ShortCAD brings basic concepts of drawing creation to your Windows Mobile system.


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Developer: ShortCAD Team

Category: Utilities

Latest version: 2009.07.30.1

Total versions: 4

Submitted: 9 Mar 2015

Updated: 9 Mar 2015


ShortCAD is a free software for Pocket PC that reveals the simplicity of well known CAD products just onto the palm of your hand! ShortCAD brings basic concepts of drawing creation to your Windows Mobile system.

Using ShortCAD You can create and edit 2D vector-graphic drawings just as you do it in well known CAD applications on your PC.

ShortCAD saves Your drawings as .ShortDWG files, but you can also save them in .dxf format so that you can export them to other vector-graphic editors.

ShortCAD provides drawing by means of the following graphic entities:

  • Straight lines,
  • Poly-lines,
  • Texts,
  • Circles,
  • Arcs,
  • Ellipses and Elliptical arcs,
  • Solids,
  • Inserted Blocks,
  • Traces.

Additional tools of ShortCAD allow to create the following drawing elements:

  • Free lined figures,
  • Rectangles,
  • Chamfers.

ShortCAD allows modification of drawing elements by means of:

  • Moving,
  • Scaling,
  • Rotating,
  • Changing line type, color, width, text style, layer etc.,
  • Erasing,
  • Setting insertion base point.

ShortCAD does not depend on screen resolution since it does not operate with hardware directly, so only few little OEM factors may explain greater or less efficiency of it. In particular, the following screen resolutions are successfully tried to be explored by ShortCAD:

  • QVGA (240x320),
  • 320x320,
  • 240x240
  • VGA (640x480),
  • 480x480
  • WVGA (800x600).


ShortCAD 2009.07.30.1 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of ShortCAD.

ShortCAD 2009.02.07.1

Description/changelog of ShortCAD 2009.02.07.1:

Major changes in version 2009.02.07.1:

Now ShortCAD provides Undoing / Redoing of the last performed command.

The command Match Properties has been improved. Now, if user selects a text to change it's properties, ShortCAD switches to Enter Text Dialog to give an opportunity of changing the text definitions: contents, text style, height, rotation, width factor and the oblique angle.

The Recent toolbar behavior was optimized. The following commands are not placed in the head of the toolbar, if they are called from inside of an active command (e.g. from the command Drawing Line):

  • Grid on/off
  • Snap on/off
  • Intersection Snap/on/off
  • Object Snap/on/off
  • Settings...
  • Zoom All
  • Color/LTYPE/LTSCALE Dialog
  • Manage Layers...
  • Manage Styles...

Now ShorCAD consumes the RAM much more efficient and optimal way: many references on a font from different text styles will be served with the same instance of the font loaded into the RAM.

As a result of the mentioned optimization of RAM consumption ShortCAD makes your mobile device capable of loading of very complex and heavy Asian fonts consisting of many thousand of letters and symbols. Use the Asian fonts available below. Even though the fonts take dozens of megabytes, your device can render them since only those glyphs are loaded into the RAM, which are referred from your drawing.

Now it's possible to cancel any changes made in the dialog Manage Layers.

Bug fixed: When user removed a layer, referred by an existing block, the drawing was lost right upon saving the drawing changes (when closing the drawing or performing commands Save and Save Drawing as).

Bug fixed: When inserting a drawing as a block, loaded from a file, those layers were not moved into the target drawing from the block, which were not referred by any drawing element.

The following minor bugs have been fixed:

Selection of black solids was not rendered properly when the drawing background was set to white.

Weight of the drawing elements was rendered on the screen. Now the element weights are rendered only in case of printing from the PC version of ShortCAD.

Dots in the line types were not visible when rendering the arcs, circles and ellipses.


ShortCAD 2008.12.20.1

Description/changelog of ShortCAD 2008.12.20.1:

Major changes in version 2008.12.20.1:

A bug fixed in Zoom-in/Zoom-out command. Other minor bugs fixed.

ShortCAD supports both upper and lower cases in the names of drawing layers and text styles.

However, two names will be equal if the only differeces in the names are different letter-cases.

ShortCAD allows using white background of the drawing area. Still, the black background is a default option.


ShortCAD 2008.11.18.1

Description/changelog of ShortCAD 2008.11.18.1:

[no description available for this version]



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