There are 230 free applications in the Productivity category. The most recent apps are listed on the top.

Veader is a an open source vertical text reader with Chines interface developed for Android smartphones.

UniQPass is a personal e-wallet and password vault that allows you to record and manage all your confidential information.

QuiteSleep is an app which manages your incoming calls when you're busy, sleeping, or doing anything between two time slots in any day of the week.

Post mobil
With the Post Mobil app one can easily use certain services of the Deutsche Post on the go. The app has German interface.

PocketCloud is a RDP/VNC client app for connecting to your Windows PC, Mac or TS from mobile device.

PinDroid for Android is a client application for the Pinboard bookmarking service.

Phone2Chrome is an app that together with the counterpart on your PC allow you to share links between Android device and PC.

PC_BCR allows you to use your Android smartphone as a barcode scanner peripheral for your PC.

PasswordSpot LITE
PasswordSpot LITE is a tool that enables Android users to check passwords or generate secure ones on-demand.

PassKeeper is a freeware for Android that Keeps all your passwords in one place.

OliveOfficeEditor app allows you to view PDF files and edit Word(doc/docx), Excel(xls/xlsx) and PowerPoint(ppt/pptx) files.

OliveOffice (aka OliveOfficeViewer) is an app for viewing Microsoft Word (doc/docx), Excel (xls/xlsx), PowerPoint (ppt/pptx), Adobe PDF and CHM files.

OI Voice Notes
OI Voice Notes ads additional menus to OI Notes or OI Shopping List apps, for recording and playing voice memos attached to the items in these apps.

OI Insert Date
OI Insert Date is an extension for OI Notepad that to be able to insert current date into OI Notepad.

OI Convert CSV
OI Convert CSV app extension imports and exports CSV files to OI Notes or OI Shopping List.

OI Color Picker
OI Color Picker in an extension for OI Flashlight and other compatible apps, which allows you to pick a color.

OI Calendar Picker
With OI Calendar Picker for Android one can select and pick a date or a specific event.

Mute Ringer
Mute Ringer app switches mobile to silent mode, then restores volume level after specific time.

Moloko is a client application that allows you to use Remember The Milk (RTM) service on Android device.

Mobile Clipboard
Mobile Clipboard is a free software for copying map, note, mail, message, picture, etc. from PC to Android phone.

Mobeep Gold
Mobeep Gold is an Android app that enables you to search and download videos, apps, photos, etc.

MetalShop Pro
With MetalShop Pro you can find out how much your scrap metal is worth, or calculate the weights of metal that you want to bring to the scrap yard.

Locale Remote Notification Plugin
This is a Locale/Tasker plugin which sends notifications to be shown on your desktop over WiFi, 3G or Bluetooth using Remote Notifier app.

Kecek is an Android app, which utilise Text-To-Speech engine to read out for you the required text provided by you.

HFR4droid app helps you easily read HFR forum, a popular French forum. UI of the app is in French.

ShootMe app allows you to take screenshots of your device by giving your Android mobile a good sustained shake or shout.

XWind Downloader
XWind Downloader app enables users to monitor progress of file download with flow window.

PG Calculator
PG Calculator is a scientific and financial calculator for Android with customizable user interface. It works in Algebraic and RPN modes.

polaroid D-day
polaroid D-day for Android OS provides with widgets that can remind about an expected anniversary.

GMarks is a native Google Bookmarks client for Android that allows you to sync bookmarks from your computer to your phone.

Ghost Radar Classic
Ghost Radar Classic is an Android app for entertainment that analyzes nearby energies to detect paranormal activity.

Funny Notepad
Funny Notepad app for Android allows you write down your ideas, to-do lists, reminders and notes.

English Vocabulary
This is the official Android app of India's most popular English Vocabulary SMS channel with a subscriber base of 300000+ users.

COLORED NOISER lite is a simple app that generates white, pink and brown noises.

