PlaceMemo Lite

PlaceMemo Lite allows you to create notes assigned to a certain location. The notes can be text, photo, video clip, etc.


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Developer: Macrosoft

Category: Travel

Latest version: 2.6.4

Total versions: 1

Submitted: 17 Nov 2010

Updated: 17 Nov 2010


This is a Lite edition of the PlaceMemo application. It is a note taking app, specialized for taking notes about places. The places could be where you parked your car, a favorite restaurant you usually have dinner with your family, a subway station you met your best friend, a library yo to to every weekend, and so on.

PlaceMemo allows you to capture and record memorable personalized notes about a location and save cues or memories associated with that place. Each note can have eight types of useful attributes, they are:
- location powered by Google Maps (limited feature for Lite version)
- Audio/Voice clip
- Photo/picture (one photo per place for Lite version)
- Text note
- Web with URL
- Telephone (one phone note per place for PlaceMemo Lite)
- Email address (one email note per place for Lite version)

Every attribute contributes an additional set of features and information for the notes so that the places you store in PlaceMemo have rich information for you to recall, enjoy and share with your friends.

You can also get weather forecast for the paces, which have Address available (Latitude/Longitude).


PlaceMemo Lite 2.6.4 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:


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