ServDroid.web is a Web server application for Android that serves HTML pages on the client requests.


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Developer: Joan Puig Sanz

Category: Communications

Latest version: 0.1.5

Total versions: 5

Submitted: 30 Nov 2010

Updated: 30 Nov 2010


ServDroid is an small web server for the Android platform. Currently it only serves static HTML pages.

You have to put HTML documents in the folder "/sdcard/servdroid/var/www/" to serve them to the clients. You can change the root path in the Settings menu.

You can also change other application parameters in the Settings. For example, ServDroid.web can be configured to vibrate upon receiving a request. Remember that to apply any change, ServDroid.web service must be restarted.

Log of all requests are saved in the Android database. This information can be dumped to a text file. There is also a possibility to customize the 404 error page. The app supports directory indexing.

To personalize the directory indexing and error page, create the folder "icons" with these file names: css.png, executable.png, go-back.png, pdf.png, script.png, directory.png, file-archiver.png, html.png, picture.png, spreadsheet.png, document.png, file.png, multimedia.png.


ServDroid.web 0.1.5 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of ServDroid.web 0.1.5:

- Improved web engine.

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of ServDroid.web.

ServDroid.web 0.1.4

Description/changelog of ServDroid.web 0.1.4:

- Improved web engine and minor bug fixes.


ServDroid.web 0.1.3

Description/changelog of ServDroid.web 0.1.3:

- Improved interface, added directory indexing options, personalized entries to show in log viewer, new languages (Italian, French, Dutch), minor bugfix.

Version 0.1.2: Bug fixes.


ServDroid.web 0.1.1

Description/changelog of ServDroid.web 0.1.1:

First release.


ServDroid.web 0.1

Description/changelog of ServDroid.web 0.1:

Testing version, unstable.



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