Foursquare app for Android devices helps you find new ways to explore your city.


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Developer: foursquare

Category: Travel

Latest version: 2011.07.12

Total versions: 9

Submitted: 12 Aug 2010

Updated: 19 Aug 2010


Foursquare allows you explore your city through the new ways. You can see where your friends are, learn about the places they frequent and unlock rewards as you travel.


Foursquare 2011.07.12 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Foursquare.

Foursquare 2011.07.05

Description/changelog of Foursquare 2011.07.05:

- Notification tray, accessible from the header bar
- Settings page redesigned with support for more features found on the
- New option in settings for clearing your search history


Foursquare 2011.06.09

Description/changelog of Foursquare 2011.06.09:

- Pending friend count now shown in Me screen with other friend info
- Fixed bug where friend requests weren't appearing in friend request screen


Foursquare 2011.06.01

Description/changelog of Foursquare 2011.06.01:

- Fixed problem where non-US locales could not use metric for distances.


Foursquare 2011.05.28

Description/changelog of Foursquare 2011.05.28:

- New signup and login screen
- New add-friends screen


Foursquare 2011.04.15

Description/changelog of Foursquare 2011.04.15:

- Fixed translation problem for Japanese locale.


Foursquare 2011-03-10

Description/changelog of Foursquare 2011-03-10:

- Fixed layout bug for Android 1.6 users on user details page
- Improved Explore scrolling
- Added additional locale strings


Foursquare 2010-10-26

Description/changelog of Foursquare 2010-10-26:

[no description available for this version]


Foursquare 2010-08-05

Description/changelog of Foursquare 2010-08-05:

[no description available for this version]



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