There are 256 free applications in the Entertainment category. The most recent apps are listed on the top.

With Galaxy you can chat and hang out in a kind of virtual world, where you represent yourself by your avatar.

XkcdViewer is an XKCD comic viewer application (with hover text) developed for Android OS powered mobiles.

WVTC is an app that helps better access WVTC by seeing the currently playing song, webcam, song queue, recently played songs, and make a request.

Virtual Match
Virtual Match is an Android app that allows you to light the match, candle, torch or fireplace right at the screen of your Android device.

Toast is a free app that helps you make a toast with your Android phone.

Simply Cyanide
Simply Cyanide is a viewer app to view Cyanide and Happiness comic on Android smartphones.

Rotary Dialer
Rotary Dialer is a small app that makes your dialer look as an old style rotary dialer.

NSG 2011
The Singapore National School Games is back as a video application on your mobile devices.

Movie Guess
Movie Guess app for Android allows you to test your knowledge about movies.

Love is...
Love is... is a comic viewer application to read "Love is..." comic on your Android mobile devise.

Kid Mode
Kid Mode for Android locks the Home button while enabling your kids play educational kids games and watch videos.

Ja Hoor!
This is a Ja Hoor! soundboard that provides all the fans with the set of 14 Ja Hoor! sounds.

Happy Decoration Lite
With Happy Decoration Lite app you can create custom birthday cakes, Christmas cakes and many other original virtual cakes.

someoneradar is a free app that displays an arrow pointing to someone else using someoneradar.

Ham is an open source Ham Radio application for Android powered smartphones and tablets.

Palm Reading
Palm Reading is an entertainment Android app that allows you to make fun by reading your or your friend's palm.

Geometrics app for Android creates geometric patterns using polar graphing, with the help of simple controls.

Geohash Droid
Geohash Droid is a simple Geohashing application for Android, with wiki support.

GeoBeagle is an open source Android application for geocaching and letterboxing.

Garfield is a simple comic viewer app to read Garfield comic on Android devices.

Funky Cam 3D Free
Funky Cam 3D Free is an Android app that allows you to convert photos, movies or what your camera sees in real time into 3D.

Flashlight for Cupcake
This is a simple Flashlight app that works on Android 1.5 Cupcake devices.

Talking Tom Cat 2 Free
This is a new adventure of the popular Tom Cat that repeats your words in a funny way and responds to your touch.

Events is an app that allows you to find out what interesting events are going on around you.

eChing Lite
eChing Lite is an ancient Chinese oracle/decision helper with modern wise and funny texts.

Droid Comic Viewer
Droid Comic Viewer is a lightweight image, comic & manga viewer which currently supports CBZ/ZIP, ACV, CBR/RAR (beta), JPEG, PNG and BMP files.

DogBuzz is a dog whistler app for Android users that generates high frequency sounds to buzz the dogs.

Dilbert is a free Dilbert comic viewer app developed for the mobiles running Android OS.

Daily Beule Comic Viewer
This is a daily Beule Comic viewer application for Android mobile devices.

Comic Browser
Comic Browser is a web comics browser driven by comic definition for your Android smartphone.

Christmas Carols
Christmas Carols is a free Android application that helps you celebrate Christmas providing with the lyrics of the most popular Christmas songs.

Calvin and Hobbes by CLLam
Calvin and Hobbes is a comic viewer app by CLLam to read Calvin and Hobbes strip on Android phone.

Androidify app allows you to customize the look of the little green Android, the OS symbol, as you wish.

Issuu Mobile
Issuu Mobile allows you to access favorite magazines, newspapers, catalogs and more.

Talking Santa
Talking Santa is a funny app, where the Santa is going to repeat everything you say and do other funny things.

Kafkara app for Android allows you to create talking avatars in augmented reality.

Dance Dance Display
Dance Dance Display flashes the screen according to the rhythm of music heard through the mic.

PhotoSpot Lite
PhotoSpot Lite provides you with information about all taken pictures, such as date and time, location, weather at the moment of taking picture.

QueueMan is an Android application for Netflix subscribers that enables you control your queues.

