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Touch Test is a simple display and touchpanel test tool, including multi-touch.


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Developer: Moonblink

Category: System

Latest version: 1.4

Total versions: 4

Submitted: 11 Nov 2010

Updated: 11 Nov 2010


Touch Test is a simple Android app to test screen parameters and multi-touch. The app displays a 50-pixel grid which illustrates the screen sizes, and edge markers to check the registration of the screen edge with the surrounding bezel. When the screen is touched, it displays each touch point, with trails to allow the touchpanel accuracy to be judged.

If you're not seeing all the points that are being touched, this indicates a hardware limitation of your device.

The app supports multiple screen sizes including small screens.

Touch Test also can test multi-touch functionality. Note that the app can only show pointers (i.e. fingers) that are reported by the OS and hardware. If you only see one or two active fingers - that's what your device supports. In particular, for Android versions before 2.0, there is only single-touch support.

Requirements: Touch Test requires at least Android version 1.6.

The app developed by Ian Cameron Smith (headstay) and released under GPL.


Touch Test 1.4 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Touch Test 1.4:

Released: July 11, 2010.
- Handle up to 256 pointers; allow install to SD card.

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Touch Test.

Touch Test 1.3

Description/changelog of Touch Test 1.3:

Released: June 20, 2010.
- Added support for small screens, and added help.


Touch Test 1.2

Description/changelog of Touch Test 1.2:

Released: June 12, 2010.
- Added support for Android 1.6.


Touch Test 1.1

Description/changelog of Touch Test 1.1:

Released: June 12, 2010.



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