OpenVPN Settings

OpenVPN Settings app for Android can start, stop and monitor the state of openVPN tunnels.


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Developer: Friedrich Schäuffelhut

Category: Communications

Latest version: 0.4.7

Total versions: 1

Submitted: 16 Nov 2010

Updated: 16 Nov 2010


OpenVPN Settings is an Android app to start, stop and monitor the state of openVPN tunnels in a style very similar to WiFi Settings app that comes with Android.

The development of this app was started in March 2009 as a personal project, as part of integrating openvpn into the Android build system. Then the app went open source.

- DNS support
- Send mail to author
- UI similar to WiFi settings
- Restart tunnel when network connectivtity changes (e.g. from WiFi to 3G)
- Start tunnel on boot, according to last state
- Turn on/off openvpn service, saving individual tunnel state
- Passphrase support
- Username/password support (untested)
- Uses Management Interface
- Edit config file in text editor
- Notification support
- No log written to file system, to save your flash memory
- Should support multiple independent tunnels (reported to work fine)

- installed openvpn library
- tun in kernel or tun.ko

Web site:


OpenVPN Settings 0.4.7 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of OpenVPN Settings 0.4.7:

- Some enhancements and fixes.


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