Federal Ministry of Justice.

xLancer app for Android provides searching functionality for the online job market

Czech-English dictionary Lite
English-Czech and Czech-English dictionaries in your pocket without being connected to the Internet.

BEE VOA Reader
BEE VOA Reader is an English learning Android application for Voice of America broadcasting service.

AccessMyLibrary provides free access to credible Gale online resources like reference books, archives of journals, newspapers and magazine articles.

Hanping Chinese-English Dictionary
Hanping Chinese-English Dictionary is a Chinese-English, or English-Chinese dictionary app, powered by CC-CEDICT library.

MetOffice is a weather forecasting app for Android that provides with forecast from for UK cities.

OBD2 Trouble Code Genie
OBD2 Trouble Code Genie is a searchable database of OBD2 trouble codes for 20 different car manufacturers from Acura to Toyota.

Google eBooks
Google's official free eBook reader for Android that enables user to read over 3 million ebooks on the go.

Brocade FOS v6.0 Command Reference
This is a Brocade Fabric Operating System (FOS) Command Reference Guide app for BlackBerry.

Marketing Terms Dictionary
Marketing Terms Dictionary includes more than 650 common and uncommon marketing research words and phrases.

Insurance Dictionary
This free Insurance Dictionary contains around 520 insurance and insurance related terms, abbreviations and special terms.

English Language Acronyms Dictionary
English Acronyms Dictionary for BlackBerry, contains 12,000+ English acronyms with their explanations in English.

Bible Names Dictionary
This free Bible Names Dictionary provides 2,000+ names from the Bible with their meanings and descriptions.

Dreams Meaning Dictionary
Dreams Meaning Dictionary provides you with the answers you are looking for regarding all images which make little apparent sense while you sleep.

uFlowers is a free Android app that helps you make take care of your flowers and plants to keep them healthy and blooming.

Formule is a useful and simple selected list of more than 600 most important mathematical formulas.

AGU Climate Science Q&A
With this app you can submit a question about climate science to the AGU Climate Science Q&A service, and it will be answered by the AGU experts.

Kobo is an eBook reader for Android to browse, download and read free books from Kobo Store.

And Bible
And Bible is an open source app to study the Bible on your Android mobile device.

YWeather is a simple weather application for the BlackBerry which utilizes the Yahoo Weather API.

Windfinder free app for Android provides wind, wave and weather forecasting for sailors of all kinds.

WWWJDIC for Android
WWWJDIC for Android is an application that enables user to use Online Japanese Dictionary WWWJDIC.

Jakizu is an Android app that allows you to search for medical services of different kind in the Basque region.

aiAntiPiracy app allows you to check whether your phone is in the black list of pirated devices or you are using illegal copies of apps, etc.

Borders eBooks
Borders eBooks is a free app that allows you to buy and read paid eBooks and download some free books to your Android phone.

EmWeather is a Canadian weather app for Andriod that utilizes Environment Canada weather feeds.

AndDaaven Siddur
Advanced Siddur is a Jewish prayer book application for Android with the Hebrew fonts included.

Android Analyzer
Android Analyzer analyzes and collects hardware and software capabilities of devices based on the Android OS.

Tram Hunter
Tram Hunter is an open source Android application for Melbourne's Tram Tracker service.

CadreBible provides a library of off-line Bible translations and other Bible study resources for casual readers as well as full time Bible students.

REPL is a modular read-eval-print-loop system that allows you to evaluate your code with installed remote eval-services.

Animated Weather Free
Animated Weather Free is a weather forecast app with realistic video effects of cloudiness, rain and snow.

Android Device Catalog
Android Device Catalog will keep you up to date with all the latest information on Android powered phones and tablets.

This app offers info about bus arrival, bus stops and bus route for Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi-do in Korea. Currently only with Korean interface.

Korea NextBus!
Korea NextBus! is a bus tracking app to check the arrival or departure time of the buses in Korea. The app has Korean interface.

Urban Dictionary
Urban Dictionary application for Android enabled smartphones is a user-generated dictionary of modern slang.

IncheonBus is an bus scheduling app with Korean interface, which provides scheduling information for the buses in many South Korean cities.

Aloqa is an app that proactively pushes to your phone the real time recommendations on different restaurants, businesses, events, etc.

Fast Food Finder
This is a fast food finder application that helps you locate and navigate to the fast food restaurant of your choice.

Daily Bible
Daily Bible is an Android mobile Bible application that enables you to read and listen verses and listen podcasts.

SermonAudio lets you browse and search free MP3 sermons from different speakers and listen them on your Android phone.

Generals of Language
Generals of Language is an application designed to train or control the knowledge of foreign languages.

Fruit Smoothies
Fruit Smoothies is a collection of beverages made from fresh fruit and berries for your Android phone.

