There are 29 free applications in the Utilities category. The most recent apps are listed on the top.

Smart SS
Smart SS is a Screen Capture utility, just run it and you are ready to make a screen shot of your screen that will be saved as BMP files.

OS RegTweaker
OS RegTweaker is a multi-functional tool to tweak the system registry of you Windows Mobile Smartphone.

T9 Config Utility
T9 Config Utility unbounds the User Interface language from the language of T9 input, thus letting you type freely in any language.

acbTaskMan for Smartphone is a full-featured program and task manager for Windows Mobile Smartphone devices.

SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition
MS SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition is the compact database for rapidly developing applications in both native mode and the .NET Compact Framework.

Total Commander
Total Commander is the legendary old timer file manager. Well known and popular on the Windows platform, now it comes to the Windows Mobile world!

CT Scheduler Lite
CT Scheduler Lite adds a new functionality of automatic launching programs, documents, media and other files in accordance to your time plan.

Smartphone Studio
Smartphone Studio is a tool that lets you manage your SMS and Contacts stored on smartphone directly from your desktop computer.

Oxios Memory
Oxios Memory package consists of two applications: Hibernate that releases as much memory as possible and CloseApps that terminates applications.

AZExplorer is a simple file explorer for smartphones based on the Smartphone 2002 OS. It offers the basic functions and satisfies general needs.

PHM Registry Editor
PHM Registry Editor allows you to edit registry of a smartphone - the place, where all its configuration and tweaks are stored.

With ToggleView you can actually toggle the Start Menu between the large icon view and the list view conveniently on a Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone.

RJV RegTweaks UI
RJV RegTweaks UI is a free smartphone application that provides a user-friendly interface to some system settings, hidden in the system registry.

CT Scheduler
CT Scheduler adds a new functionality of automatic launching programs, documents, media and other files in accordance to your time plan.

CT AlarmClock Lite
Nice and simple alarm clock, which is more convenient than standard Windows Mobile alarm clock.

RJV Tone Setter
RJV Tone Setter is a free and handy utility for setting ringtone, SMS tone and system sounds. Can setup any WAV, MID, WMA and MP3 files as ringtons.

Avoid unwanted loud calls at night and extend your battery life! SleepWell automatically controls FlightMode, Bluetooth and Power Off at desired time.

ActiveSync is a data synchronization program developed by Microsoft to synchronize data between smartphones and Windows desktops or Exchange servers.

JAK Portal
JAK Portal is an App Store style repository for Windows Mobile applications.

T2 Remote Touch
Remote Touch is an application to remotely control your PC or laptop using your Windows Mobile powered phone, Pocket PC or PDA.

ShortCAD brings basic concepts of drawing creation to your Windows Mobile system.

Bulambod is an unbreakable cipher software. The only way to crack it is by brute force. But it will take so much time that you will regret doing it.

Digital Tool List
Digital Tool List or DTL is a Windows Mobile application used to store vital information about all your hand and power tools.

Finansist.PDA helps to take account of your finances with the possibility of synchronizing with multiple computers.

CryptoWallet for Windows Mobile is a powerful and easy to use assistant for secure and convenient data managing.

LnkMgr is a link and shortcut creator and editor for Pocket PC. It allows a user to effortlessly create and categorize links in the Start Menu folder.

PowerTap from Ilium Software is a power-off program for your Windows Mobile device.

Screen Capture
Screen Capture is an easy to use screen capturing program that lets you take screenshots quickly on your Windows Mobile device

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