Puluwai helps you find real estate property listings near you or in any location you choose.


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Developer: rawthought

Category: Finance

Platform: Android

Submitted: 23 May 2008

Updated: 30 Oct 2008

Puluwai is a simple, easy-to-use mobile real estate search application for Android. It allows you to search a worldwide database of current real estate property listings. You can specify a location, a price range, number of bedrooms, and critical keywords that you're seeking.

Be sure to use the menu button! Many useful features of the application are accessible on each screen via this button.

  • Any location format supported by the well-known Google Maps interface is also supported by Puluwai. You can enter a street address such as "53-3858 Hiwahiwa Street, Kapaau HI 96755", a latitude, longitude pair as "37.460,-122.138" , a major airport code such as SFO or LAX, a city name with a state or country such as "Paris, France", or simply a ZIP code.
  • Clicking the near button on the search page causes Puluwai to find your current latitude and longitude (using the android Location API) and use this as the center of your search.

  • The keywords input field is handy for searching the description of real estate listings. For instance, you could enter "ocean" if you desire an ocean view.
  • To search successfully, you usually need to enter at least location and maximum price.
  • When you run a search, all the information you entered is automatically saved for you and is accessible under the recent searches menu item on the main search screen. This provides an easy way to frequently search several neighborhoods.
  • The favorite listings menu item allows you to view your saved favorite properties.
  • You can click the return key ↵ in any text input field to start your search. Alternately, you can scroll down and click
    the search button.

  • The map it! menu item will display the currently highlighted property on a map. Note that if the realtor has provided a very generic location for the property such as "San Francisco, CA" to Google Base, the map will simply be centered in San Francisco.
  • Puluwai supports the android SearchManager / Searchability API. This means that you can open the global search interface from the Home screen or any other application (my selecting menu+S), select the real estate mode, and enter a text search of the form "Location : Max Price". This causes Puluwai to search based on your criteria and then display a list of results.

Puluwai for Android

Puluwai helps you find real estate property listings near you or in any location you choose.

Puluwai 1.0.39 seem to be the latest available version for the Android platform. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

There are totally 2 version(s) of Puluwai for Android on this site. More details and all its versions are available on the Puluwai for Android portal.


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