MapDroyd is an offline vector map viewer for Android, based on OpenStreetMap.


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Developer: OneStepAhead AG

Category: Travel

Latest version:

Total versions: 1

Submitted: 31 Jul 2010

Updated: 31 Jul 2010


MapDroyd is an offline vector map viewer for Android.

MapDroyd provides a built-in remote map browser that can explore and download selected map files from the vendor's map server.

MapDroyd allows to rotate maps smoothly in any direction. It also features an optional "auto-rotate" function that turns the map direction according to user's actual orientation ("head-up").

There are two different navigation modes:

Drag mode (default) - you can pull the map in any direction you want by simply dragging the screen. In order to zoom in or out smoothly you have to click on the zoom buttons on the left and right bottom area, or, just roll your trackball up or down.

Rubberband mode - you simply tap the screen to reposition the map center. In order to zoom into a given region you draw a rectangle from the upper left to lower right screen corner. In order to zoom out you draw the rectangle in the opposite way, from the lower right to the upper left screen corner.


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