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Handcent SMS is an app that combines a number of sms tools for your Android smartphone.


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Developer: Jacklin & Alenyu

Category: Communications

Latest version: 3.5.0

Total versions: 18

Submitted: 24 Jan 2010

Updated: 30 Jul 2010


Handcent SMS is a free sms tools for Android providing: Full support SMS & MMS, Group sending options, great customize options, different style and power function (search sms, sms popup, security lock options, speak sms & T9).

Send animated greetings by handcent greeting.


Handcent SMS 3.5.0 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.5.0:

- New Spell check feature, support multi languages
- New Handcent MMS Plus services, help you send large size file by Handcent network
- Handcent eCard, full custom, build your eCard for Christmas
- Add More Skins
- Improve MMS support
- Add Christmas & Happy New Year greeting

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Handcent SMS.

Handcent SMS 3.4.5

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.4.5:

- Fix random force close issue on some phone
- More greeting and theme


Handcent SMS 3.4.4

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.4.4:

- Improve theme navigation
- Custom hyperlink color
- Speed up


Handcent SMS 3.4.3

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.4.3:

- Fix receive message issue on some phone & optimize app.


Handcent SMS 3.4.2

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.4.2:

- Fix DroidX support, speed up and fix known issue from version 3.4.


Handcent SMS 3.4.1

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.4.1:

[no description available for this version]


Handcent SMS 3.4

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.4:

- New Handcent online services
- Update backup service, support MMS backup
- Fix timestamp issue for Droid 2 new update
- New Filter feature, help you block by keyword and group
- Add many SMS mode for countries
- Support Manage Blacklist now
- Speed up
- Improve support for MMS with iPhone


Handcent SMS 3.3.2

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.3.2:

- Fix known issue, solid version.


Handcent SMS 3.2.9

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.2.9:

- Fix Picture message (MMS) download
- Add fail sound notification option
- Fix some known bug


Handcent SMS 3.2.8

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.2.8:

Released: August 26, 2010
- Fix contact name not load


Handcent SMS 3.2.7

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.2.7:

Released: August 25, 2010
- Fix force close and wait issue
- Speed up launch and smooth scroll
- Fix sound on call supportion
- Fix save MMS on Froyo
- Fix Droid2 MMS supportion
- Fix timestamp for DroidX 2.2
- Fix XT800 supportion
- Fix some known bug


Handcent SMS 3.2.6

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.2.6:

Released: Aug 14, 2010
- Support Droid 2
- Fix Force close
- Improve Droid x background settings
- Add 2M Mms option for EVO 4G
- Fix some known bug


Handcent SMS 3.2.5

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.2.5:

Released: August 4, 2010.
- Improve background image setting and Add to contacts feature for Droid X
- Support set background image for incredible
- Add support for Dell Streak
- Add Portugal language
- Fix greek sms mode
- Fix some known bug


Handcent SMS 3.2.4

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.2.4:

- Fix force close issue when MMS.


Handcent SMS 3.1.1

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.1.1:

Released: Jun 26, 2010.
* Fix sim card contacts load, better contact load at Sense UI
* Improve Disire LED supprot
* Support Greek sms protocol, fix SMS 70 characters limit using Greek keyboard
* Add None option for account picture
* Support update account picture from your Sense UI 2.1 contact card
* Fix force close when choose picture at some phone
* Fix some known bug


Handcent SMS 3.0

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 3.0:

Handcent sms Version 3.0. Released: 24 May, 2010.

* Support android 2.2
* New pattern lock protect your handcent and stock messaging application ("settings"->"security & privacy")
* New visual configuration interface, you can define conversation list window and bubble window easily ("settings"->"Custom style)
* Add resend function
* Add support for Motorola XT800 dual SIM card
* Support External font packs, support scan all the font packs that installed on your phone
* New style of settings menu, more clean
* New online help


Handcent SMS 2.9.29

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 2.9.29:

Released: Jan 19, 2010.
* Fix blank bubble issue when received MMS sometime
* New Handcent greetings
* Add Password protection for blacklist
* Support display Chinese Shou ji bao MMS
* bug fixs & min improvments


Handcent SMS 2.9.27

Description/changelog of Handcent SMS 2.9.27:

- Speed up conversation load
- Add new different color of Android 2.0 notification icon
- New option for choose whether you want to display unread number on notification icon
- More easy pop up input at large screen device (ex:Droid)



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