SK-LiveJournal is a LiveJournal blog client that enables user to post blog entries to the LiveJournal from Android device.

ARTags is an app that lets you draw wherever and whenever you want leaving your mark in augmented reality.

iLightr Free
iLightr Free application simulates at your Android phone a real lighter with the swaying flame.

WhatsUp application for Android will provide you with the information on upcoming parties and other events happening in UK.

aLighter is a very simple app that puts a picture of the lighter to your Android phone's screen.

aFlashlight by Joe Farrell
aFlashlight by Joe Farrell is a very basic flashlight application for Android phones.

aBubblePop is a very simple entertainment game for people addictive to blowing up bubble wrap.

a World of Faces
a World of Faces shows you photos of people around the world in a single refreshable grid with the short summary on the back side of each picture.

8 Ball
8 Ball is an application for those who rely on fortune and doubt while making a decisions.

5001 Amazing Facts
5001 Amazing Facts is a collection of interesting facts to read at your Android phone and tell your friends.

#1 Advise me
#1 Advise me is a decision making app that helps you when you are not sure what to do today.

#2 Advise me
#2 Advise me is a decision maker app for Android that will roll the dice to help you every time you doubt.

SG Clock Widget
SG Clock Widget is a StarGate clock widget for your home screen with two sizes available: small and large.

LiquidParticles Live Wallpaper
LiquidParticles Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper app for Android with lots of particles following your finger's movements.

Earth Live Wallpaper
Earth Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper to show rotating planets on your home screen.

Guns is a realistic simulator of most popular guns and their information for Android devices.

Camera Fun Free
Camera Fun Free allows you to apply Photoshop effects (e.g. Sketch, Sepia, etc.) to the camera of your Android device.

DVD Easter Eggs
DVD Easter Eggs filled with all your favorite films Easter eggs. They are located inside DVD usually at the main menu allowing you to unlock secrets.

MyEpisodes Manager
MyEpisodes Manager is a mobile Android application for managing watched episodes from MyEpisodes.com.

MicDroid is an Android app that records your voice and applies pitch correction to it, which makes it sound funny, like you are singing.

Christmas Snow Clock
Christmas Snow Clock is an clock widget for your Android device that will style your clock as a snowflake.

Plasticine Xmas Clock
Plasticine Xmas Clock is a widget that allows you to bring to your homescreen plasticine-styled clock together with the Christmas spirit.

Substrate is a collection of live wallpapers for Android designed to keep your home screen responsive.

Mineral Clock Collection
Mineral Clock Collection is a set of free clock widgets which are styled as a natural minerals.

Star Clock
Star Clock is a clock widget for your Android's home screen designed with the stars.

Mystic Clock
Mystic Clock is another clock widget for the Android's home screen by 7art Studio.

Fire Clock
Fire Clock is a clock widget that is styled as a fire and has different colors.

Luminescent Jungle Wallpaper
Luminescent Jungle Wallpaper is a collection of beautiful live wallpapers for Android powered devices.

Christmas Clock
Christmas Clock is a clock widget for the Homescreen of your Android device, that helps you feel the Christmas spirit and keep eye on the time.

Bogr app is aimed to provide convenient reading of the comedy resources such as bash.org, bash.org.ru, etc. Most sites are in Russian.

Universal NumberPicker
Universal NumberPicker is an Android application that creates numbers for many kinds of lottery.

Miso app for Android allows you to keep track of what you watch and get the scoop about your favorite shows and actors.

Cardoddler I
Cardoddler I is a teaching app that is aimed to teach children alphabet, numbers, and different shapes.

RankingTube is a viewer app that helps you enjoy YouTube and allows you to see YouTube videos of each group by the ranking.

Friendplay CupidLove
Friendplay CupidLove is an Android app aimed to find your ideal match.

Tiny Flashlight LED
Tiny Flashlight + LED is a simple Flashlight app that uses LED of Android device if it has one.

Drink & Cocktail Recipes
Drink & Cocktail Recipes provides you a collection of more than 8500 drinks and cocktails to preparing yourself.

Ringtones app for Android phones allows you to choose from huge collection of popular mp3 rings and sounds, and set them as ringtones.

