DroidTracker app for Android lets you share your location via SMS, mail and Twitter.


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Developer: Olivier Bonal

Category: Communications

Platform: Android

Submitted: 13 Dec 2010

Updated: 13 Dec 2010

DroidTracker allows Android device users to share their exact location using SMS, mail and Twitter (in the form of readable address and Google map link).

Any contact that you allow can send a request SMS to your phone containing some specific keywords that you define. When the phone receives the SMS, it will ask for your confirmation (if you set this as a preference) and then automatically start tracking your position and sending it back to the person who has requested it as a readable address with a link to a Google Map sentered on your location. This is done one time or periodically according to his/her choice (i.e. the keywords ised in their SMS).

You can also trigger the sending yourself from the application to any of your allowed contacts. This lets you choose to send your position once or periodically and even include an option to send your position by mail or by Twitter (if Twidroid is installed).

A Lost/Stolen mode allows you configuring a secret start pass-phrase that will trigger a location sending with no confirmation request or notification even when sent by a non authorized contact which means it can be sent from any phone. This is useful to find your phone back if it is lost or stolen. As with the standard start phrase, the location can be sent once or periodically (if the SMS also contains the period pass-phrase).

Important: This app can send a large number of SMS and should therefore be used carefully for people with no unlimited SMS plans.

DroidTracker for Android

DroidTracker app for Android lets you share your location via SMS, mail and Twitter.

DroidTracker 1.18 seem to be the latest available version for the Android platform. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

There are totally 2 version(s) of DroidTracker for Android on this site. More details and all its versions are available on the DroidTracker for Android portal.


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