There are 116 free applications in the Multimedia category. The most recent apps are listed on the top.

LogoFactoryApp is a tool for Android that allows you to make logos in 3 steps.

XiiaLive Lite
XiiaLive Lite is a radio app that allows streaming radios, giving user the ability to easily surf the SHOUTcast directory.

Trombonino app allows you to play the trombone virtually with your Android device.

Tape-a-Talk is a voice recorder for Android mobile devices that can record even if the display is off.

RNE en Directo
RNE en Directo app allows the user to listen all the RNE radio stations (Spanish public radio).

Ringer Volume
Ringer Volume allows you to set different ringer volume for the specific time, and schedule a time when ringer volume will be changed.

ReGalAndroid is a remote gallery client for Android platform that supports G2, G3 and Piwigo.

Plasma Sound
Plasma Sound is a music instrument inspired by the Theremin and Continuum with beautiful visuals.

Photo Gallery Live Wallpaper
Photo Gallery Live Wallpaper is an open source app to pick and show a random wallpaper from the specified directory.

Photaf allows you to create a 3D panorama by utilizing the camera and the orientation sensor.

MyCam Viewer
My Cam Viewer is the way to access and control Foscam and Panasonic IP cameras to ensure the security of your home or business location.

Music Queue
Music Queue is a music player for Android users that enables you to reorder your playlist with a finger tips.

MP3 Music Download
This app allows you to search, listen and download free music. You can also find lyrics for the songs using this free app.

MortPlayer Widgets
MortPlayer Widgets is the home screen widgets for the MortPlayer Music and MortPlayer Audio Books apps.

JustPictures! is an app to browse photos from SD card and plenty of online services like Picasa, Flickr, Facebook, and others.

Ringtone Maker
Ringtone Maker app creates tones, alarms, and notifications from MP3, WAV, AAC/MP4, 3GPP/AMR files you load onto your phone.

G-Tunes Music Lite
G-Tunes Music Lite is a simple tool to help you find and download MP3 music using public search engine.

France Inter
France Inter allows you to listen to France Inter radio programs and access French news and podcasts.

The best video player on Android! Watch any of your videos on a phone without conversion, anytime and anywhere.

xPiano is a piano app for Android with 4 octaves piano keyboard and adjustable keyboard width.

DISH Remote Access
DISH Remote Access allows users to watch their home TV on the Android powered devices.

Deezer for Android is a streaming app which allows to listen a lot of different music radios and smartradios (based on a given artist).

Coveroid offers collection of high quality wallpapers and backgrounds in variety of categories.

Boxee is a Boxee WiFi remote control app designed for Android powered smartphones.

Advanced MP3 Music Downloader
This app allows you to search, listen and download free music. You can also find lyrics for the songs using this free app.

Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Flash Player complements your web browsing experience with possibility to play flash video right in the browser window.

Winamp for Android offers a complete music management solution that can sync with your Winamp desktop library.

MediaManager is an Android app to manage many types of media such as books, music, movies, etc.

DAAP Media Player
DAAP Media Player works as a DAAP client that supports searching, queuing, playlists, and streaming music from DAAP share.

Squeezer is an Android SqueezeCenter or Squeezebox Remote Control application.

88.3 The Wind
88.3 The Wind is an Android application for listening to radio 88.3 The Wind.

TunesRemote helps you remotely control DACP-compatible desktop music players, such as Apple iTunes.

TunesRemote+ provides remote control for DACP-compatible desktop music players such as Apple iTunes, MonkeyTunes for MediaMonkey, etc.

SPB TV lite
SPB TV lite is an IP-TV solution, optimized to run on mobile devices. It allows you to watch TV from your Android without fees.

SR Player
This is a player for Android to play the Public Swedish Radio (SR) live and pod radio streams.

Simple Scrobbler
Simple Scrobbler is a lightweight scrobbler, which submits information to on what music you are listening on your Android device.

QMobile allows the users of QNAP NAS to enjoy the entire media collections on the move, adding even more mobility to the NAS contents.

G2Android is an open source application that allows you easily access Gallery2 photo websites.

musikCube for Android is a music player that can stream your music from the server installed on the desktop.

YouTube Remote
YouTube Remote app allows you to control Google TV or Leanback from your Android phone.

XBMC Remote
XBMC Remote for Android is remote controller app for the XBMC Media Center.

YouTube app for Android provides you easy to use interface to the world's most popular online video community

BestTube is a YouTube video downloader that can stop and resume the download process. It lets you save videos to phone for the off-line view.

Camera 360
This app allows you to apply multiple filters and photo effects to your images.

MiniPiano is a piano with 128 different sounds and the keyboard is available in two modes: single octave and scrollable 3 octave mode.

arcMedia is a media player for Android with additional formats support.

AndroRadio is an application for Android smartphone to listen to live radio broadcast all around the world.

AndroPaint Lite
AndroPaint Lite is a simple, yet quite multifunctional paint application for Android platform.

AMPlayer is a simple audio player that handles lossless audio files (FLAC, ALAC, MPC, APE, WV, WAV).

andLess is an Android program aimed to play high quality music files of different types.

3 aka Cubed is a music player for Android powered mobile devices with the nice interface.

RealPlayer is all-in-one multimedia application for organizing and playing your favorite content.

doubleTwist Player
doubleTwist Player lets you import iTunes playlists, ratings, playcounts, and sync & play audio and video from desktop to the phone.

MP3 Download Lite
MP3 Download Lite is an application that enables you to search freely available in internet MP3 music by means of several search engines.

TuneIn Radio
TuneIn Radio is an app that enables you to listen to live radio channels, Djs and programs.

GTunes Music
GTunes Music is a simple tool to help you find and download MP3 music using public search engine.