Chrome to Phone
Google Chrome to Phone enables Android users to share links between computer with Chrome and phone.

CallBlocker is an Android call blocker application that blocks unwanted incoming calls.

Businessweek News
Businessweek News is a simple and informative RSS newsreader specially designed for Android smartphone users.

BubbleBuzz assigns colorful bubbles to SMS, MMS, Missed Calls, Gmail, Gtalk messages.

Browsix Lite
Browsix Lite enables browsing your files stored on Android phone, sending/receiving SMS for all computers on your WiFi network.

Battery Saver
Battery Saver is a battery power management application specially designed for Android.

Battery Booster
Battery Booster is a battery boosting Android tool, which provides information on your battery charge.

Basic Colors Theme
Basic Colors Theme is a set of red, green, and blue themes for OI Notes or OI ShoppingList.

Appicker is a handy tool that enables you to faster find and launch the apps installed at your Android device.

android2cloud is a simple free Android app to send url from the phone to your Chrome browser.

AHG Cloud Note Personal
AHG Cloud Note Personal allows to take notes with text, video and photo content right in your Android mobile device.

AContact is a customizable contact list application with a T9 dialer support.

ABBYY Business Card Reader Lite
ABBYY Business Card Reader Lite offers an easy way to add a new contact to your smartphone's address book.

123Clip Free
123Clip Free for Android lets you save parts of a web page for offline viewing.

Graph Theory
This is an application that allows you to build and understand the basics of graph theory.

Android Delicious Bookmarks
This is a bookmarking app to create bookmarks for from Android web browser.

NagMonDroid is a Nagios monitor for Android that help to indicate problems from your Nagios install.

PhoneVoice widget for Android platform that says the name of the contact of an incoming call or SMS.

AS Contact Sync Lite
With AS Contact Sync Lite app you can synchronize up to 10 contacts across mobile devices and desktops.

SmsBackup for Root Users
It is a free Android app for root users that could backup and restore your SMS.

The app allows you to create reminders/tasks for any location and then be reminded of things you need to do based on your current location.

Cool Calculator
Cool Calculator is a simple free calculator application for Android with different backgrounds.

Base Converter
Base Converter app is a converter of integer and fractional numbers between 2, 4, 8, 10, 16 basis systems. App has Italian interface.

Azan Alarm
Azan Alarm displays Qibla direction and can alert to the daily Muslim prayer times.

StoreVoyant Survey
StoreVoyant Survey app enables users to conduct surveys by answering a series of questions and possible provide camera images as well.

SpellDial enables you to fulfill a T9-style search through your contacts as you dial.

Bells is a set of timers that alert Android user in personally defined time periods.

AnCal is an open source calendar application for mobile phones with Google Android operating system.

TrainingUnitConverter is a simple application which converts length, weight, temperature, power and some more from one measurement system to another.

Bulgarian Keyboard
Bulgarian Keyboard is an open-sourced Bulgarian soft keyboard application for Android powered devices.

Tap Tap Keyboard - Butterfly
Tap Tap Keyboard – Butterfly is keyboard's layout variation that was declared by the developer as one to provide better typing experience.

Algebra Tutor
Algebra Tutor is a free Android app to train your algebra skills in solving equations.

Libretto Universitario
Libretto Universitario is a free software that is designed exclusively for students of Italian universities.

Not Call Log
Not Call Log app helps to avoid calling on accident numbers from your call log.

Al Units
Al Units app is a very simple unit converter that converts Inches, Pounds and Farenheit into their metric equivalents.

function plot lite
function plot lite a user-friendly yet powerful 2D function plotter for Android enabled smartphones.

Safe Vault
Safe Vault app allows you save sensitive data like passwords in your Android phone using AES cryptography.

HostEye Lite
HostEye Lite keeps an eye on your servers enabling you to monitor critical hosts and know what services are up or down.

SpeakerProximity is an application that automatically (in call) switches to speaker and back based on proximity values.

