smsETH is an Android client for the SMS gateway (service fee is charged for an SMS) of the ETH Zurich.


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Developer: Jorim Jaggi

Category: Communications

Latest version: 0.96

Total versions: 7

Submitted: 1 Dec 2010

Updated: 1 Dec 2010


smsETH is an open source client for the SMS Gateway of the ETH Zurich for the Android platform. It has a basic interface to compose new SMS messages and send them over the SMS Gateway.

smsETH supports multiple receivers. If it's not possible to send the message over the gateway, the app provides a method to send the message over the phone. The messages which have been sent are stored in the SMS directory of the phone. In order to use this software you must have a n.ethz account (students and employees of the ETH Zurich). The n.ethz log-in data are safely stored on the phone and securely transmitted directly to the gateway over a https connection.

Important: Starting from October 1, 2010 a service fee is charged for an SMS. An SMS within Switzerland costs 0.05 CHF, an SMS to a foreign country costs 0.15 CHF.


smsETH 0.96 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of smsETH 0.96:

Released: September 18, 2010.
- Service fee warning, database fix (apostrophe).

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of smsETH.

smsETH 0.95

Description/changelog of smsETH 0.95:

Released: July 10, 2010
- Minor improvements.


smsETH 0.94

Description/changelog of smsETH 0.94:

Released: May 5, 2010.
- Encoding fix.


smsETH 0.93

Description/changelog of smsETH 0.93:

Released: May 4, 2010.
- Minor bug fixes.


smsETH 0.92

Description/changelog of smsETH 0.92:

Released: April 22, 2010.
- Favorites, contact fix on Eclair devices, remaining characters information.


smsETH 0.91

Description/changelog of smsETH 0.91:

Released: February 22, 2010.
- Timeout for connections added.


smsETH 0.9

Description/changelog of smsETH 0.9:

Initial release: February 6, 2010.



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