Lost Monkey

Lost Monkey is an Android game where you must help your monkey get back home to Habbo Hotel.


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Developer: Habbo

Category: Games

Latest version: 1.1.15

Total versions: 2

Submitted: 27 Oct 2014

Updated: 27 Oct 2014


In the Lost Monkey Android game a broken teleporter has zapped your monkey across time and space to a strange tropical island. And you've got to help your monkey get home to Habbo Hotel by leveling up through fast-paced mini-games.

Unlock valuable rewards and earn gold you can spend on toys, new games, and decorations for your monkey's island home.

Complete the game to get a free pet monkey in Habbo.

The game includes:

  • A fun and hyperactive pet monkey for your mobile
  • 3 multi-levelled mini-games
  • A lush island paradise you can decorate and customize
  • Toys for your monkey to play and interact with
  • Exclusive bonus items for Habbo Hotel
  • A storyline that will capture your heart and blow your mind

Disclaimer: The game gives one free monkey per device.


Lost Monkey 1.1.15 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Lost Monkey 1.1.15:

Released on January 4, 2012.

Note: the current version is not designed for higher resolution than 960x640, i.e. some of the high resolution tablets are not supported yet.

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Lost Monkey.

Lost Monkey 1.1.13

Description/changelog of Lost Monkey 1.1.13:

[no description available for this version]



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