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Livecontacts Mobile app for BlackBerry allows you to share your current location with friends.


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Developer: Livecontacts Ltd.

Category: Travel

Platform: BlackBerry

Submitted: 7 Dec 2010

Updated: 7 Dec 2010

Livecontacts Mobile is a mobile application designed for BlackBerry devices. A free and fun way to let your friends know where you are. Install Livecontacts Mobile on your mobile phone and share your location along the way.

Now create a Profile Badge with a Google map and add your location to your Facebook profile page. Not on Facebook but on another social network? Check out our website, because we are connecting to social networks constantly. Recently added: Orkut. With Livecontacts, you can also tweet your location to Twitter automatically.

* Forgot your phone? Not to worry. You can also update your location by clicking on the map manually.
* Lost your phone? Now check out the Livecontacts website and find the location of your phone!
* Want to see where you have been? No browse through the routes you have travelled!

When you don’t get a GPS fix, for example because you are in a building, we will use GSM network characteristics as a GPS failover and provide you with a rough estimate of the location of your phone. Less accurate, but better coverage. Livecontacts Mobile transforms your GSM into a GPS device!

* Know where you are
* Share your location along the way
* Stay connected with people you care about

Livecontacts is the first GPS enabled service that brings you an array of features you can not find anywhere else. Let your friends and family know where you are. Livecontacts allows you to pinpoint your location and find out who's nearby. You can share your location with trusted people, view your location history on an interactive map, manage your buddy list, or have information on your contact's whereabouts in maps available. Monitor your contacts presence information and connect with people on the go. Using the associated web site, you can allow other users to view your location on the Internet.

Livecontacts is targeted at individuals and closed groups with active lifestyles who have a need for greater location awareness and communication between trusted family, friends and colleagues.

Please register at for free! Also available on BlackBerry and Windows Mobile phones.

About Livecontacts

Livecontacts provides consumers and businesses peace of mind with precision tracking and location services.

Through a unique and proven web-based tracking solution, Livecontacts offers assurance, safety and security, anywhere in the world. Our solution includes features like real time tracking, location plots on digital maps, geofences and save zones, emergency alerts and automatic notifications, speed control, battery management, archiving and lookup of routes travelled, remote control of device settings and many more.

Applications for consumers and businesses are in the fields of asset monitoring, parental control, private investigation and spy business, pet tracking, theft recovery, elderly care, free buddy finding, fleet management, remote workforce management, surveillance and general tracking services.

We combine tracking and tracing of a wide variety of GPS devices and GPS enabled mobile phones all integrated into one web-based cockpit.

Livecontacts Mobile for BlackBerry

Livecontacts Mobile app for BlackBerry allows you to share your current location with friends.

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