There are 20 free applications in the Communications category. The most recent apps are listed on the top.

Airfagev Mobile
Mobile edition and an offline-browser of the popular mobile community site

Airfagev MobileChat
Mobile Edition of the WEB chat, located on the popular mobile community site

SSH Tunnel and port forwarding client for Windows Mobile Smartphones.

RCX Mail Checker
Check automatically for new emails, when connected to a free Internet connection such as the pass through one in ActiveSync and not over GPRS.

It is a VNC (Virtual Network Computing) client for your Windows Mobile Smartphone. You will be able to administrate your VNC server from everywhere.

Using OS SMS you can send Short Text Messages to a group of people at once. This will work only on Windows Mobile 5.0 and newer Smartphones.

SMS Voter
SMS Voter is designed to manage adhoc SMS/Text based polls collating SMS Text votes sent from any phone capable of sending Text messages.

btIO-SP is a simple Bluetooth Mode Switcher. With this tool you can switch your Bluetooth module between 3 modes.

btCrawler is a simple bluetooth scanner for Windows Mobile Smartphones. It scans for other visible devices in range and can perform a service query.

SMS unAccent
SMS unAccent is a handy tool for Czech, Slovak or Polish languages. It lets you remove all the accented characters and blank spaces between words.

BTAutoSync SP
BTAutoSync SP will schedule repeated and automatic ActiveSync synchronization between Smartphone and Desctop PC over Bluetooth.

SMS Scheduler
SMS Scheduler allows the user to schedule SMS message to be sent at chosen date and time. Works only with Smartphone 2002!

Keep Bluechattin'
It is a free and simple Bluetooth-chatting application. It allows you to initiate chat with virtually any Bluetooth device with enabled OBEX protocol.

OctroTalk allows you to use your MSN, AIM, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo and Google Talk all at once.

AttachSmart Classic
The simplest way to send documents (e.g. photos, recordings) as mail attachments, directly from your Windows Mobile smartphone.

PeekPocket is a free WiFi scanner application for Windows Mobile PocketPC devices. It detects and lists nearby WiFi access points.

WiFiFoFum is a WiFi scanner and war driving utility for Pocket PCs. It also supports GPS logging of all discovered wireless access points.

fring lets you call and chat your friends over 3G/4G and WiFi. It allows video calls on capable devices.

Palringo is an universal messenger for various IM services allowing you to chat, send picture messages, share your location, see location of friends.

zaTelnet Light
zaTelnet Light is a Telnet client for Android platform. The client was designed for network system administrators working with Unix/Linux/BSD systems.


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