PalmRes is a resistor calculator for Palm OS 5.

AndWeather is simple and nice weather widget for Android powered smartphones that provides a 4 day forecast.

Random Strange Facts
Random Strange Facts is a collection of interesting facts may be you have never guessed before about.

Funny Sex Facts
Funny Sex Facts is a collection of sex facts that you never knew and can read one by one at your Android phone.

Listen from Google Labs brings podcasts and web audio to your Android-powered device.

London Tube Status
London Tube Status is an Android application providing tube status and live departure information for the London Tube network.

jobcentreplus app allows you to search through all the jobs held by Jobcentre Plus.

Deluxe Moon Lite
Depending on your location Deluxe Moon Lite shows the current moon phase, age, zodiac sign, moonrise and moonset times, and the current moon view.

Earthquake! lets you stay informed about all earthquakes recently happened.

Wattpad is client app for the popular ebook community, where readers and writers from around the world can connect and read over 100,000 free books.

Voice Search
Voice Search by Google lets you speak any query and it will perform a search of recognized words.

SpillMap for Android lets you monitor and report oil spill activity and incidents in real-time.

Kindle for Android it is an e-book reader that allows you to download and read a lot of Kindle books, both free and paid.

CityWeather is a Widget for Android that provides weather forecast of multiple cities at a time on your Home Screen.

wardrive is an Android app that stores scans in sqlite db on the sdcard and displays found netwokrs around in the map.

Epicurious provides you with access to the food site and includes over 28,000 delicious, professionally tested and created recipes.
The Android app provides users with access to career websites across the worlds largest network of niche career communities.

Smoothies is a number of recipes divided into categories with the possibility to create list of favorites and random select function.

iQuran is an app, which provides text of Quran on Arabic together with its English translation and audio playback.

Fora Dictionary
Fora Dictionary is an extensible multilingual dictionary application for Android devices.

Human Mystery
Human Mystery is a reference application, which tell you some interesting facts about human body. is a weather app with the information for many cities and countries worldwide. It indicates weather state, wind, rainfall, humidity, etc.
The app delivers content from and, such as phonetic and audio pronunciations, spelling suggestions, etc.

SEO Noobie
SEO Noobie mobile phone application allows users on the go to read about search engine optimization and marketing tips when they are on the go.

TriniWord is a simple widget that displays a slang word from Trinidad and Tobago daily.

Hanzi is a Chinese characters flashcards like application to learn Chinese vocabulary.

Hadits Arbain for android contains the translation (Bahasa Indonesia) of hadiths from known as An-Nawawi’s Forty Hadiths.

Gandhiisms is an app where you can immerse yourself in the wisdom of spiritual leader Mohandas Gandhi.

Digg allows you to participate on Digg service through the digging and burying of stories and comments from your Android phone.

Wikidroid by Sirius Applications Ltd. is an application, which lets you use Wikipedia from your Android powered device.

World Time
World Time is an Android application used to view times of different places around the globe.

Multitran Dictionary
This application is a mobile client for using the Multitran dictionary (, which is popular among russian translators.

DEX for Android is an offline Romanian explanatory dictionary that stores the dictionary on the phones SD card.

US Constitution
US Constitution is another application for Android to read on the palm of your hand The United States Constitution.

Zip Code Search
Zip Code Search allows you to search for zip/postal codes in over 60 countries including all of North American and Western European countries.

Ruler is a simple application that turns your device display into a ruler and lets you measure small items.

How to knot a tie
How to knot a tie is the Android application, which shows illustrated instructions for six important tie knots.

Leander is an Android frontend for the LEO online dictionary (

Leo is a popular German online dictionary application for the Android mobile platform.

DasÖrtliche Telefonbuch
Das Örtliche für alle Android-Handys. Mit der Anwendung haben Sie Zugriff auf alle gewerblichen und privaten Verzeichniseinträge in ganz Deutschlan

Langtolang English Italian Dictionary
Langtolang English Italian Dictionary is an dictionary for Android powered phones with online lookup. It gives suggestions if you spell a word wrong.

NewsRob - an RSS reader that synchronizes with the Google Reader service. It can be set to synchronize the most recent 50-1000 articles.

Star Translate
Star Translate is a translator and dictionary application for Android-powered devices based on Google translate service.

Favorite Recipes
Favorite Recipes is pocket cook book with ability to search through recipes by ingredients, keywords and categories.

Moon Phase
Moon Phase app provides information about current moon phase and time left till the next new and full moon.

PeriodicPad is a compact periodic table for the android phone with the chemical information about each atomic element.

Quickpedia designed to simplify reading Wikipedia articles on your Android smartphone.

Lotto Picks
Lotto Picks application provides lottery results for all US states to your Android powered smartphone.

