WikiMind lite

WikiMind lite is a note application that uses wiki syntax. By using wiki syntax, user can compose more effective readable memos.


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Developer: Sweetrain

Category: Productivity

Platform: Android

Submitted: 30 Jun 2010

Updated: 29 Jul 2010

The WikiMind lite helps you to read your memo effectively.

You can compose a memo with wiki syntax (like Wikipedia) then the WikiMind lite shows layout of it.

By using a link tag, you can jump to the google map, phone dial, or other memo that composed.

WikiMind consists of 3 screens : Browser, Viewer, Editor. If you select a document in the browser, it shows in the viewer screen. You can switch viewer and editor screen by using the menu button.

When you compose a memo, the wiki syntax is used like below:

Heading is a title of paragraph that helps organize and find topics in memo. You can insert the heading title up to 5 levels by using '=' tag. The more '=' tag means the smaller heading text.
  • Ex) == Title level 2 ==

List and text indentation
If you want to write a list (ordered or unordered), use list tags. It also applies indentation. The number of tag means indentation level.
  • # : Ordered list. WikiMind increases its number, automatically.
  • * : Unordered list. Just shows a dot.
  • Ex) ** indentation 1-2

Attach font effect tags to emphasis text. Font effects are applied on text between font tags.
  • ** : Shows bold text.
  • // : Shows italic text.
  • __ : Shows underlined text.
  • -- : Shows strike line on text.
  • Ex) **Bold text**, //Italic text//, **//Bold italic//**, ** Enables // complicated// text __effects__**

Separator line
A separator line in the middle of document is drawn by Insert '----' in the document.

Link to other documents A link to other documents like web browser can be added. It is also available link to the GoogleMaps, phone dial and web pages.
  • Link to web pages : [[http://URL|web page name]]
  • Link to phone dial : [[tel:phone number|person name or other text]]
  • Link to the GoogleMaps : [[map:address or building name|text for represent]]
  • Link to other documents : [[document name or path|document name]]
  • In the above syntax, you can see right side of '|' on the Viewer screen. If you omit from '|', you can see the link location instead of its name.

  • Documents are stored in folders. You can make folder hierarchy as you want.
  • Documents can be stored internal/external memory, both. If you store documents in external memory, it can be edited on PC. (When you extract your external memory card, please unmount it. If you don't, document may crash. You can unmount external memory card in the memu on your phone.)
  • WikiMind separates Editor and Viewer screen. These screens are switched by press menu or back button.
  • You can customize your documents on preferences. It can change font size, foreground/background color, date/time macros, etc.
Requirements: Android 1.6 or later.

WikiMind lite for Android

WikiMind lite is a note application that uses wiki syntax. By using wiki syntax, user can compose more effective readable memos.

WikiMind lite 0.9.2 seem to be the latest available version for the Android platform. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

There are totally 10 version(s) of WikiMind lite for Android on this site. More details and all its versions are available on the WikiMind lite for Android portal.


Games (253)
Finance (65)
Health (96)
Travel (116)
Reference (166)
Productivity (262)
Multimedia (136)
Communications (235)
System (161)
Entertainment (256)
Shopping (61)
Sports (58)
News (36)
Customization (13)
Utilities (29)
Internet (6)
Education (4)

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