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VVS Mobil
VVS Mobil is an application to display Stuttgart public transport system travel routes and schedules.

Trafikanten is an Android app that enables user check departure time and deviations for the public transport of several cities in Norway.

TrafficDroid shows the road traffic from a data source. Requires you to enter a provider for the traffic data. Works for Italy.

Pulphotel is the app for Android that lets you search for the hotel to stay during your trip.

POIMan for Sygic
POIMan for Sygic allows to manage and keep up to date the Sygic's Point of Interests (POIs).

OSMandroid application for Android renders OpenStreetMap maps and calculates routes.

NearbyFeed is a location-based social networking and microblogging app to share your info and stay tuned with your nearby people updates.

Maverick is an off-road GPS navigator with OSM, Google and other maps. It has offline maps support.

Komutta is a free Android application that helps people finding Trans Jakarta route.

Kompas is a simple pocket compass application developed for Android phone.

JMU Better Bus App
JMU Better Bus App allows JMU students to easily track the buses and set reminders for incoming buses at their stop.

Istanbul Guide
Istanbul Guide is a content focused mobile travel guide to Istanbul that helps you to visit most important locations in Istanbul.

Gowalla allows you to share places you go with friends, discover eateries, coffeehouses, shops, landmarks, museums and more.

Glympse is an Android app that allows you easily share your location in realtime.

FindItNow app for Android lets you find on the University of Washington campus such services as vending machines, cafes, dining, supply stores, etc.

Encuentra Mi Coche
Encuentra Mi Coche (or Where did I park) is a carfinder app that helps you locate your car on a parking place.

DB Navigator
DB Navigator offers you the most comprehensive information service about schedules of public transport in Germany.

Boskoi app for Android is a mobile phone guide to edible urban wild-food sources.

Airplane Mode Wi-Fi
Airplane Mode Wi-Fi is an app that allows your Android device to connect to WiFi networks being on Airplane Mode.

AdvancedMapViewer is an OpenStreetMap based map application for Android powered devices.

Google Earth
Google Earth is a window to anywhere that allows you to view the entire planet with the swipe of a finger.

Delayed is a free Android application for realtime train departures and delays in Sweden.

uPackingList application is designed to turn packing into fast and convenient activity for any journey.

yozi is an outdoor navigation software for Android platform that uses topographic maps in Ozi Explorer formats.

Easy Rider
Easy Rider is a location based driver-rider interface application for Android smartphone.

OneBusAway provides with the schedule and real-time arrival information for the buses in Seattle. is an Android application for showing Swedish traffic information, available only in Swedish interface.

TenDestinations app gives you an overview of 10 interesting places in the world, which you should explore during your live.

ParkLeitSystem is a car parking routing application that helps you park your car by finding nearest to you available parking places.

My Bus Edinburgh
My Bus Edinburgh is an Edinburgh bus tracker application for the Android mobile platform.

PlaceMemo Lite
PlaceMemo Lite allows you to create notes assigned to a certain location. The notes can be text, photo, video clip, etc.

Back2It lets you mark the places, to find way back to them later via GPS. It helps you to navigate back to parking lots, restaurants, parks, etc.

Androzic is an unofficial oziexplorer navigation client for Android devices.

RMaps is the navigation tool for operation with on-line and off-line maps. It has search, auto follow, a compass, auto rotate map, POI.

Open GPS Tracker
Open GPS Tracker is a GPS logger that records and displays routes traveled together with your Android device.

Tricorder is a simple tricorder for Android, using your phone's real sensors to detect magnetic fields, gravity, etc.

OsmAnd is an open-source OSM-based GPS app with online/offline capabilities and audible navigation.

Osmdroid is a maps replacement for Android with free map data from

Metro Napoli
This application shows the Naples' metropolitan map, single lines' map and trains' time.

Park Reminder
Park Reminder is an Android app that would help you find where did you park your car.

aMetro shows the maps of transit systems all over the world - subways, metro, buses, trains, and other.

3D Compass Lite
3D Compass Lite is an augmented reality compass to be used on the Android supported devices.

TripAdvisor helps you plan the trip, advising the best places to eat, sleep, and play.

Pageonce Travel
Pageonce Travel is a travel manager that provides you with flight, weather, hotel, car rental information.

StudioKUMA AirPlane Scheduler
AirPlane Scheduler is a tool to start and stop the AirPlane mode of your Android device at a certain time.

Refill Fuel Advanced
Refill Fuel Advanced is a tool to manage expenses of cars and keep an eye on fuel consumption.

Global Hotels
Global Hotels is an app that allows you to find and book hotel rooms worldwide from your Android mobile phone.

Hotelauskunft is an app that searches big hotel sites for the best availability and price that suite for you. The app has German interface.

Naver Maps
Naver Maps is an app with Korean interface that enables you to find the shortest way to the wished destination, while using public transport.

Street View
Street View is an add-on for Google Maps that allows you to view street-level imagery on your Android device. app allows you to shoot panoramic pictures and find out the names and other info of peaks captured by the camera of your Android smartphone.

Zone Parking Skopje
Zone Parking Skopje app enables payment for Zone Parking Skopje in Macedonia. The app has Macedonian and English interfaces.

Wikitude is a mobile Augment Reality (AR) World Browser based on dynamic content sources.

WorldScope allows you to browse browse more than 14.000 touristic webcams worldwide through your Android device.

My Maps Editor by Google
My Maps Editor by Google supports creating, editing, sharing and viewing personalized maps from your My Maps tab on Google Maps.