Air Horn!
Air Horn! is an Android application that produces sounds of air horn, including vuvuzela, reggae horn, train horn and other.

Digitalarti provides you free international digital art news with pictures and videos.

Yachts and Tall Ships
Yachts and Tall Ships helps to navigate the hundreds of tall ships, sailing yachts, luxury vessels and shows a list of upcoming maritime events.

Toddler Lock
Toddler Lock is a child entertainment and locking app to keep your child entertained with shapes and sounds, while keeping other apps out of reach.

Movies by Flixster is a movie app that shows the latest movies coming out, list of theaters near your location, upcoming and recent DVD movies.

DailyStrip is a daily comic strip viewer for your Android phone that features plenty of strips.

RingLert allows you to choose through the thousands of free ringtones and alerts to use on your Android phone.

Vibrator is a simple app for Android phones that makes your phone vibrate with a selected kind of vibration out of 8 available.

Talking Tom Cat Free
Talking Tom Cat is your pet cat that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say with a funny voice.

PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool for Android that gives you a fun filled experience.

Brewster is a funny app that keep tracking and counting sorts of beer you drank, its amount and places where you had beers.

Hypnotoad To Go
Hypnotoad To Go is a entertainment app for Android phone that turns your mobile into the imitation of hypnosis tool.

Have fun and surprise your friends. When shaking your mobile phone, enjoy a vigorous rooster song (cocorico in french).

A Fairy Tale A Day
An Android app that downloads and displays a classic fairy tale everyday.

A Fable A Day
An Android app that downloads and displays a classic fable everyday.

Mess2Code software allows you to create encrypted messages, own alphabet or a new language.

Porn Videos
This app grants the access to plenty of free porn videos. App is allowed for 21+ years old users only.

Twisdial is a free and nice spinner for fun Twister Game.

Funny Pics
Funny Pics is a collection of funny pictures you will find on the internet, available to you for free on your Android mobile phone.

IMDb app for Android provides with access to the largest collection of movie, TV and celebrity information.

Best Sex Jokes
Best Sex Jokes app is a collection of sex jokes, blonde jokes and jokes in form of sex question and answers for your Android phone.

With the SquishyGirl app for Android you can explore the adventures of living life from a popular blogger Jen B.

TV Listings
TV Listings is an USA TV guide app for Android that will quickly show you an overview of what is on right now - shows, movies and sports events.

Engine Driver
With the Engine Driver app you can run your trains from your Android phone.

MorseBeacon app for Android allows you to send messages to your friends as a screen flashing lights corresponding to the Morse code.

SnowGlobe application for Android device fills your screen with the snowflakes falling in all directions once you shake the phone.

4D22 is a lottery random number generator for Android powered devices.

London Fun
London Fun is an Android app that keeps you informed about latest news on venues, concerts, clubs, theaters in London.

The Flaneur Art Journal
The independent art and culture comes to Android apps as The Flaneur now publishes as an Android ebook.

CUT takes you through the latest movie openings in a specially edited video.

Sexy sounds
Sexy sounds is an app for fun that produces on your Gphone sexy sounds when you shake it.

Spark is a little application for the Android phone to generate lightning on the screen.

Tommy Hilfiger RBClip
Tommy Hilfiger RBClip is an application randomly showing a photo based on keyword Tommy Hilfiger, once you have made a call.

Zombieland CallImage
Zombieland CallImage is an application randomly showing a photo based on keyword Zombieland, once you have made a call.

Potatoes PhoneImage
Potatoes PhoneImage is an application randomly showing a photo based on keyword Potatoes, once you have made a call.

Pink Hearts CallClip
Pink Hearts CallClip is an application randomly showing a photo based on keyword Pink Hearts, once you have made a call.

Byakuya Kuchiki CallPhoto
Byakuya Kuchiki CallPhoto is an application randomly showing a photo based on keyword Byakuya Kuchiki, once you have made a call.

Postman Pat RingImage
Postman Pat RingImage is an application randomly showing a photo based on keyword Postman Pat, once you have made a call.

Zombie RingPhoto
Zombie RingPhoto is an application randomly showing a photo based on keyword Zombie, once you have made a call.

