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K-9 Mail is an advanced open source email client for Android


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Developer: K-9 Dog Walkers

Category: Communications

Latest version: 3.206

Total versions: 10

Submitted: 31 Jul 2010

Updated: 28 Nov 2010


K-9 Mail Android App is an open source email client for Android with multi-folder sync, email signatures, Bcc-to-self, return-address configuration, keyboard shortcuts, Exchange Support, message flagging, IMAP deletes, saving attachments, configurable notifications and more.

Web site http://code.google.com/p/k9mail


K-9 Mail 3.206 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of K-9 Mail 3.206:

Released: November 2010.
- Fixed force close while composing messages
- Fixed crash while viewing certain HTML messages on Android 2.1 (Eclair.1)

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of K-9 Mail.

K-9 Mail 3.001

Description/changelog of K-9 Mail 3.001:

New in 3.0 (August 13, 2010):
* added launcher shortcuts to accounts
* Support for inline PGP digital signatures and encryption with APG
* Support Emoji for DoCoMo
* Added menu option to select & copy text in the message view
* Allow users to choose an outgoing identity from any account during message composition
* First pass at a "download the rest of this message" button
* Added optional "Archive" and "Spam" buttons to Message View
* Added Czech localization
* Added Japanese translation
* Updated French and Polish translations
* Complete French translation added


K-9 Mail 2.910

Description/changelog of K-9 Mail 2.910:

[no description available for this version]


K-9 Mail 2.803

Description/changelog of K-9 Mail 2.803:

Version 2.803 fixes a bug in the 'days of mail to sync' setting.


K-9 Mail 2.801

Description/changelog of K-9 Mail 2.801:

[no description available for this version]


K-9 Mail 2.600

Description/changelog of K-9 Mail 2.600:

  • Auto-complete for contacts from all address books (Android 2.0+) -cketti
  • Added support for sharing multiple files (Android 1.6+) -cketti
  • Folders that are marked as belonging to the "top group" are shown first in the folder list -danapple0
  • Display parts of the mail while rest is being downloaded -baolongnt
  • Add support for most batch ops (except move and copy) in search results. Add support for batch move and copy on real folders. -danapple0, cketti
  • Provide title bar display of next polling time -danapple0
  • Provides for menu items and hotkeys to quickly change the mode of displayed folders -danapple0
  • Add 's' hotkey for Select/deselect -danapple0
  • Allow user to turn off gesture-based control -danapple0
  • Implement DEFLATE compression for IMAP communication -danapple0
  • Use 8bit transfer encoding for sending mails if available, otherwise quoted-printable -cketti
  • Use real hostname in SMTP EHLO command or fall back to IP (rather than localhost.localdomain) -cketti
  • Don't send simple text mails as multipart messages -cketti
  • Unified location of "Check mail" button in app menus -danapple0
  • Better new-mail notification system. -danapple0, skister2
  • Stop views from "resetting" to previous intents on rotate -jessev
  • Make use of email signatures optional -jiri.tyr, cketti
  • Sent folder can be set to "-NONE-" to prevent emails being saved -danapple0
  • Security: Don't load any external resources (iframes, linked stylesheets) unless "show images" is pressed -cketti
  • Improved IMAP push -danapple0
  • Only reschedule polling and setup pushing when necessary due to particular setting changes. Makes the K-9 Mail UI much more responsive to setting changes that do not affect polling and pushing -danapple0
  • Advanced poll scheduler. Works more reliably -danapple0
  • Several fixes in the implementation of the IMAP protocol -danapple0, cketti
  • Fixed issue with passwords containing special characters, e.g. ":" -cketti
  • Fixed issue where the background turned black when scrolling through the message list on some devices -cketti
  • POP3: Tolerate malformed UIDL response -danapple0, bengnc
  • Bullet-proofing for database upgrades and better fallback for failures -jessev
  • Updated german translation -wertarbyte, henning.stummer


K-9 Mail 2.403

Description/changelog of K-9 Mail 2.403:

  • Checkbox rendering fixes on Android 1.5
  • Resolve an issue that caused search result action force-quits


K-9 Mail 2.401

Description/changelog of K-9 Mail 2.401:

Bugfixes for 2.0 -> 2.4 upgraders


K-9 Mail 2.400

Description/changelog of K-9 Mail 2.400:

Significant new features

  • It's much faster!
  • Implement local message search
  • Guess mime type (when not specified) of attachments of received messages using file name extension so that we can open them
  • Headers in Accounts, Folder List and Message List now show unread count and background processing activity


  • lazify loading of message headers in LocalFolder, since they're not needed in most of our use cases.
  • When we load up the "Accounts" activity as K-9 starts up, jump straight to either the FolderList or the MessageList rather than always going through the FolderList
  • Kill the no-op Welcome activity to improve startup performance

Message List

  • Added a new "touch friendly" style with message previews
  • Made it possible to enable or disable "stars" for flagged messages
  • Added swipe-to-select for operations on multiple messages
  • Eliminated old multi-modal message lists.
  • There is now an Expunge action in the option menu.
  • A new "Batch ops" option menu in Message List. Provides flag/unflag, mark as read/unread and delete and select/deselect all. Move and copy are partially implemented, but disabled.
  • The "Sort by..." menu now toggles ascending/descending when the currently selected sort mode is clicked.
  • Incorporate Vincent Lum's new icon for the batch ops sub-menu

Message Composition

  • Eliminate carriage returns from reply and forward text.

Folder List

  • There is now an Expunge action in the context menu (long-press on the folder).


  • Add a global preference for enabling animations, beyond those that are necessary. Defaults to "enabled."
  • 250, 500 and 1000 messages may now be synced per folder.
  • Allow user to set a limit on the number of folders to be handled with push technology.

Protocol Support

  • Initial implementation of CRAM-MD5 support for IMAP and SMTP.
  • Only use the IDLE timeout for the folder while actually in IDLE state.
  • For IMAP accounts, it is now possible to disable the copying of deleted messages to the Trash folder, by setting the Trash folder to -NONE-.
  • Each IMAP account can be set to expunge messages in a folder as soon as a move or delete is performed on the folder ("immediately"), each time the folder is polled, or only when executed manually.
  • For WebDAV accounts, the user can now choose the server-side equivalents of the special folders, just like for IMAP.
  • Improvements to cut down on the number of IMAP server connections opened

Platform Integration

  • Implemented delete intent broadcast
  • Delete intents are now broadcasted when we delete a message because it was deleted on the server
  • Implementation of a Receiver and Service to provide for the capability to accept control from other Android applications. Allows for changing both Account-level and global settings. Account-level settings can be applied to a single Account or to all Accounts.


  • Code namespace changed back to com.fsck.k9
  • Basic code style cleanups
  • Optimized import statements
  • Replace MessageList, FolderList and AccountList's outdated message-passing mechanism with runOnUiThread for improved code clarity and performance.
  • Killed a bunch of debug logging that clutters (and slows) production apps
  • Made it possible to instantiate a localFolder by id.
  • Incorrect (and ancient code) would accidentally clobber the wrong attachment (and only one, rather than all) when deleting a message.


K-9 Mail 2.000

Description/changelog of K-9 Mail 2.000:

[no description available for this version]



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