There are 36 free applications in the News category. The most recent apps are listed on the top.

Zeitungen is an Android application that allows you to read German, Swiss and Austrian newspapers.

Ubuntu Countdown Widget
Ubuntu Countdown Widget is a widget that shows how many days remain before the new Ubuntu release.

Pistas de Esqui
Pistas de Esqui is a simple app that provides information of the Spanish ski stations, including open courses, snow quality, etc. (only in Spanish).

Tiny Tiny RSS Reader
Tiny Tiny RSS-Reader is a RSS reader for Android, accessing the API of the Tiny Tiny RSS-Reader for PHP.

Droidcon Berlin 2011
Droidcon Berlin 2011 is an app that offers the real-time schedule and other info to the participants of Droidcon 2011 conference in Berlin.

Connector app for Android connects you to the social/sports/financial sites by providing you with links to these sites to access them fast.

CNN app for Android phones allows you to get the latest news, watch live video and iReport from your Android phone.

cnBeta client
cnBeta client is an Android app that allows to quickly view and comment on

AndroLeaks lite
AndroLeaks lite is a simple but complete Wikileaks search and browse application for Android platform.

Ahora en RTVE
Ahora en RTVE allows the user to access to news and videos of the TVE (Spanish public TV), and listen to Radio 5 (Spanish news public radio).

2012 Apocalypse
2012 Apocalypse is a free mobile app about the prediction and facts of some catastrophic events that may happen in 2012.

Pulse is an app that can aggregates information and news from your favorite sources and present it at your Android device.

Google Reader
Google Reader is designed to help you stay informed about things in web you are interested in. It supports multiple accounts.

BBC BrowseCast
BBC BrowseCast is a BBC Radio Podcast browser for Android powered smartphones.

Al Jazeera News
Al Jazeera News application provides Android user with latest Al Jazeera news in Enlish.

BuzzBox app is an RSS news reader for Android that provides you with latest news and allows adding your own news sources.

OI News Reader
OI News Reader allows you to subscribe and read popular feeds and blogs on your Android device.

FierceMarkets app lets you read news, stories and special reports from different industries.

CNET News app for Android provides you with the latest technology news and trends.

TIME Mobile
TIME Mobile app allows Android users to read news and articles from the news site.

FOX News
FOX News is a news application for Android providing you with the latest news from FOX News Channel.

Onion News Network
With Onion News Network app one can watch the entire Onion News Network video catalog for free.

Beeb Anywhere
Beeb Anywhere is an offline BBC news and sport reader application for Android powered phones.

The NYTimes app for Android allows you to enjoy the award-winning journalism of The New York Times on your Android smartphone.

Engadget is the source for news on gadgets and technology right on your Android mobile phone.

World Newspapers
World Newspapers 1.1.0 is an app for android powered device that allows you to read news from most popular newspapers and magazines of 18 countries.

News Pro
News Pro for Android provides you with news and market data from Thomson Reuters.

Newspapers is an Android application, which lets you read a number of popular US, UK and CA newspapers right on your phone.

Le Parisien
With Le Parisien app for Android you can read news from the French news site

Huffington Post
Huffington Post app for Android allows you to access latest news provided by site.

Le Monde
With Le Monde application you can get to your Android device the latest news from, the French mass media source.

CNN News Widget
CNN News Widget is a desktop widget that provides you with the CNN news in English.

FOX News Widget
Fox News desktop widget for Android provides a full feed list of Fox online news in English.

NPR News
NPR News app brings stories and radio programs of National Public Radio right to your Android smartphone.

BBC News
BBC News app collects the latest news, which you can view on your Android mobile phone.

USA TODAY app for Android provides you with latest news, scores, weather and photos from USA TODAY.


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