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Quote Pro provides you with the stock quotes and supports additional functions like stock symbol search, news feeds, charts, multiple portfolios.


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Developer: Quirk Consulting, Inc.

Category: Finance

Latest version: 1.2.6

Total versions: 1

Submitted: 3 Aug 2010

Updated: 3 Aug 2010


Quote Pro displays stock quotes provided by Yahoo. The major indices are provided in real time, most stocks are delayed 20 minutes. The last trade time is shown below the ticker symbol.

Quote Pro updates its display automatically once every 10 seconds while it is in the foreground. You can change the refresh rate in the Options menu.

You can add stock to the quote list or delete it from there. Selecting a stock in the quote list will produce a popup menu of options. You can move the stock up or down, or to the top or bottom of the list, scan news items related to the stock, or display Yahoo's stock chart for that particular stock.

Quote pro supports unlimited numbered portfolios. You can easily create new portfolio, you can also move between portfolios. You can sort your portfolio display, descending or ascending on any field displayed in the list.


Quote Pro 1.2.6 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Quote Pro 1.2.6:

New in 1.2.5:
- Fixes for many crash bugs
- Remove dependency on external version check website

New in 1.2:
- Numbered portfolios now supported. Fling screen right and left to change portfolios, or use menus.
- Sort stock lists on any field. Access the options menu and set "Sort Field" and "Sort Order".
- Various bug fixes.

New in 1.1.1:
- Added volume to main display.
- Greatly enhanced charting capabilities:
* Larger more detailed charts.
* Selectable subcharts (Volume and technical stats).
* Selectable line type, line, bar or CDL.
* Selectable time range from 1 day to 5 years.
* Ability to add up to 3 comparison stocks.
- Details page now auto-refreshes like the main page.


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