There are 91 free applications in the Health category. The most recent apps are listed on the top.

Yoga Moment Lite
Yoga Moment Lite provides yoga tunes that you can listen or use as a background music for the yoga exercises.

Restful Sleep Deluxe Edition
Restful Sleep Deluxe Edition offers special audio tracks to induce sleepiness and better your sleep quality.

Office Yoga
Office Yoga is a health application for Android users with nine sets of easy yoga movements, which you can practice for relaxation and refreshment.

Music Therapy for Sound Sleep
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep is a music app to optimize human brains. For a necessary sound sleep, Alpha wave set in this app will comfort your mind.

Music Therapy for Refreshment
Music Therapy for Refreshment is a music app to optimize your brain which provides a relaxing way to restore your vigor and to refresh your mind.

Health Calculator
Health Calculator helps you stay up to date with health, controlling your weight and Body Mass Index.

Stretch Exercises
Stretch Exercises app allows you to learn various Yoga poses for everyone to enjoy relaxation.

Relax and Sleep
Relax and Sleep is an app that allows you to compose your personal melody for falling asleep from a variety of predefined sounds.

Extreme Weight Loss Trainer
Extreme Weight Loss Trainer is a weight loss trainer tool to help you achieve your desired weight loss goals.

eMa Lite
eMa Lite app for Android offers a collection of meditations plus timer, altar, gong.

ElectricSleep is an alarm clock that records your sleep cycles and wakes you up gently during a light sleep cycle.

Daily Yoga for Toning Abs
Daily Yoga for Toning Abs provides Abs building routine based on 17 yoga asanas, with animation and an average 10-minute training duration.

Daily Yoga for Back Buildup
Daily Yoga for Back Buildup provides back muscles and fit figure building routine based on 19 yoga asanas, with a 10-minute training duration.

Calming Music to Tranquilize
Calming Music to Tranquilize is a collection of relaxing Chinese music for the meditation.

Breath Biofeedback
Breath Biofeedback app for Android allows you to do biofeedback with your mobile device.

JustSit is an Android meditation timer designed to help you do one thing - sit.

BioRhythms is an Android app for calculating personal physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythms.

Prescriber's Letter
Prescriber's Letter app offers a subscription service for prescribers to keep them up to date on new developments in drug therapy.

Heart Rate Monitor
With Heart Rate Monitor and a supported chest strap, your Android phone can monitor your heart rate.

HeartRate Monitor
HeartRate Monitor app for Android powered smartphones helps you measure your heart pulse.

NCCN Guidelines
NCCN Guidelines app provides doctors with access to the guidelines for the cancer treatment.

USA Graduate School Medical
The app presents an overview of USA Medical Graduate Schools, as well as their ranking and other useful details.

Hospital Intel
Hospital Intel finds strong performing hospitals near you based on statistics collected by US Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Relief Central
Relief Central is a relief workers assistance app that provides access to multiple relevant guides.

PubMed Mobile
PubMed Mobile allows quick searches of abstracts in database with more than 19 million citations in biomedical and life-sciences journals.

Calculate by QxMD
Calculate by QxMD is a clinical calculator and decision support tool, freely available to the medical community.

Android Biorythms
Android Biorythms is an application that helps you find out your personal biorythms.

MedPage Today Mobile
MedPage Today app offers physicians and other healthcare providers the opportunity to receive unlimited, free CME/CE credits as part of news service.

Diet2Go is a weight-loss application for your Android with the collection of various diet plans.

Self-Hypnosis for Meditation Lite
Self-Hypnosis for Meditation Lite is an app for Android users aimed to help them relax and regain control over stress symptoms.

Sexual Position Live Animation
The app provides a variety of animated positions for the sexual life to make you learn on examples.

Fast Food Calorie Counter
Fast Food Calorie Counter is an Android app that shows you calorie information for foods from many Fast Foods.

runtastic is an Android app that plays a role of your personal trainer that tracks your sport activity.

Buddy Runner
Buddy Runner app provides the capabilities of an expensive GPS enabled personal trainer that will track and monitor all your runs.

Mini Nurse Lite
Mini Nurse is an Android app aimed to help student nurses get to know useful information about nursing, understand medical terms and more.

Pregnancy Calendar
With Pregnancy Calendar app for Android you can follow how the mother and the baby develop week by week.

Anatomy Trivia
Anatomy Trivia is an Android app that opens you some interesting facts about human body, its nature and functioning.

Skyscape is a collection of medical information and decision support resources for healthcare professionals.

Libra app for Android smartphones tracks your weight using a trend line as suggested by the Hacker's Diet.

Anti Mosquito
Anti Mosquito is an Android app that produces a sound in the range of 16 KHz to 20 KHz in order to protect you from mosquitoes who do not like it.

Soup Recipes
Soup Recipes is an app for Android mobiles offers you 10 categories 100 healthy soup making recipes.

Instant Heart Rate
Instant Heart Rate is an app that measures your heart rate using the build-in camera of Android phone.

First Aid for Korean
First Aid for Korean is an app for Android with Korean interface aimed to provide instructions of first aid in the case of emergency.

