There are 25 free applications in the Productivity category. The most recent apps are listed on the top.

SCalc can make calculations in Decimal, Hexadecimal, and Binary number system, work with Degrees and Radians.

Keep Contactin'
A simple address book application with advanced sorting of contacts by First and Last Name, Address, Phone Number etc.

Keep Workin'
Keep Workin is an easy-to-use, mobile time tracking utility. Yet simple, it serves as electronic time sheet and automates employee time collection.

Tree ToDo List SP
TreeToDoList is a simple hierarchical TODO list with a nice graphical interface and support of priorities and task current status.

Millo Notes
Millo Notes is a simple, lightweight and handy note taking application.

Smartphone Calc
An advanced easy to use calculator for MS Mobile powered smartphones, with extra features: Loan Calculator, Tip Calculator, and Conversion assistant.

ReminderList stores your ToDo tasks on a web server and retrieves it on demand. You can access your tasks also without phone, just with a web browser.

DocLock stores your sensitive information in a safe place - always at hand - protected by a single password.

Easy to use task and TODOs organizer for Windows Mobile Smartphones with intuitive interface.

RJV DateCalc
RJV DateCalc is a multi functional Date Calculator for Smartphone 2003 devices.

SMAC Stopwatch8
A stopwatch application, which provides a simple means of timing multiple events.

Palindrome StopWatch
This utility transforms your Smartphone into a stopwatch.

Orneta Reader
eBook reader, can read PDF and text files of any size and it has unique feature of Playback.

Plain text editor for Windows Mobile Smartphones.

Vieka WordPad
Vieka WordPad, a customizable WordPad for Smartphone.

RJV Percentage Calc
A simple Web browser-based 2-way percentage calculator. What is A% of B? A is what percent of B?

MotoClock displays big digital watches on the background of your Landscape QVGA Smartphone when the device is key-locked.

RJV Calc
RJV Calc is a simple web browser based calculator, dedicated for mobile web browsers and requires JavaScript support.

PocketNotepad is an attemt to recreate the original desktop notepad for the Windows Mobile smartphone platform.

Orneta Notepad
Text editor and viewer with features like text editing, sending text by multiple SMS messages and as e-mail attachments.

Orneta Calculator
Orneta Calculator is simple and easy to use, features view that presents history of calculations and also has some mathematical functions.

TI59ce is an emulator of the was the first real programmable calculator in the world - TI-59.

gCalc is a simple and skinnable calculator for Windows Mobile smartphones and Pocket PCs. Especially designed for one-handed use.

Count Six
With Count Six from Ilium Software you can track up to six running counters on your Palm PDA.

Evernote helps you remember and recall anything that happens in your life. You can make notes, snapshots, recordings.


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