NextAction is a hierarchical to-do list manager inspired by Getting Things Done, a book by David Allen.

Sparse rss
Sparse rss is a simple rss reader for Android with automated update of all feeds with optional notification.

File Expert
File Expert application for Android allows you to manage and share your files through WiFi connection.

Clipper is a free clipboard manager for Android that tracks your clipboard history.

PdfDroid is an Android application to read PDF files. It is not developed further, its functions are overtaken by other app VuDroid.

DjvuDroid is a DjVu/Deja vu/Dejavu reader application for Android. DjvuDroid evolved into another project called VuDroid.

Secrets for Android
Secrets for Android securely stores and manages passwords and secrets on your Android device.

VuDroid is Android djvu and pdf viewer based on the code of the DjvuDroid and PdfDroid projects.

kakeyboard is a softkeyboard for Android that brings enables you to input Georgian text.

CMIS Browser
CMIS Browser for Android allows you to access content repositories that support the CMIS standard.

vCardIO is an open source utility to import/export contacts from/to a vCard (vcf) file on the SD card.

Talking Caller ID Free
Talking Caller ID speaks the name or number of incoming calls based on contacts' caller id-s, stored at your Android device.

Reverse Lookup Free
Reverse Lookup Free is a caller info search application to easily perform a reverse lookup of any unknown number in your call history.

AnkiDroid is a flashcards application for Android that helps you efficiently memorize vocabulary or anything else.

FBReaderJ is an e-book reader application for Android that supports formats oeb, epub, fb2.

ChekOff is an Android application to create and manage your tasks with a possibility to send tasks per SMS.

inKa File Manager
inKa File Manager for Android allows you easier maintain files on your device.

Calc+ Free
Calc+ Free is a scientific calculator developed for Android powered smartphones.

Calculator Widget
Calculator Widget is a full screen widget calculator with 4 memory slots available.

Call Control
Call Control periodically produces beeps, during the phone call, in order to let you know how long are you calling. Sounds heard only on your side.

Car Manager
Car Manager is an Android application to manage your cars, keep track of expenses and repairs.

BeeTagg is an Android app for scanning and recognition of QR-codes, BeeTagg Codes, and DataMatrix.

apMemo Lite
apMemo Lite is a handy graphic memo/note pad and reminder for Android platform, with simple UI.

Subdroid is a simple frontend to look at SVN Repositories in your Android device.

Android Agenda Widget
Android Agenda Widget is a calendar widget for Android that supports multiple calendars and calendar sizes.

Algeo is a graphing calculator for Android mobile phone that can draw graphs, calculate derivatives and definite integrals, etc.

Alarm Clock Plus
Alarm Clock Plus is an alarm clock app, where you need to solve a math task in order to switch the alarm off.

Adobe Reader
Adobe Reader is program for reading PDF files on Android supported mobile devices.

AdFree removes most ads in the browser and other applications installed on your Android phone.

aContacts is an app for the quick search of the contacts in the address book of your Android powered device.

3D Level
It is a simple 3D level tool that graphically shows the inclination of the Android device in 3D.

Multi Mount SD-Card Free
Multi Mount SD-Card Free is a widget that allows you to access your SD card both from the smartphone and computer simultaneously.

Click_trac is an easy app facilitating counting. Count everything. Save your counting, add notes or make multiple countings.

This Android app offers you functionality of Lunar calendar, Scheduler, and Alarm. The app has Korean interface.

Bubble level
Bubble level is another virtual Bubble application for Android based cellphones and other devices running on Android.

PhoneUsage is an Android app that shows you statistical information about Data, Call, and Message used on your Android phone.

PhoneUsage Korean
This is a PhoneUsage app with Korean interface. It offers possibility to view Data, Call and Message information of your Android device.

ADW.Launcher is a home replacement application for mobile devices running on Android platform.

