World of Dragons

World of Dragons is an multiplatform online MMORPG playable on Android, Blackberry and more than 1700 devices. Be the hero of Iglion.


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Developer: CorsairBand

Category: Games

Latest version: 2

Total versions: 7

Submitted: 31 Oct 2014

Updated: 31 Oct 2014


World of Dragons is a Multiplatform MMORPG Online (Massively Multiplayer). World of Dragons follows the big classics of MMORPG, where, besides playing in a huge virtual world, the player can find lots of options: races, classes, items, monsters, spells, etc. You can become a part of this unique fantasy world and play with your friends for free.

  • Customizable characters: Choose from four races, four professions and male/female.
  • Evolve your character: Equip your hero with thousands of different armors, weapons and items. You won't believe so much things fit in your mobile phone! You have up to 60 levels to grow!
  • Large environments: Travel through the whole world of Iglion in the Quest of your life. Meet dozens of NPCs and battle agains more than 60 different creatures!
  • Long gameplay: Play for more than 50 hours to complete Main and Secondary Quests and get future expansions for free.
  • Premium objects: Do you want the most exclusive items? You can purchase CorsairCoins to acquire the most desirable objects in the world of Iglion and access specially limited premium areas.


World of Dragons es un MMORPG Multiplataforma que sigue las bases de grandes clásicos MMORPG dónde además de poder jugar en un enorme mundo virtual, podrás encontrarte con muchísimas opciones tales y como: razas, ítems, monstruos, hechizos, etc. Juega junto a tus amigos y conoce a más jugadores online. World of Dragons está totalmente en español. ¡Forma parte de la comunidad y acaba con el Dragón Negro!

  • Personalización: elige entre cuatro razas, cuatro profesiones y el sexo de tu personaje.
  • Evolución: Equípate con decenas de armas, armaduras e ítems. Más de 60 niveles de evolución.
  • Entornos gigantescos: Viaja a través de Iglion y visita a centenares de NPC y más de 60 criaturas diferentes.
  • Objetos Premium: ¿Necesitas algún objeto especial? Adquiere CorsairCoins y consigue los objetos más preciados de Iglion.


World of Dragons 2 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

  • [no files available]

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of World of Dragons.

World of Dragons 1.1.9

Description/changelog of World of Dragons 1.1.9:

Important Bug fixed. Tutorial implemented. Level 1 to 5 more funny.


World of Dragons 1.1.7

Description/changelog of World of Dragons 1.1.7:

Russian Added.


World of Dragons 1.1.6c

Description/changelog of World of Dragons 1.1.6c:

Important Bug fixed. Tutorial implemented. Level 1 to 5 more funny.


World of Dragons 1.1.6b

Description/changelog of World of Dragons 1.1.6b:

  • Ad Support
  • WAP Billing
  • Up to 4 players on map
  • Language selection fixed
  • Bigger register box
  • Old bugs fixed


World of Dragons 1.1.6a

Description/changelog of World of Dragons 1.1.6a:

  • Spanish translation added
  • Touchscreen character control improved
  • Monsters appear now on maps
  • App always visible
  • Save-Energy working
  • Closing app with BACK button
  • Closing menu with BACK button
  • Relaunching app when Save-Energy mode is on fixed
  • Scrolling on all screens
  • Email and Friends error screens fixed
  • Touchscreen change map improved
  • Improved menus
  • MENU button working ingame
  • Chat working with OK button and Cancel on android keyboard
  • Top menus working on all screens
  • Colision system improved
  • Character speed duplicated
  • One-touch menus
  • Touchscreen character select improved
  • Touchscreen in main menu improved

Important: If the older version is not deleted, you couldn't play this version.


World of Dragons 1.1.5a

Description/changelog of World of Dragons 1.1.5a:

[no description available for this version]



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