My Tracks
My Tracks for Android records the GPS tracks and shows statistics for your outdoor activities.

gvSIG Mini Maps for 1.5
gvSIG Mini Maps for 1.5 is a free viewer of free-access maps for Android phone with OS version 1.5.

gvSIG Mini Maps
gvSIG Mini Maps is a comprehensive mapping tool which combines many major online maps like Google, Bing, Open Street Map and more.

Foursquare app for Android devices helps you find new ways to explore your city.

Layar Reality Browser
Layar Reality Browser is an augmented reality app that augments digital objects on top of reality, as can be seen through the mobile phone's camera.

Yelp for Android enables you to search for the places to eat, shop, drink, tank, etc.

Korea Subway Information
Korea Subway Information provides schedules for subways of 5 big Korean cities, with Korean interface.

Edinburgh Bus Tracker
Edinburgh Bus Tracker is a real time bus tracker for LRT Lothian busses developed for Android powered phones.

With TripMan you can share online your vacation trip or voyage by making and publishing photos from your journeys.

HotelPal app for Android lets you browse and reserve rooms in over 100,000 hotels worldwide.

MapDroyd is an offline vector map viewer for Android, based on OpenStreetMap.

Vespucci is the first OpenStreetMap-Editor for Android platform.

FlightView Free
Real-time flight tracking from the industry leaders Track flights live on a map, get alerts on flight status changes, see worldwide weather & more.

LocationBot changes settings according to your location, e.g. switch the WiFi on when you are at home or turn the volume down when you are at work.

DB Railnavigator offers you the most comprehensive information service about schedules of public transport in Germany.

StayHIP application for Android allows you view a plenty of popular hotels around the world, and book rooms right from your phone.

Pou Eisai
Pou Eisai is a Greek application that finds and displays on a map your location in 4 ways and sends it via email or sms.

Qype Radar
With Qype Radar application for Android you can find and share the best places near you.

SendPosition is an app for Android-powered phone that sends your current GPS location using sms, ems, email.

GPS Tracking
With GPS Tracking app for Android you can locate others and share your current location with friends.

Maverick Lite
Maverick Lite is an off-road GPS navigator with OSM, Google and Bing maps. It has support for offline maps, build-in compass, timer and trip computer.

Metro Paris
Metro Paris provides with Metro, RER and Noctilien maps for Paris. Version 1.3.0 has auto-rotation support and some improvements in navigation.

Travel Greece
Travel Greece is an Android application that can be useful to all information of main places which you like to see in Greece.

Radardroid lite
GPS speed camera warning application for Android that gives a visual and audible warning when you approach any fixed or mobile speed camera in its db. is a site for the location of users,the service is free for registered users.

Petit Poucet
Petit Poucet lets you mark your position on a Google Map, and take pictures related to this position.

Hotels is a classic version of the application Hotel near me. Using it one can find and book hotel rooms right from the mobile phone.

WorldWideTime shows you time, date, country, phone code, currency and other information in cities all around the world.

Analog Compass
Analog Compass simulates the physical behavior of a real compass. It is based on the hardware compass of the device.

AndNav2 is a turn-by-turn navigation application, which supports Location-Lookup, POIs, Text-2-Speech Instructions, Traffic-Feeds, Contact-Search etc.

London Underground
London Underground is an application, which guides you through the world of the London Underground.

TripIt Travel Organizer is a free travel app that keeps all your travel information at the ready on your Android no matter where you booked.

FlightStats Lite for Android
It is a free version of flight tracking application FlightStats for Android that helps you stay up-to-date on airport delays.

Nav4All, the most advanced navigation system on earth, worldwide Navteq maps, 83 countries, 56 languages.

Waze is a social app that enables drivers to build and use live maps, real-time traffic updates and turn-by-turn navigation for an optimal commute.

Trapster for Android alerts you as you approach police speed traps, red light and speed cameras, via spoken warnings in fun voices.

9292ov GPS
9292ov GPS is a route planner for public transport in The Netherlands, including delays, departures and prices.

Food Finder
Food Finder helps you to find place to eat in your surrounding. It provides you with turn-by-turn directions to the dining of your choice.

Android TreinTijden Lite
This Android TreinTijden application allows users to retrieve and view the train departure times on any NS station in The Netherlands.

HotelsByMe is a native Android application that will allow you to find and book hotel properties worldwide from your phone.

Kayak Flight and Hotel Search
Kayak Flight and Hotel Search is a travel search by Using it one can find hotel rates, cheap flights and airline tickets.

GPS Status
GPS Status displays your GPS and sensor data: shows the position, number and signal strength of GPS satellites.

NYC Bus & Subway Maps
NYC Bus & Subway Maps was formerly known as NYC Subway Map application. It provides quick access to the NYC MTA Subway & Bus maps that work offline.

Places Directory
Places Directory allows you to browse nearby places in categories like Restaurants, Movie Theaters and Hotels.

Compass by is a compass application with location display and geo-tagged notes functionality.

Google Maps
Google Maps for Android is a popular mobile mapping application that provides location service and navigation around the world.

AndroidGlobalTime is a 3D world clock and may serve as an illustrative example of how to use the OpenGL ES APIs in an Android applications.

GeoMata Client
GeoMata Client is a part of the GeoMata project, which maps geographic locations to web content (audio, video, html).

Metosphere is a browser application to view virtual objects around your location in a world overlay of metadata.


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