StopWatch & Timer
StopWatch & Timer is an Android application that offers stopwatch and timer functionality in easy and clean interface.

Gesture Bar
Gesture Bar is an add-on for the Google's Gesture Search application that makes it use more convenient.

Gesture Search
Gesture Search app allows you to search items within your Android phone by drawing alphabet gestures.

Laputa is a book reader application for the mobile devices running on the Android platform.

UltimateFavesPRO lets your organize your phone and multitask with a spin. Put your contacts, apps, bookmarks, contacts and more in 3D carousels.

CalcRT is a minimalistic calculator for Android with a large standard number pad layout.

aTrackDog(SD) helps you manage your backed-up in SD card apps and their update information.

aTrackDog is a version tracker for the applications installed on your Android phone that would inform about an update available on the Market.

Jorte is a personal organizer application created for Android powered devices.

Google Pinyin
Google Pinyin provides Pinyin input method to be used on your Android powered smartphone.

LauncherPro is a launcher for android phones running 2.1+ that is made to give users more control over their launcher and add features.

Keeper is a passwords manager application for Android that stores your data with 128-bit AES encryption.

Flashlight by Devesh Parekh
Flashlight app by Devesh Parekh is a flashlight application for Android powered devices.

PDF Viewer
PDF Viewer is a simple PDF viewer app with local native rendering for Android powered smartphones.

StarContact app for Android powered smartphones allows you to find contacts faster.

Contact Owner
Contact Owner will help a nice person who will find your lost phone to return it by showing on the lock screen of your Android your contact details.

HTML Source Viewer Lite
HTML Source Viewer Lite is a simple app to display the HTML source code of any given URL.

StatusNote is simple android tool that adds one notification (or reminder) at a time to your status bar.

Any Cut
Any Cut lets you create Home screen shortcuts to anything you want.

SMS Backup
SMS Backup is an app for Android OS running mobiles that enables you to back up SMS to the Gmail account.

APKatcher is an utility application that makes it possible to install APK files that you receive via the GMail native client.

Shake Awake
Shake Awake app allows you to wake your Android phone up in the middle of a call simply by moving it.

Smooth Calendar
Smooth Calendar is a nice looking calendar summary widget for Android smartphones.

URL Shortener
URL Shortener app allows you to create shortened URLs direct from your Android device.

CallTrack app for Android records incoming, outgoing and missed calls as entries in the Google Calendar.

Beelicious is a simple Android app for bookmark sharing on

Catch Notes
Catch Notes (formerly 3banana Notes) allows you to take notes on your Android device.

Advanced Launcher Lite
Advanced Launcher is an application for all Android owners that creates shortcuts to any application or function with ease and style.

RedMinder is a simple reminder application and widget for redbox developed for Android users.

GPA Calculator
GPA Calculator allows you to calculate your Grade Point Average commonly used in some countries.

AppAware lets you find new applications by looking at what other Android users are installing.

Active Home Vista
Active Home Vista for Android offers the ability to control and monitor X10 devices from your Android phone.

Cool4Kanji is a four-character idiomatic compounds widget for Android phone, to occupy space 4x1 on your home screen.

WikiMind lite
WikiMind lite is a note application that uses wiki syntax. By using wiki syntax, user can compose more effective readable memos.

iReader is an offline e-book reader application for TXT, CHM, UMD, Palm PDB format.

SMS BOX is an Android app that allows you to create sms archive and call log archive on the web and access such data by the web.

SmsGuard is a simple application for Android mobiles that collects the junk sms messages.

Gestione Ritiro Rifiuti
Gestione Ritiro Rifiuti is an Android tool to help people deal with rubbish.

Car Performance Lite
Car Performance Lite is an application for Android that measures accurately the acceleration, deceleration and elapsed time figures of a vehicle.

A+ TimeTable
With A+ TimeTable app for Android you can organize your daily school schedule.