Kaylee Defer RingPhoto
Kaylee Defer RingPhoto is an application randomly showing a photo based on keyword Kaylee Defer, once you have made a call.

Strawberry Shortcake PhoneImage
Strawberry Shortcake PhoneImage is an application randomly showing a photo based on keyword Strawberry Shortcake, once you have made a call.

Riverview Showtimes
Riverview Showtimes is an Android app providing an overview of coming up movies at the Riverview Theater in Minneapolis, MN.

Angelica Pickles RBClip
Angelica Pickles RBClip is an application randomly showing a photo based on keyword Angelica Pickles, once you have made a call.

Kenpo Dragon RBPhoto
Kenpo Dragon RBPhoto is an application randomly showing a photo based on keyword Kenpo Dragon, once you have made a call.

Leopard CallClip
Leopard CallClip is an application randomly showing a photo based on keyword Leopard, once you have made a call.

Young Money Ringtones
Young Money is an imprint of Cash Money Records founded by Lil Wayne in 2005.

Esensor is a higly graphical and iteractive way to plot, and manipulate various sensor data from your phone.

Fake Browsers Settings
Fake Browsers Settings is used by such apps as Fake Firefox, Fake Internet Explorer, Fake Safari and Fake Chrome to set default or standard browser.

AWhiteHorse provides you with beautiful horses, outstanding equine artists, and champion stallions from around the world.

Harley Davidson Motorcycles
Harley Davidson Motorcycles is a collection of wallpapers with a legendary Harley Davidson motorcycles.

Colorchange is a very simple application for Android devices, which changes color of the screen once you touch it.

Street Fighter Soundboard I
Street Fighter Soundboard I is a collection of 24 famous Street Fighter sounds and songs gathered for the Android powered devices.

PP-Electone is an application, which lets you play 128 kinds of musical instruments for your entertainment.

Blue Ribbon
Blue Ribbon just makes a blue ribbon show up on the screen once you have touch it, at the same time you will hear loud applause.

Slogan Generator
Slogan Generator is a funny slogan creator. Just type any word and push Sloganize.

Brad Pitt Quotes
Brad Pitt Quotes is a collection of more than 60 quotes by Brad Pitt, which you can email to friend or share on Facebook, Twitter or MySpace.

beebPlayer is an android application, which lets you watch items on BBC iPlayer, Live BBC TV and Radio.

Porn Video Streaming
Porn Video Streaming provides easily in one click the porn video with the x264 video quality.

Honor Blackman CallImage
With the Honor Blackman CallImage application for android you can view photos of Honor Blackman when you finish a call.

Fantasy Chat
Fantasy Chat is an application for android smartphones that simulates a fantasy girl, which you can chat with.

Dog Whistle Lite
Dog whistler generates whistle frequencies from 12000Hz to 44000Hz, among which you can find one that your dog will response to.

OfficeSpace Soundboard
OfficeSpace Soundboard for Android phone includes 24 quotes from the Office Space movie.

Optimus Prime Soundboard Free
Optimus Prime Soundboard Free is a small collection of catchwords from the 2007 movie, the animated movie, and the TV series.

Celebrity Gossip
Celebrity Gossip application for Android powered phones will help you to kill time when you are waiting in line or riding on the bus.

Guitar Tuner
Guitar Tuner is an Android tool for tuning up the 6-string, 7-string guitars and some types of bass-guitars.

Random Chat
Random chat is a chat application. It makes you talk to someone you don`t know. also you can see how far she is.

Guitar Chordz
For guitar learners, Guitar Chordz application displays plenty of chords with different shapes and modes.

USA TOP Girls Online
Collection of erotic photos of models from the United States. Updated every day.

Sound Grenade
Sound Grenade is an app, which generates a really annoying, nauseating and headache producing high pitched sound.

40yr old Virgin Soundboard
The app features 18 sound clips from The 40-Year-Old Virgin movie.

The Joker Soundboard
Sounds and clips of Joker, a bank robber character from the movie Batman - The Dark Knight.

Charlie the Unicorn Soundboard
This is a soundboard app that includes sounds from the Charlie the Unicorn flash animated video.

