Libra app for Android smartphones tracks your weight using a trend line as suggested by the Hacker's Diet.


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Developer: Daniel Cachapa

Category: Health

Latest version: 1.7.3

Total versions: 2

Submitted: 9 Aug 2010

Updated: 9 Aug 2010


Libra is an Android app that takes daily readings of your weight and displays them in a chart with a moving average "tendency curve" in order to absorb errors in daily weighing. The trend line is produced as suggested by the Hacker's Diet.

- Easy data entry
- Weight goal
- Time-to-goal estimate
- Daily KCal estimate
- Share chart via email, mms, Facebook, Twitter, etc. (if installed)
- Import/Export to Excel (.csv format)
- Synchronization with DailyBurn (optional)


- Fixed a problem where it wasn't possible to select the Stones unit
- The changelog can now be reviewed under Preferences
- The vertical chart labels (weight) are now right-aligned

- Implemented 30-day mobing charts by popular request
- Database backups are now saved to a separate directory in the SD card and never overwritten
- Allowed moving the application to the SD card for those lucky people running Android versions >= 2.2
- Added support for the Stone weight unit

- Made the expected date shorter because it was too big in some translations
- Implemented automatic weekly backups to the SD card. They are enabled by default

- Swedish translation

- Spanish translation

- Clicking the weekly chart now shows just the entries for that week instead of the whole month
- Fixed a bug where in rare occasions the extended trend line would disappear

- Added support for the high resolutions
- Changed the icon so it fits with the Android 2.x look and feel

- Added the last missing strings in the Italian translation

- Fixed previously missconfigured Danish translation
- Made the floaters and sinkers smaller for charts with many values (e.g. yearly chart)

- Danish translation
- Updated all of the other translations as well

- Fixed a force close bug when viewing the complete chart

- Long-press the chart to insert a new value
- Saves the last used chart type instead of always defaulting to the monthly chart
- Added a weekly chart view
- Small fix in the Portuguese translation
- Made the start of the week conform to the device's locale

- Hopefully fixed another (rare) force close bug
- Fixed a bug where the BMI lines wouldn't appear when using imperial units
- Made the labels in the chart's vertical axis appear more organized

- Fixed a small bug introduced in 1.5.4 where the changelog would appear at every start
- French translation

- Fixed a bug where sometimes the value selector was defaulting to the wrong value
- Corrections to the Italian translation

- Italian translation
- Fixed some errors in the documentation
- Fixed a force close issue reported via the new automatic crash report

- Fixed a bug where Libra was always uploading values to DailyBurn in Kg, regardless of the settings

- Libra is now Ad-Supported


Libra 1.7.3 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Libra 1.7.3:

- Norwegian translation
- When inserting a duplicate value, a dialog pops up asking if you want to update the existing value
- It's now possible to insert entries using speech recognition if "Google Search by Voice" is installed

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Libra.

Libra 1.7.2

Description/changelog of Libra 1.7.2:

- Russian translation
- Added an option to hide the BMI lines in the chart
- Made the chart look better when exported from high-resolution devices
- Made the chart's title bigger in high-resolution devices



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