Periodic Table
Periodic Table app is aimed for learning the periodic table of chemical elements, the building blocks of nature, at your Android mobile phone.

Find Starbucks
The app will help you to find nearest to you Starbucks with details and directions to it.

AcroBible Lite
AcroBible Lite is an offline Bible application for Android that features King James Version Bible.

BigOven is an application that provides you more than 170,000 recipes form, a cooking site with the social networking elements.

Word of the Day
Word of the Day is a widget for Android devices that puts on a home screen interesting words to learn their meaning.

LiveBible is a simple but powerful Bible Web browser tool.

PHP Function of the Day
PHP Function of the Day is a widget for phones running on Android that provides you with the daily dose of PHP from

PHP Manual
PHP Manual is an offline-viewer for the manual of the PHP programming language.

Countries of the World
Countries of the World lets you study and test your knowledge about different countries at your Android powered device.

State Capitals
State Capitals is an Android app that helps you learn names of the capitals for all USA states.

Droid Dictionary
Droid Dictionary is a mixture of online dictionary and Wiki, developed for Android powered devices.

Love Quotes 500
Love Quotes 500 app allows you to browse through the collection of hundreds of romantic quotes.

Horoscope Widget
Horoscope Widget is an Android widget that allows you to read your daily horoscope right on your phone.

Multilang Dictionary
This app provides multi-language dictionary and translation services on your Android powered device.

Everyday Quotes
Everyday Quotes is a collection of quotations by well-known wise people for all life situations.

iTranslate is a universal translator for Android powered phones, which supports over 50 languages.

Pickup Lines
Pickup Lines is a big collection of creative phrases that are aimed to help pickupers succeed.

United States Constitution
United States Constitution allows you to read full text of US Constitution on your Android powered device.

French Flashcards
French Flashcards is an Android flashcards application to help you learn the French language.

Bible Verses
Bible Verses app shows you new verse from Bible every time you launch it, and you can read more verses, add them to favorites or share.

Wapedia app is a tool for the fast access to the 3 million articles of Wikipedia and many other wikis on your phone.

Thesaurus Free
Thesaurus Free will show you synonyms for every word you provide, and if available will list the antonyms and related terms as well.

Langtolang English Spanish Dictionary
Langtolang English Spanish Dictionary is an dictionary for Android powered phones with online lookup. It gives suggestions if you spell a word wrong.

AccuWeather is a global GPS-based weather application that provides you with forecasts and helps be informed about weather conditions.

TV-Guide UK
TV-Guide UK is fast and easy TV listings for the UK market that provides with an overview of the shows, the movies and sports events.

Spanish Flashcards
Spanish Flashcards is a simple Android flashcards application to help you learn the Spanish language.

Translates texts between more than 150 language pairs. Powered by Google Translate.

501 Inspirational Quotes
501 Inspirational Quotes is a collection of motivation texts, which will make you warm and give power to do what you have planned.

ColorDict is a StarDict compatible universal dictionary for Android, which covers words or idioms.

Bible KJV
Bible KJV allows you to read the King James Version of Bible on English with ability to navigate through the pages, search text and bookmark.

Love Poems
Love Poems app provides you with creative love quotes and poems, which you can just read or send to somebody you love.

Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader app allows you read and download books on your Android powered smart phone.

Google Goggles
Google Goggles is a visual search app, which recognizes an object taken by your camera and returns relevant search results.

Programm Manager
Programm Manager is an Android software that provides with the overview of TV channels program for the next 14 days.

WeatherBug is a weather app providing users access to the largest network of professional weather stations.

10001 Cocktails
10001 Cocktails app will teach you how to prepare plenty of different cocktails for wide range of tastes.

WikiMobile Encyclopedia
WikiMobile app lets you access more than 2 million Wikipedia articles including pictures, right from your Android device.

This is a Bible app by that allows you to search for, bookmark and access any passage in the Bible on your Android device.

Free Dictionary Org
Free Dictionary for Android gives you English definitions, synonyms, pronunciation, spelling and more.

Google Sky Map
Google Sky Map is a star map for Android, which turns your mobile phone into a window on the night sky.

The DailyHoroscope is a zodiac horoscope app for Android phone which is updated on a daily basis.

The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel is an application for Android mobile phone that provides you with the weather forecasts.

Google Translate
Google Translate helps you to instantly translate text between more than 50 languages.

The Constitution of the United States of America packed into one application and made available for the Android platform.

Yellowbook provides interface to search for local business listings and get addresses and phone numbers right from your mobile Android device.

Mobeegal is an Android search assistant. It is entirely based upon powerful Google search engine and can search within different topics.

With GoogHelper you can quickly access Google web search, image search, Gmail, Google Maps, send a SMS query and many other Google services.

SeaThreePO is an online language translator, which utilizes Google's GTalk translation bots.


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