Bender soundboard
This is soundboard app that features Bender the robot from Futurama animated TV series.

Chuck Norris Jokes and Sounds
This is a soundboard and funny jokes about Chuck Norris combined in one app for your Android phone.

Forest Gump Soundboard
This is a soundboard of Forest Gump movie that you can play on your Android device.

Stinkmeaner Soundboard
This is a soundboard of the Stinkmeaner character from The Boondocks animated TV series.

Christmas Ringtones
This is a collection of Christmas sounds to prepare your Android phone for the Christmas.

Family Guy Soundboard
Family Guy Soundboard contains clips and ringtones from the favorite episodes of Family Guy animated television sitcom.

McLovin Soundboard
This is a soundboard of McLovin character from the Superbad, an American comedy film directed by Greg Mottola.

Pineapple Express soundboard
The app features sound clips from the action comedy film Pineapple Express.

King Julien soundboard
This is a soundboard featuring sound quotes by King Julien, a character of animated movie Madagascar.

Cartoon Sounds and Ringtones
Cartoon Sounds and Ringtones is an application that provides your Android phone with different sound effects from cartoons.

Facts 4 Smalltalk
This app provides you 10.000+ interesting and barely known facts to read and tell your friends.

Half Baked Soundboard
Half Baked Soundboard is an Android app that features sounds from the Half Baked movie.

Mr T. Soundboard
This is a soundboard application for Android phone that features 12 sounds by Mr. T, an actor and wrestler.

Wedding Crashers Soundboard
Wedding Crashers Soundboard is a collection of sound clips from the comedy Wedding Crashers.

Tropic Thunder Soundboard
Tropic Thunder Soundboard is a soundboard featuring sound clips from the movie Tropic Thunder.

Fat Bastard soundboard
This is a Fat Bastard soundboard that features sound quotes by this character of the Austin Powers movies.

Twilight New Moon Soundboard
This is a soundboard and wallpapers app for the popular Twilight New Moon movie.

Weird Laws US Lite
This app allows you to read strange and funny laws issued in the different USA states.

Twilight Soundboard
The app features sound clips and wallpapers related to the epic Twilight movie.

Monty Python Soundboard
This is an app featuring funny quotes from the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Stewie Griffin Soundboard by Androidz
This is a Stewie Griffin soundboard for Android with over 60 ringtones.

Duke Nukem Sounds and Ringtones
The app provides you sound clips by Duke Nukem character that you can use as ringtones or notifications on your Android mobile phone.

Cheech and Chong soundboard
The app is featuring 53 sound clips from a comedy duo consisting of Richard Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong.

Happy Gilmore Ringtones
This is a soundboard application that features 30 sound clips from Happy Gilmore comedy movie.

Bruce Lee Soundboard
Bruce Lee Soundboard is a collection of 40 sound clips from the greatest martial artist Bruce Lee.

Pee Wee Herman Soundboard
This is a soundboard that includes 24 sound quotes of the comic character Pee Wee Herman.

Piano Play
Piano Play is a simple app for Android that allows you to play on a virtual piano.

Halloween Sounds
Halloween Sounds is a soundboard for Android phones with 36 sound clips from the Halloween movie.

Cats Sounds
Cats Sounds app presents you sound clips with 12 different kinds of cats sounds.

Small time-killer application, which allows you to draw simple things using trackball on your smartphone.

Grandma's Boy Soundboard
Grandma's Boy Soundboard is a soundboard application featuring 105 phrases from the movie Grandma's Boy.

The Cross
This Android application simply displays the Holy Cross on the screen.

AndWobble Free
AndWobble makes your favorite images bounce to life. Choose an image, define wobbling areas and shake your phone to see them bounce and jiggle.

Once you answer a few simple questions, PsychTest analyzes your attitude toward success, relationships, money, health and more.

Fortune Cookie
It is a simple fortune cookie application. Just shake your Android phone and get your fortune.

Yo Mama Insults
Yo Mama Insults app is a collection of yo mama is... style jokes to read on your Android phone.

Noble Fart
Another fart application for the Android platform that provides entertainment for people of all ages.

Fireworks app turns your screen into a night sky full of fireworks. You can choose between many backgrounds and types of fireworks you wish to see.

