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Catch Notes (formerly 3banana Notes) allows you to take notes on your Android device.


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Category: Productivity

Latest version: 2.1

Total versions: 5

Submitted: 13 Aug 2010

Updated: 8 Nov 2010


Catch Notes (was formerly known as 3banana Notes) is a note-taking tool. If you have a (formerly, Snaptic) account you can sync the Android app too. The app allows you to capture text, images, and locations. You can print written notes on the Home screen.

Features overview:
- sync notes to
- sign-in with Google account
- attach photos
- organize with hashtags
- set reminders
- share via email, Facebook. Twitter or QR Code
- widget
- passcode lock
- background syncing option

Note: Early versions of the app were released under the developer's name "Snaptic, Inc.". Later on the developer has changed company's name to


Catch Notes 2.1 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Catch Notes 2.1:

- Faster syncing
- Images can be stored on SD card
- Tap an image in note view to pan/zoom

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Catch Notes.

Catch Notes 2.0.1

Description/changelog of Catch Notes 2.0.1:

[no description available for this version]


Catch Notes 1.19

Description/changelog of Catch Notes 1.19:

- Refresh interval. Optionally schedule sync to run periodically in the background
- Fix disappearing widget (app can no longer be moved to SD card)
- Fix for lost photo in note editor after orientation change
- Fix for multiple 3bananas in Recent apps menu

- Reminders. View a note and choose the reminder option from the menu to set/change/cancel a reminder for your important notes.
- Passcode lock. Assign a PIN to prevent unauthorized users from launching 3banana and viewing your notes.
- Note list interface has been cleaned up, with the option of more preview lines.
- Widget has been reskinned to match current Android widget themes.
- App can be moved to SD card (Android 2.2 or later).
- Bugfixes and other enhancements.


Catch Notes 1.17

Description/changelog of Catch Notes 1.17:

- A photo can be removed from a note.
- A photo can be exported to the SD card /Gallery.
- Copy note text to the clipboard.


Catch Notes 1.16

Description/changelog of Catch Notes 1.16:

- Widget. Add it to your home screen for quick text and photo note entry.
- Shortcuts. Add one for quick note entry, or pin specific notes to your home screen.
- Improved search bar with live results. 3banana can be added as a source to the global Quick Search Bar as well.
- Fixed an issue with sharing notes to the Facebook app.
- Fixed an issue with sharing images into 3banana from other apps (e.g., PicSay).
- Syncing reliability improvements.

- Fixed some syncing, note export, and photo issues.

- Launcher icon for high-density displays.
- Support for devices with non-autofocus cameras.

- Support for small-screen devices.
- Note view now displays note creation timestamp.

- Uses external Barcode Scanner app for QR Code support.

- Location tagging enhancements.

- User interface refinements.
- Set font size for note lists in Settings.
- Notes with replies now show reply count.
- Fixed crashes related to export, taking photos, viewing comments.

- Photos from camera and gallery are added at higher resolution.
- Improved UI of note view for better readability, moved buttons to menu.
- Label and text search now works for note replies as well.

- Added photo browser.
- Added ability to tag notes with location data.
- Scrolling speed & syncing improvements.

- Added support for attaching pictures from the Image Gallery to notes.
- Share URLs, pictures from the browser and other apps directly to a new note.
- Added support for labels using non-Latin characters.
- Bug fixes.

- Redesigned settings page.
- New setting: preferred text size for viewing your notes.
- Fix: note view preserves line breaks from original note.

- Text search.
- Improved label search.
- Export notes to SD card, look in 3banana folder.
- Bug fixes, improved sync reliability.

- Sort by labels
- UI visual and speed cleanups
- Improved Sync reliability
- Warn when you discard an unsaved note
- Read phone text settings for Auto-cap (uses WRITE_SETTINGS permission)
- Correctly handle Alt, Shift, Sym keys for first character
- Append result of QR Code / Barcode scanner to note instead of replacing text
- Improved handling of HTML in various fields
- QR Code text shortened to improve iPhone compatibility

- QR Code Scanning.
- QR Code sharing.
- Twidroid (beta release) support.



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