Quick Settings

Quick Settings is all-in-one settings app that lets you adjust many settings of your Android phone from a single place.


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Developer: Sergej Shafarenka

Category: System

Latest version: 1.9.8

Total versions: 2

Submitted: 25 Aug 2010

Updated: 17 Nov 2010


Quick Settings is an all-in-one settings app that allows you quick access to Brightness (including automatic brightness), Volume (with separate control for every audio channel), Ringer (silent, vibration, ringer and ringer & vibration), WiFi & WiFi Hotspot, GPS, Bluetooth, Screen timeout & Rotation, Airplane mode, Data Sync, Lock pattern & APN, 4G toggle (HTC EVO only). It also features Battery status meter, memory usage indicator, flashlight.


Quick Settings 1.9.8 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Quick Settings.

Quick Settings 1.9.5

Description/changelog of Quick Settings 1.9.5:

- Lock pattern for 2.2
- WiFi hotspot for 2.2
- Force close fixes



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