Change My Style

Change My Style app tells you which articles of clothing to match well together and what people associate with it.


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Developer: Dr. Alexander Rieger

Category: Shopping

Latest version: 1.0

Total versions: 1

Submitted: 14 Dec 2010

Updated: 15 Dec 2010


With Change My Style app you can choose a color for your shirt and you will get suitable colors for your tie, jacket or pants. It will help you to answer questions such as: which tie matches which shirt? how do I look?

Every color combination has a meaning. This program will tell you an association on how do you look in the selected colors, trustful, sportive or somehow else.

You can switch the picture to a female version and choose a color for a shirt, pants or coat.

- Change the color of a shirt, tie or pants in the picture. Try different combinations.
- The app tells you, what meaning people associate with your choice of colors (e.g. sportive).
- The smileys tell you, how well your colors match. Change your colors until all smileys are smiling.
- The app tells you, which article of clothing you must change in order to match your selection.
- Select an association from the list to achieve a specific impact (e.g. trustful).



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