Randy Marsh Ringtones and Soundboard
This is a funny sound clips collection from Randy Marsh of South Park.

DailyDilbert is a simple Android app that displays the daily Dilbert strip.

Elf Sound Board
Here is a collection of 43 sounds for your Android device from the Elf movie.

The Big Lebowski Soundboard
This is a soundboard featuring sound clips from The Big Lebowski movie.

Arnold Sounds
Arnold Sounds is a collection of 16 sound clips by Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movies, where he has been starred.

Mike Epps Soundboard
This app is a soundboard featuring 25 sound clips by Mike Epps, the stand-up comedian and actor.

Dice app allows you to shake up to 6 virtual dices at a time on the screen of your Android powered device.

Best Quotes
Best Quotes is a collection of more that 1,500 quotes of the most known wise and respectable persons.

Christmas Wallpapers
Collection of Christmas wallpapers for the Android phone with the feature to set a new background every few minutes.

Tourettes Guy Soundboard
It is a Tourettes Guy Soundboard for Android phone that includes 105 sound clips.

Ricky Bobby Soundboard
This is application featuring Ricky Bobby from comedy film Talladega Nights.

Disney Wallpapers
Wallpaper collection of Walt Disney's most memorable and charming characters for Android powered phone.

Seth Superbad Soundboard
This is a soundboard, which includes 47 sound clips from the comedy film Superbad.

Friday the Movie Soundboard
This is a collection of 12 funny sound clips from the Friday comedy movie.

Achmed Soundboard
Soundboard of the Jeff Dunham's character Achmed the Dead Terrorist, a wisecracking skeleton with a beard and a white turban.

Austin Powers Soundboard
Austin Powers Soundboard features 48 sound clips from the Austin Powers movies.

Transformers Sounds
The app features soundboard of Transformers series. You can use sounds as ringtones or notifications.

Arnold Sounds and Ringtones
Arnold Sounds is an android app that is featuring 48 sound clips spoken by Arnold Schwarzenegger in many popular movies where he played a roles.

Calvin and Hobbes
This app is featuring daily comic strip Calvin and Hobbes allowing you to keep reading it on the go on your Android phone.

Spin the Bottle
Spin the Bottle is an android app that provides the electronic bottle for traditional spin-the-bottle game.

Guitar Solo Lite
Guitar Solo Lite is a lite edition of a virtual pocket guitar app.

Strobe Light
Strobe Light app turns your Android device into the stroboscopic lamp with possibility to select the color of flashlights.

Full Metal Jacket Soundboard
The app features collection of 18 sound clips from the Full Metal Jacket movie.

Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy is an app featuring 75 sounds from the comedy film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

Movie Finder
Movie Finder is an app that provides the list of cinemas near your location and information about their upcoming movies as well as available trailers.

Three Stooges Sounds
Three Stooges Sounds is a collection of 48 sound clips from 3 characters of the American comic group The Three Stooges.

The Hangover Sound Board
The application is featuring 68 sounds from the popular movie The Hangover.

Chuck Norris Jokes
Chuck Norris Jokes is a collection of jokes about Chuck Norris to read on your Android phone.

FartDroid is a fart machine with different farts for Android-powered phones.

Star Trek Sounds and Ringtones
Star Trek Sounds and Ringtones is an app featuring 36 sound clips from the Star Trek movie.

Borat Soundboard
Borat Soundboard is a collection of 18 sound clips from the Borat movie.

9000+ Awesome Facts
9000+ Awesome Facts is a collection of interesting facts to read at your Android device.

Homer soundboard
Homer soundboard app features 30 sound quotes from one of the most popular television series character Homer Simpson.

Hello Kitty Wallpapers
Hello Kitty Wallpapers by jackeey.wu is a collection of over 133 Hello Kitty cartoon wallpapers.

Al Pacino Sounds
Al Pacino Sounds is an Android app that features 36 popular phrases from movies with Al Pacino.

FMyLife Official
FMyLife Official is an application that allows you view and post to FML blogging service at your Android phone.

Dumb and Dumber Soundboard
Dumb and Dumber Soundboard is application that features Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels from the Dumb and Dumber comedy movie.