Shuffle is an open-source Getting Things Done organizational tool developed for Android-powered phones.

SMSFilter Lite
SMSFilter Lite is an Android app that creates filters to capture and manage different kinds of SMS.

Far View Agenda
Far View Agenda is a highly configurable calendar widget for Android phone.

Where's My Droid
With Where's My Droid app you can turn off the silent mode of your lost phone by sending message to it, that is useful once you call to find it.

TimeCalc is a calculator to add/subtract together time values, such as the tracks on a CD in m:ss format, enter times as s, m:s, h:m:s.

Motion Detector
Motion Detector uses the built-in camera to detect movements in the surrounding and send an email or a message with a picture link to another phone.

Documents To Go
Documents To Go allows you to view Word and Excel files and attachments.

OTTER lite
OTTER lite is an Android app for those people who want to quickly reply on the message but do not enough time or will for it right now.

aCar is a handy tool for Android to effectively track the maintenance, fuel mileage and expenses of your vehicles.

MemoryUp Personal
MemoryUp Personal takes a one-click approach to accelerate memory responsiveness, and keep your smartphone running fast.

PRDroid is an app for Android designed for taking pictures - the photo event registration, storing additional data.

XmarkSync lets you import your Xmarks bookmarks into the Android browser. It can be run manually or as a service at a configurable interval.

MyBookmarks is an application, which imports your Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome bookmarks to the Android browser.

SpeakWrite application is a voice recorder that allows you to record, edit and send your audio. It can convert all your voice input into the text.

Avery Package Tracker
Avery Package Tracker is an app that tracks packages from multiple carriers, shows tracking details and package status.

GoToWeb is a browser bookmark manager and bookmark access tool for the Android-powered devices.

Bookmark Importer
Bookmark Importer is an application that imports the bookmarks from the PC into Android phone.

Lernquiz is a law quiz application in German language for German law students.

Hard Copy
This is an unofficial client application for the Instapaper bookmarking service.

SimpleNote! is a very simple, clean and minimalistic note-widgets for your Android-homescreen.

Magic Hat
Magic Hat is the extra resources manager for the apps: Ultra Mate journal and Ultra Notes.

Name Fixer allows you to change the way contact names are displayed in the contact list. E.g. as Lastname, Firstname or Firstname Lastname.

InstaFetch PRO
InstaFetch PRO saves complete web pages for offline reading. Integrates with the service.

Androil is an easy-to-use tool for android powered phone to calculate the specific fuel consumption accurately for you.

DropboxMobile is a client developed for the android platform, which lets you access the Dropbox account, for example in order to download files.

Time2Time is a time converter useful to software developers who might need to deal with time values.

Random Video Alarm
RVA is an application that plays random videos based on your preference. It can also be used as an alarm clock that plays random videos.

UpLog is a very basic name, date, contact and product file set up.

GPS Speedo
GPS Speedo is an application, which uses the built in GPS receiver to report your speed and distance traveled.

Engine Watch
Engine Watch is a small utility to monitor the quotas of applications on the Google App Engine cloud. It supports multiple accounts.

Startup Manager
Startup Manager is an easy-to-use system startup entry monitor and management tool specially designed for Android smartphone.

Dog clicker is a handy tool for dog owners to train their dogs based on behavioral psychology.

VoiceTask application is a simple and handy voice recorder with possibility of sending recordings to any E-mail inbox in MP3 format.

noodles To Do List
noodles To Do List is a simple gesture-based to do list for android powered phones, with the quick previews functionality.

User Dictionary Manager (UDM)
User Dictionary Manager (UDM) is an application that allows you to edit/export/import/delete/clean the user dictionary words on your Android phone.

AndiCar - the free and open source car manager application developed for Android-powered smartphones.

Memento is a personal database that allows you to store all personal data in one place.

Jot down notes directly on the screen without using the on screen keyboard. Stick them on the virtual fridge door and share them with friends.

