Compass by is a compass application with location display and geo-tagged notes functionality.


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Category: Travel

Latest version: Compass 1.0.22

Total versions: 4

Submitted: 22 Jan 2010

Updated: 8 Nov 2010


Android's leading Compass, plus location display & geo-tagged notes.

For the geo-tagged notes you need to have 3banana Notes installed. Reset magnetometer by waving your phone in a figure 8 motion several times.

Compass is only as accurate as the hardware sensor in your phone.

One can change the compass type and background in the Menu.

Note: Early versions of the app were released under the developer's name "Snaptic, Inc.". Later on the developer has changed company's name to


Compass Compass 1.0.22 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

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Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Compass.

Compass 2.0

Description/changelog of Compass 2.0:

- Places: Save your favorite places (car, restaurant, etc.) then navigate back to them later
- Note Finder: View location based notes in your area
- Newer phones use alternate sensor
- Added Steel background
- Various bug fixes


Compass 1.1

Description/changelog of Compass 1.1:

- Added GPS compass
- Added Night compass
- Updated Analog compass
- Added True North
- Added Noise Filter
- Calibration issue notifications
- Configurable note text
- Long press to create quick notes
- Added Mesh background
- Translations
- Many new settings


Compass 1.0.22

Description/changelog of Compass 1.0.22:

- Added QVGA support for the HTC Tattoo
- Droid defaults to Alternate Sensor
- Calibration dialog now auto-closes
- Added double buffering to prevent flickering



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