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Trolly is an open source shopping list application for Android supported smartphones.

Myibidder Auction Sniper for eBay
Myibidder Auction Sniper for eBay is a bid sniper app that allows you to snipe auctions on eBay by placing the last seconds bid.

iBuyWeSell app makes it possible to buy new and second hand items, create and upload Ads with your Android mobile.

I Go Shop Lite
I Go Shop Lite is an app that offers fast and simple way to handle your shopping list.

Grocery Shopper
Grocery Shopper app allows you to shop groceries with catalog browse & search, adding to basket, delivery slot selection and checkout.

Buy Coke
Buy Coke app for Android allows you to buy Coca Cola products with cashless payment.

Billa app provides thousands of recipes, filial finder, shopping list, special offers info and more for the European supermarket chain Billa.

Barcode OI Plugin
Barcode OI Plugin is an extension that allows to enter or check items into OI Shopping List app by scanning them.

Change My Style
Change My Style app tells you which articles of clothing to match well together and what people associate with it.

eBay Mobile
eBay Mobile is the official eBay app to access eBay from mobile phone.

Restaurant Cheque Calculator
Restaurant Cheque Calculator calculates the amount of each type "Cheques" to pay in restaurants associated to

eMyShoppingList is a free Android app to manage the shopping list with extensive database of items.

rShopping is an Android shopping list for frequently visited stores. It Keeps aisle, price, image, and other information for every product.

aPriceCalc is a discount, tax and tip calculator for Android powered devices.

Venduoo is an Android app that allows you to explore shopping possibilities near your home.

Amazon Mobile
This app provides you with the mobile version of site for convenient usage of Amazon Service on Android phone.

Cheap Local Deals
Cheap Local Deals app offers the special coupons to save you money at local restaurants, and businesses.

Free Christmas List
Free Christmas List is an ad-supported app that helps you create and track how you fulfill the Christmas list and how much money you spend on it.

Find A Spot
Find A Spot helps to find a place to eat through the search between available Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Burger King, McDonald's, Taco Bell and others

Find A Taco Bell
Find A Taco Bell app helps you locate a nearest Taco Bell fast food depending on your current presents, and provides you with directions to it.

McCoupon app provides you with discount coupons for McDonald's in Japan. The app has Japanese interface.

Thriftychick is a discount coupon finder application which allows you to save money while shopping.

JEGS Catalog
JEGS Catalog app helps you browse automotive performance equipment and clothing catalog from US Jegs High Performance store.

My shopping list
My shopping list is an app for Android that helps you make shopping and claims to be very easy to use.

Shopping List Plus
Shopping List Plus is an Android app that helps you create and manage shopping lists.

Shop Around
With Shop Around app you can look for the closest to your current location shop, or bank, or any other kind of public institutions.

idealo is an Android app that is aimed to compare prices for the product that you have scanned the barcode of, or entered as a keyword.

SnapTell can snap a picture, or scan the barcode of a book, DVD, CD, or video game sold in the US or UK, to find it in Internet within seconds.

GoDaddy Mobile
GoDaddy Mobile app for Android phones gives you possibility to register domains, purchase hosting and provides with some other services by

CardStar is a personal card manager that helps create digital versions of your loyalty, reward and club membership cards.

Mobiletag is an universal barcode reader capable of scanning barcodes to access to multimedia content and compare prices for the products.

Shopping List
Using Shopping List app by Vodafone you can write your shopping lists on your Android phone and go shopping more relaxed.

HSN Shop App
With HSN Shop App you can browse all the wares from the HSN shop with details & videos and purchase them.

Apartments by
Apartments by is a GPS-sensitive apartment listing app featuring approximately 50,000 properties in over 190 markets in the US.

Pocket IKEA
Pocket IKEA brings the global IKEA market into your Android smart phone and enables you to browse more than 100,000 global IKEA furniture.

Kids Eat For
With Kids Eat For app one can find nearby kids eat free and kids eat cheap deals at restaurants.

With AutoZone app one gets access to AutoZone’s vehicle repair guides and can find necessary parts for the auto and check availability in stores.

Best Buy
BestBuy app for Android allows you to search, browse, and securely purchase through your phone.

CNET Scan & Shop
With CNET Scan & Shop app for Android you can scan barcodes and compare prices for the wares.

Prisjakt aka PriceSpy is an app for Android that searches for products by text or barcode, finds the cheapest or closest to you shop.

ScanLife is an Android app that lets you turn your phone into an all-in-one barcode scanner.

Find A Starbucks
Find A Starbucks is an easy to use app for finding closest Starbucks depending on your current location.

Store Finder
Store Finder is an app for Android devices that finds and navigates you to the popular shops in your surrounding.

Discount Calculator
Discount Calculator is a simple and intuitive Android app that will calculate final price for the good after applying discount to it.

Craigsnotifica is a Android app that lets you receive notifications when new stuff posted to craigslist.

PhiSq Scanner
PhiSq Scanner app for Android allows you to scan and check-in a barcode sticker.

MyMoBuy is an Android App that gives users the power of comparison shopping and bar-code recognition all in one convenient package.

OurGroceries is a shopping Android app that keeps your grocery list syncronized with the latest changes.

Shopper recognizes books, CDs, DVDs, and video games by their cover art, and also offers barcode scanning and voice search.

DrShopper is a very simple and easy to use shopping list developed for the phones with Android OS.

Book Price Russia
Scan any book barcode to search in Russian online book stores.

SmartAss is an Android shopping assistant application that implements manageable shopping lists. It is designed for every day's use.

Craiglist Checker
Craiglist Checker is an Android application for checking/posting Craigslist.

QuickTip Tip Calculator
QuickTip Tip Calculator is a simple tip calculator that allows you to specify the total bill, the percent you wish to tip, and can split the bill.

ListBuddy is a shopping list manager for your Android phone that includes barcode support, item count, custom item ordering, aisle guessing.

Tipper - Tip Calc
This is new tip calculator, which helps in tipping your waiter or waitress, or calculate tips for other things.

OI Shopping list
The OpenIntents Shopping list lets you keep track of your shopping items. You can also use it for other kinds of check lists.

Tip Calculator
Simple tip calculator which allows you to split your bill.

ShopSavvy identifies the product, whose barcode you have scanned, and searches the Web and local chain stores for the best prices.

Barcode Scanner
Barcode Scanner uses the camera on your Android to read barcodes and look up product information such as prices and reviews.

Tipper is a simple tip calculator for Android smartphones that lets you calculate tips and share of a bill quickly when going out with friends.


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