Saves complete web pages for offline reading. Integrates with the service.

The Translit application allows users to enter Cyrillic text using the hardware keyboard of their Android phones.

FamilySafe is an application that stores on your android phone important information about your family, including your pets.

Evernote helps you remember and recall anything that happens in your life. You can make notes, snapshots, recordings.

GDocs is an application allowing users to view spreadsheets and to create, edit and view word processor documents from their Google Docs account.

Contact2Sim is an useful application to copy your contacts to the SIM card, for use in another phone.

OI Notepad
OI Notepad is able to create, edit, send, and delete notes. Based on Google's open source sample application Notepad that comes with the Android SDK.

UnitsConvert is an application, which provides a 6 functions calculator combined with over 90 units conversions.

Battery Widget
Battery Widget is a graphical battery widget showing the exact battery level in 1x1 space.

Balance Checker
The Balance Checker automatically determines the current account balance at the end of a call or SMS and informs an user about the current balance

Note Everything
With aid of Note Everything you can create text-, voice- and paint-notes, and organize them in folders on your Android-powered device.

handyCalc is a calculator with automatic suggestion and solving functions.

Key Ring
Key Ring is an android application that uses barcode scanner to recreate a copy of your reward/loyalty cards.

Kreac Calculator
Kreac Calculator is a scientific calculator for Android-powered phone with a powerful features provided by Kreactive Technologies.

Astrid is an open-source todo list and task tracking system for Android platform.

UltraChron Lite
Ultrachron Lite is talking stopwatch and countdown timer application for Android powered smartphones.

Percent Calculator
Percent Calculator is a simple Android app to calculate percents.

Bartender is a personal drink-making assistant that can be installed on your Android phone.

Notes is an application for taking notes on the Android powered mobile device.

Ultimate Stopwatch
Ultimate Stopwatch is a graphical stopwatch and countdown timer that can run in background and alert when completed.

Metal Detector
Metal Detector is an application for the Android operating system that enables phones to detect most metals.

ColorNote aimed to provide you better editing experience while writing notes, emails, messages, shopping or todo lists.

Bubble is a virtual bubble level tool by Ben Zibble with calibration function.

barcoo is an application that allows you to scan barcodes and offers independent information about corresponding products.

Vodafone Quickcheck
Vodafone Quickcheck allows to check the balance and connection costs for Germany based accounts of Vodafone mobile network.

Stopwatch is a simple stopwatch app for Android powered smartphones that supports lap times.

ConvertPad is a fully featured unit converter offering various unit conversions in an android phone.

RealCalc is a scientific calculator for Android with lot of features and look as a real one.

AK Notepad
AK Notepad it is easy notepad application for Android with many useful functions.

OI Countdown
OpenIntents Countdown is a multi-functional countdown timer for the Android mobile platform.

Flashlight by Bakhtiyor Khodjayev
Flashlight application turns an Android phone into a flashlight by keeping the phones backlight turned on.

TooDo is a smart task manager. It allows you to set and share tasks with others via SMS.

Universal Conversion Application
This universal unit conversion application allows you to quickly convert between units of the same type.

Temperature Conversion
Temperature Conversion tool converts temperature values between three different measurement systems: Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin.

AMeeting is an Android application to organize a meeting and exchange documents beforehand.

Upvise Mobile Notebooks
Upvise Notebooks is the ultimate desktop to mobile phone notes manager. Create, categorize, instant search and auto sync any note on both your phone a

Android RPN Calculator
An Android version of the Reverse Polish notation (RPN) calculator. It can process few math commands and has menubar functionality.

AndroidCalc is a simple calculator application for the Android Platform.

CallFreq intelligently analyzes the calling patterns of the phone owner and provide you only with the contacts that you currently need most.

This is a basic Calculator application. You can do addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and modulo division.

Note Pad
Note Pad is another sample application from Google. It features a simple text processor and lists all noted in a linear structure.


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