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Boxy Pocket
Boxy Pocket is a free and very addictive Sokoban-like game for the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform. It features original Sokoban levels and sound.

Lotto Quick Pick tool. Having problems selecting 6 numbers for your winning lottery ticket? Then this application will help you to pick lucky numbers!

Smartphone Bet
Bet against other people on a range of sporting events.

Draw Poker
Draw Poker for Windows Mobile Smartphones. Simple and Free.

All Mobile Mines
All Mobile Mines is the classic Minesweeper game for Windows Mobile smartphones.

RCX Doom
This is a port of the original DOOM game primarily intended for the phones with landscape screen orientation and QWERTY keyboard.

Smart Blocks
It is a falling-blocks puzzle video game also known as Tetris. Line up 3 or more blocks horizontally, vertically or oblique.

Smartphone Sudoku
Smartphone Sudoku is a mobile version of the famous logic-based number placement puzzle game Sudoku.

Smartris is a Tetris clone for the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform developed back in 2003 for the very first Microsoft Smartphone Orange SPV.

The classic 15-puzzle game is very old, but remains one of the most popular logic puzzles. Get a free version for your Windows Mobile Smartphone.

Blocks is a free clone of the classic falling block puzzle game, also known as Tetris.

Bounty Hunter 2099 Pinball
Bounty Hunter 2099 is an exciting, fast-paced, futuristic and free pinball game for your Smartphone.

Bubblets is a free puzzle game. Match similar bubbles together in order to burst them from the board.

B-Tris is an elegant free Tetris-like game for Windows Mobile Smartphones. The game has a big choice of beautiful skins.

Free Bubbles
Amazing bubbles-type game to play on all Windows Mobile Smartphone platforms. This game comes in French, but it is really easy to understand.

UFO Invasion
UFO Invasion is a classic space shooter game with pretty graphics and sound. The controls are very intuitive and handy, dedicated for one handed use.

Magic Squares!
Magic Squares! is a simple square puzzle game, where you move pieces in order to restore the original image that has been sliced randomly.

MicroTurismo is a funny racing game initially created for Orange SPV Smartphones.

Petals Around the Rose
A Smartphone simulation of the famous brain teaser of all time - Petals Around the Rose. The game is played with 5 six-sided dice.

Basic Snake Deluxe
Basic Snake Deluxe is a variation of old good snake series of games. It has three levels of difficulties with various speeds and sizes.

Camera Controlled Snake
In this game player can control direction of the snake by rotating the device. The software detects movement by examining images from built-in camera.

Block Busting Babes Light
Block Busting Babes Light combines the excitement of a Tetris puzzle game with fine art photos of sexiest girls from all over the world.

Pocket GNU Go
Go, also known as Weiqi, is an ancient board game originated in China more than 4,000 years ago.

Mobile Reversi
Mobile Reversi is a Reversi player for Windows Mobile Smartphones. Reversi, also known as Othello, is a classic board game.

In Fishocopter you must guide your fish through the sea, avoiding crabs, sea urchins, shells, and other fishes.

Backgammon is a smartphone version of the classic Backgamone board game, in which pieces are moved after each roll of the dice.

Pocket Hasami
Hasami Shogi is a famous Japanese chess variant where you move your pieces like a rook in chess.

Help Willie to solve the puzzles to return home. The goal in each level of this free smartphone game Willie is to reach the point Z.

Guide your ball though the levels, avoiding the holes and choosing the fastest path.

Snake-Mania is a variation of the classic Snake game.

Hangman is a smartphone version of the classic paper and pencil guessing game.

SPVMan is a great Pacman clone for the Windows Mobile Smartphone platform. It is a fun game - great for killing a couple of minutes in your spare time

PhoneChess is a small program that simulates a chess game on your Smartphone.

Smart Simon
Simon says... Play that tune! Let Simon teach you to play some tunes. Just follow what Simon is playing, note for note.

Dots (GameBag One) from Ilium Software is a free entertaining game for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC device

Kevtris by Caywen is a free Tetris clone with nice graphics, customizable controls, and is very addictive

SokoSave Mobile
SokoSave Mobile by Eric Sunshine is a version of Sokoban for Pocket PC devices.

Bass Guitar Hero
Bass Guitar Hero by Dolph Larson is a game designed for PocketPC, which was inspired by the Guitar Hero game.

Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe by Dolph Larson is a computer version of the classical paper-and-pencil Tic-tac-toe game for two players

Break My Bricks
Break My Bricks by Dolph Larson is a clone of the classic break out game


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