Phone2Chrome is an app that together with the counterpart on your PC allow you to share links between Android device and PC.


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Developer: Luis G. Valle

Category: Productivity

Latest version: 2.3

Total versions: 1

Submitted: 29 Oct 2014

Updated: 29 Oct 2014


Phone2Chrome is an open source project that lets you share links between your phone and the Chrome browser of your computer.

The whole system consists of two parts:

  • Android app
  • Chrome web browser extension

You need to install both and link them with your Dropbox account. If you don't have a Dropbox account, you can register it at

The Chrome extension one can download here

How does it work:

  1. Android app Phone2Chrome will create a file in your Dropbox system at: dropbox/phone2chrome/pages
  2. This file contains information about links in standard json format. Every link shared will add a new entry to file "pages".
  3. On your PC you then just need to open Chrome and click on PhoneToChrome extension button.

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Phone2Chrome 2.3 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Phone2Chrome 2.3:

Fixed crash when URL contains not standard characters.


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