Guns'n'Glory FREE

Guns'n'Glory FREE app lets you play a cowboy role to become the most fearsome and richest leader of all bandits in the Wild West.


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Developer: HandyGames

Category: Games

Latest version: 1.6.1

Total versions: 5

Submitted: 25 Oct 2014

Updated: 25 Oct 2014


The Wild West would have been boring without its charismatic villains. The Guns'n'Glory FREE app allows you to take a walk in the cowboy boots of Billy the Kid, Jesse James or Butch Cassidy to become a real, low-down bad guy.

Here you can form your own gang by recruiting cool cowboys, crazy bandits and brave Indians. Take up a smart, strategic position and lie in wait at the canyon to ambush settlers, stagecoaches and the gold train. Rain bullets, lead and flaming arrows down on the pious pioneers. If your victims look like they might escape, set off in pursuit to stop them from alerting the Sheriff. Once you have bagged more than a fistful of dollars, you'll be able to afford cannons and even steam trains fitted with Gatling guns to completely wreak havoc on your victims.


  • Defense strategy game with mobile units
  • Wild West scenario
  • Zoom function
  • Upgrade bandits to 3 levels
  • Guns, flaming arrows, dynamite and cannons
  • 10 types of enemies and units
  • Auto balancing for saddle-weary or brave gunslingers
  • High Noon online highscore function
  • 10 leaded levels
  • Bonus chests for gold nuggets and power-ups


Guns'n'Glory FREE 1.6.1 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

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Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Guns'n'Glory FREE.

Guns'n'Glory FREE 1.5.3

Description/changelog of Guns'n'Glory FREE 1.5.3:

  • Fixed crash when losing a level
  • Improved English translation


Guns'n'Glory FREE 1.5.2

Description/changelog of Guns'n'Glory FREE 1.5.2:

Released: March 1, 2011

  • Fixed a crash in the level end and upgrade dialog
  • Added support for Sony Ericsson Xperia Play


Guns'n'Glory FREE 1.5.1

Description/changelog of Guns'n'Glory FREE 1.5.1:

  • Fixed a crash after no ad was received
  • 20 new maps - in the green state of Oregon and the cold winter of Dakota - doubling your play time
  • 2 new units (Grandpa with shotgun and Markswoman with sniper rifle)
  • 1 special item (dynamite traps for having explosive fun in the canyons)
  • 3 selectable difficulty settings (easy, normal and hard modes)
  • New units are unlockable for New Mexico and Mississippi
  • New settler bosses for the ultimate raiding experience


Guns'n'Glory FREE 1.4.2

Description/changelog of Guns'n'Glory FREE 1.4.2:

Compatible with Android OS v1.5 and 2.1. Some visual issues makes game harder (counters are empty at top of the screen). A bit slow on Archos 7 Home tablet (V1 and V2).



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