Breath Biofeedback

Breath Biofeedback app for Android allows you to do biofeedback with your mobile device.


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Developer: Android Research

Category: Health

Latest version: 1.6

Total versions: 5

Submitted: 9 Oct 2014

Updated: 9 Oct 2014


Breath Biofeedback is an Android free app that helps you get biofeedback. It is aimed for relaxation, releasing stress, reducing high blood pressure and improving overall general health.

How to use app:

Put your thumb on the screen. At the start of each inhalation, lift up your thumb and immediately put it back down on the screen. You will feel a short vibration each time you lift up and put down your thumb. This lifting and putting down is intended to be a tap.

The number of taps (Tap Counts) is used to calculate the breaths per min (BPM) which is then approximated to Heart Coherence Ratio. Red means low coherence, Blue is medium and Green is high. The lower the BPM, the more Green you will get. Try to get 100% Green. The black graph is an approximation of your breathing cycle. Note that you may also tap the screen in other ways that the method described above. The important thing is to tap it once each time you breathe in. The program will play a low tone for Red, medium tone for Blue and high tone for Green. To turn off the sound, press the Menu button of your mobile phone for options. You can also select Easy or Normal mode from the Menu.


Breath Biofeedback 1.6 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Breath Biofeedback 1.6:

Changed icon to comply with Google's icon guidelines.

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Breath Biofeedback.

Breath Biofeedback 1.5

Description/changelog of Breath Biofeedback 1.5:

Built with new SDK.


  • [no files available]
Breath Biofeedback 1.4

Description/changelog of Breath Biofeedback 1.4:

Fixes class not found exception for certain devices.


  • [no files available]
Breath Biofeedback 1.3

Description/changelog of Breath Biofeedback 1.3:

Installs on external SD card for Froyo.


  • [no files available]
Breath Biofeedback 1.2

Description/changelog of Breath Biofeedback 1.2:

Fixes audio init bug.


  • [no files available]


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