Mabilo Lite
Mabilo Lite is an app that lets you search and download free ringtones for your Android phone from the mabilo.com site.

Super Mario Sounds and Ringtones
Super Mario Sounds and Ringtones is an application that features 16 sounds from the popular classic Nintendo game Super Mario Brothers.

Mabilo Wallpapers
Mabilo Wallpapers app for Android helps you to find and set wallpapers on your phone.

Draw! is a finger painting app that has possibility to collaborative drawing when two Android phones are paired via bluetooth.

Chris Tucker Sounds and Ringtones
Chris Tucker Sounds and Ringtones app features phrases by actor and comedian Chris Tucker known for his roles in Rush Hour and Friday movies.

Hypnotic Spiral
Hypnotic Spiral is a entertainment app to hypnotize your friends using your Android powered phone only.

Drinking Games
Drinking Games application for your Android phone provides you with a list of over 50 drinking games and their rules.

Screen Crack
Screen Crack is a funny application for your Android that makes nothing else but shows the crack on the screen of your phone.

Truth or Dare
Truth or Dare app is a funny game to play once you gather your friends, in which you have to answer funny questions truly or be brave enough to dare.

Quagmire SoundBoard
Quagmire SoundBoard features 30 sounds from Quagmire the another character of the Family Guy television animation.

Bruce Tobi Soundboard
This app introduces a Bruce aka Tobi the Performance Artist soundboard at your Android phone.

The Hangover Fanboy Sound Board
The Hangover Fanboy Sound Board is a collection of 91 sounds and phrases from the comedy film The Hangover.

Stewie Griffin Soundboard
Stewie Griffin Soundboard is an app that features sounds of the Stewie Griffin the cartoon character aimed for all its fans.

Android LightSaber
Android LightSaber is a Star Wars Light Saber app that shows on the screen of your phone one of 5 available light sabers from the famous movie.

Star Wars Sounds and Ringtones
Star Wars Sounds and Ringtones is a collection of 48 sounds from legendary movie Star Wars.

Useless Facts
Useless Facts is a fun collection of facts for Android phones provided for you to enjoy and share.

The Schwartz Unsheathed
The Schwartz Unsheathed app for Android devices turns your phone into a Schwartzsabre.

Ruger SR9
Ruger SR9 app simulates shooting with semi-automatic pistol SR9 to entertain you and your friends using your Android phone.

AK-47 app is a an app that simulates AK assault rifle weapon on your Android for the entertainment purpose.

Magic 8-Ball
Magic 8-Ball is an entertainment app for Android powered phones that answers the most difficult yes-or-not questions you cannot answer yourself.

Coin Flip
Coin Flip app for Android will help you if you do not have a real coin to make the decision relying on fate.

SchottGunn is a funny app that allows you to play with your phone so as you shoot from it, holding it in your palm like a real shotgun.

Steamy Window
Steamy Window app is a funny Android application that makes an illusion that your screen is steamed and you can clean it with you fingers.

Old Man Herbert Soundboard
Old Man Herbert Soundboard is a collection of sounds featuring Old Man Herbert character.

Step Brothers Soundboard
Step Brothers Soundboard is a collection of sounds of Brennan Huff and Dale Doback from the movie Step Brothers.

Peter Griffin Soundboard
Peter Griffin Soundboard is a collection of funny sounds and phrases from Peter Griffin character.

Movies and Showtimes
Movies and Showtimes app gives you information about Movies, Showtimes and IMDb Ratings for movies in your neighborhood.

Horoscopes and Tarot
Horoscopes and Tarot app provides you daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes and daily Tarot readings right on your Android mobile.

Zedge is an Android app that allows you to view and set ringtones and wallpapers from the big collection provided by zedge.net.

Funny Jokes
With Funny Jokes app you can read thousands of jokes, rate and comment them, share with friends, contribute your jokes.

Mabilo Ringtones
Mabilo Ringtones application for Android lets you find ringtones of your wish out of 200,000 mp3 sounds.

Backgrounds app is a collection of 10,000 backgrounds for your Android smartphone, with the new designs added daily.


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