SoundHound is a music identifier application that helps you to find out title and artist information about song you reproduce or hum.

Audiobooks app for Android allows you to download public domain audio books to your mobile device.

Amazon MP3
This free app for Android allows you to browse, search, hear, buy MP3s on Amazon site.

TwonkyServer Mobile
TwonkyServer Mobile allows you to share music, photos and video stored on your phone with devices on your home network.

Meridian Player Pioneer
It is an advanced video and music player for the Android powered phones that handles various formats.

Piano is a little simple application to play Piano on your Android powered smartphone.

SnapPhoto Free
SnapPhoto Free is an Android application that aimed to make photos with better camera performance.

MortPlayer Music
MortPlayer Music is a music player app for people who like listen music organized by folder rather than tag.

Moodagent is an Android app that auto-profiles your music based on emotion, mood, genre, style, tempo, beat, vocals, instruments.

JBC Radio
JBC Radio is a Korean radio station broadcasting in California.

Zimly is a media player application for Android powered smartphones.

WarCalc Personal
WarCalc Personal is a calculator to optimize the purchase of buildings in games of Storm8.

Peintureroid is a simple painting application for Android OS based phones with the color picker, pen with density and other functions.

YouCast lets you send/share videos, photos or any files to friends instantly or post to social networks. The push activation is based on SMS or email.

MP3 Search
With MP3 Search app for Android you can search, download and play mp3 music, using public search engine.

AndroPan is an Android app aimed to take and view panoramic pictures.

MediaStory Lite
MediaStory Lite for Android turns your photos into animated slideshows in just 3 easy steps.

iSyncr Lite for Mac
iSyncr Lite for Mac is an Android app that synchronizes your mobile with the iTunes installed on your Mac to get your music to the phone.

iSyncr Lite
iSyncr Lite is an app for Android that synchronizes your mobile with the iTunes installed on your PC in order to get your music to the phone.

Photo Illusion
Photo Illusion is a picture application that lets you edit photos with filters and effects.

Camera Illusion
Camera Illusion is a camera application that lets you process photos in real-time, previewing and taking pictures with filters, effects and masks.

MixZing is an advanced media player for Android-powered devices.

MP3 Cutter
MP3 Cutter for Android allows you to cut the best part of your MP3 song in order to use it as your ringtone.

DroidSaver is an utility that allows you to view on Android-smartphone wallpapers from popular network resources.

MaplePaint is a vector based drawing application for Android based phones and tablets that can be used for journaling or note taking.

Magic Doodle 1.5
Magic Doodle 1.5 is a drawing app specially developed for 1.5 Cupcake.

Magic Doodle Lite
Magic Doodle is approaching real painting on canvas. Its advantage is to give you a versatile and small painting tool.

EmailAlbum is an opensource multi-platform software allowing to simply pack a bunch of large pictures in a compact archive suitable for e-mailing.

Apps Installer
Apps Installer is an application for Android powered phones that allows you to install apps from your SD card.

FoxSaver - utility that allows you to view on Android-smartphone photos in popular network resource

With the android application Photobucket 1.2 you can download photos for your phone wallpaper, capture and upload new or existing photos.

PhotoShow (for WVGA)
PhotoShow is an end-to-end photo solution that allows users to create the appealing presentation of images and share it with friends.

PhotoShow (for HVGA)
PhotoShow is an end-to-end photo solution that allows users to create and share the presentation of images with friends.

VideoBox is a free video downloading & sharing service across mobile, PC, and web.

Rings Extended
Rings Extended replaces the standard ringtone picker with a new one that makes it easy to select from installed music tracks and other sounds.

Tone Picker
Tone Picker is a ringtone picker replacement application for Android powered devices.

LukLuk is a player for online video and music, as well as for the media files stored in your SD card.

VLC Remote
VLC Remote allows you to control media playback of VideoLAN Client (VLC) from your Android-powered mobile device.

TuneWiki is a social media player that shows subtitled lyrics as you listen to your music or watch music videos.

Moozone for Android lets users upload, manage and stream their music.

MagicMarker is a simple touch-paint program for writing and drawing neon-style on a black background.

Music Online Lite
This app allows you to search, listen or download free audio available in internet. It

FingerPaint is a touch painting application for Android devices.

Country Music Radio
Country Music Radio app allows you to listen on your Android phone Country style music from plenty of stations.

i Video
i Video enables you to search videos, play them online with WiFi or 3G, and record to your SD card. is your personal radio streaming app to listen free music on your Android powered phone.

A Online Radio
This is an online radio application for Android powered devices.

Video Player
With Video Player for Android one can play, pause, move backward and forward through the video from an SD card.

Adobe Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop Express is an application to easily edit and transform photos or apply to them photo effects.

I like music

imeem Mobile
Once you have created a free user account with imeem Mobile you can play music off your phone's SD card or stream music over the Internet.

FxCamera is an ad-supported app that allows you to make photos with different visual effects applied.

Voice Recorder
Voice Recorder is an Android app that offers a voice recording functionality.

Ringdroid application lets you create ringtones from your favorite songs or even record your own ringtones.

i Music
i Music is an app that allows you to search through the millions songs in network.

With PicSay app for Android you can color-correct your pictures and add word balloons, titles, graphics, and effects like distortion.

With Shazam you can identify music tracks, store them, and buy them; plus you can learn more about the artist and connect to their MySpace page.

Five is a streaming media framework designed to efficiently expose media hosted on your home PC via your cell phones data connection.

LastFM Plugin
Port of the LastFM tool for Android. Currently supports viewing of user profile information.

Application provides the CameraDeviceFile Java class as a replacement (it has the same methods) for the CameraDevice class in


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