Memento is a personal database that allows you to store all personal data in one place.


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Developer: LuckyDroid

Category: Productivity

Latest version: 1.5.1

Total versions: 2

Submitted: 9 Mar 2010

Updated: 8 Sep 2010


Memento will help keep all your personal data in one place. Memento consists of libraries and each library contains entries of its type. You can also sync your entries with Google Docs.

Collections, purchases, inventory, recipes, tasks, notes, lists – let Memento handle all that.

Main features:

* Storing entries with custom fields;
* Sorting and grouping entries by any fields;
* Filtering;
* 15 types of fields: – text, integer, multiselect values, time, currency, image, audio, contact, Google Maps coordinate and others;
* 11 ready library templates for storing entries;
* Backing up and restoring data;
* Entry search;
* Importing and exporting CSV files;
* Sending entries via SMS, e-mail and other available services;
* Barcode scanner, creating entries with data and images retrieved from Google Base.

Required: Android OS 1.6.


Memento 1.5.1 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Memento 1.5.1:

Version 1.5.0:
- Filtering
- New types of fields: Multiselect values, Time
- Copy entries
- Dutch language

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Memento.

Memento 1.2.3

Description/changelog of Memento 1.2.3:

[no description available for this version]



Games (176)
Finance (59)
Health (91)
Travel (104)
Reference (146)
Productivity (230)
Multimedia (116)
Communications (215)
System (158)
Entertainment (256)
Shopping (61)
Sports (58)
News (36)
Internet (1)

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