Fat Calc
Fat Calc is a quick and convenient calculator for Body Fat Percentage and Body Mass Index using only a few simple body measurements.

Simple Weight Recorder
Simple Weight Recorder is a simple tool for Android to record your weight and calculate BMI.

CPR & Choking
CPR & Choking app provides you with video tutorials on how to make CPR and aid a choking victim.

Vegetarian Recipes
Vegetarian Recipes app allows you to find vegetarian recipes from the top recipe sites.

Memorize Pattern
Memorize Pattern is a simple game for Android that is aid to train your visual memory.

Sex Facts
Sex Facts is an Android app that will give you many interesting and useful facts about sex.

PointsList app helps people who are doing Weight Watchers program to find points values for more than 2000 foods.

Medicinal Herbs
Medicinal Herbs is a collection of herbs with their descriptions that are used in complementary and alternative medicine for the illness treatment.

Best Diet Foods
Best Diet Foods is a collection of healthy diet foods descriptions, which you can read on your Android phone or share with friends.

Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite
Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite is a guided meditation and hypnosis audio program to help struggle stress.

JogTracker is an Android app to measure time and distance for runners, walkers, cyclists, with ability to set goals and track the progress.

BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator is a simple ad-supported Android app that calculates you Body Mass Index depending on your weight and height.

Self Help Quotes
Self Help Quotes app is a collection of 100 popular inspirations quotes that will help you to believe in yourself and motivate you.

Lightning Bug
Lightning Bug is a kind of visual sound machine that helps you to create conditions to relax and sleep better.

Endomondo is a sport tracking application that helps you keep track of time and distance you have run, cycled, walked, etc.

Magic day
Magic day is a menstruation tracking application that will help women view the cycles on the Android phone.

White Noise Lite
White Noise Lite app helps you to sleep or just relax by playing ambient sounds of the environment.

First Aid
First Aid is an app designed to help you follow the right instructions in a stressful emergency situation, which needs first aid application.

WW Point Calculator
WW Point Calculator is an app to calculate the Weight Watcher Point Value of any food with listed nutritional information.

Food & Fitness Tracker
Food & Fitness Tracker app is a mobile extension of diet and fitness platform, which helps you stay fit.

MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter and diet tracker application for Android powered smartphones.

Mover is an exciting app for Android that allows you to track your activity level and helps you become more active.

DroidFit is the one stop app you need while working out. No more need to bring your notebook and stopwatch with you while working out.

AlcoCalculator allows to calculate your blood alcohol concentration taking into account your weight, sex, and the amount of alcohol you have consumed.

Wrister is an application that will help you to get reed of the wrist pain after long work at computer.

Symptom Checker
With the Symptom Checker health application you can discover the most common causes of the most common symptoms.

YourSport Lite
YourSport Lite helps you to lose weight and stay in shape, count everyday calories, monitor your weight changes, log activities and much more.

Medicine Buddha Mantra
Medicine Buddha Mantra is an app that helps healing of physical illnesses and purification of negative Karma.

Quan Yin Mantra
Quan Yin is one of the most universally beloved of deities in the Buddhist tradition.

QuitSmoking is the application that will help you quit smoking by gradually reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke daily.

SportyPal OS1.5
SportyPal OS1.5 is an GPS fitness tracker intended for the devices running Android OS 1.5.

Buddhist Meditation Lite
Buddhist Mediatation is a Buddhist Music stimulation application that can generate pure and clear Buddhist Sounds.

SportyPal is an GPS fitness tracker that keeps record/map of your movement, speed, distance, time, calories burned.

Mood Tracker
Mood Tracker is a mood notebook application, where you can record pressure, mood, tiredness, and also add some comments.

iZen Lite
iZen Lite is a collection of meditation music which helps you to relax.

Benefit Tools
Benefit Tools from Assurant uses location of your phone to help you find a dentist nearby when you need one.

Brain Booster
Brain Booster is specially designed for the best Android user experience, and will give your brain a fresh start any time during the day.

Brain Sooth
Brain Sooth is an application for the Android smartphone that soothes your mind and relieves headaches.

Relaxus Lite
Relaxus Lite is a collection of Sounds of Nature and Melody Tunes to help you relax at your desired setting.

Brainwave Tuner Lite
Brainwave Tuner Lite is a brain wave stimulation application that generates tones with binaural beats.

Period and Ovulation Tracker
Period and Ovulation Tracker allows women to enter period each month and predict next period, likely date of ovulation, and likely fertile window.

Epocrates Rx is an offline drug database and allows quick and easy access to thousands of drug monographs.

OnTrack allows a diabetic to track various statistics such as glucose, exercise, medication and food.

CardioTrainer is your training partner for running, cycling, and other cardio fitness activities.

Dildroid is a free multi-speed vibrator emulator for the Google Android OS powered phones.

Healthy Recipes - SparkRecipes
With Healthy Recipes one can browse thousands of recipes, and save favorite ones. It provides calories, fat, and more for each recipe.

My Days
My Days is an application that designed for women to follow up period and the related information.

Calorie Counter
Calorie Counter is a simple tool for Android to find all the calorie and nutrition facts for the foods you eat.


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