GTalkSMS allows you to receive notifications (calls, SMS, power status) and send commands (SMS, geolocalization) to your Android with a GTalk account.


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Developer: Yakoo

Category: Communications

Latest version: 3.2

Total versions: 3

Submitted: 25 Oct 2014

Updated: 25 Oct 2014


GTalkSMS open source app aims at enabling you to control your phone through GTalk. It can be useful for those who prefer typing SMS on a real keyboard.

Features overview:

  • Receive and send SMS from GTalk/XMPP conversation
  • Search for: contacts from GMail or Exchange, old SMS, call logs
  • Start GMap, Google Street view or Google navigation from an address entered in a GTalk/XMPP conversation
  • Copy text to Android clipboard or text boxes from your PC with a real keyboard
  • Get your Android phone clipboard
  • Execute shell commands
  • Receive notifications from incoming SMS or incoming calls
  • Dial a contact on your phone
  • Mark SMS as read
  • Make your phone ring
  • Make your phone send you geolocalization links (GMap links) to track down your phone

For setup instructions visit project's page

Note: sometimes Jabber does'n work, it is mostly due to the Jabber server.


GTalkSMS 3.2 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of GTalkSMS 3.2:

  • Bug fixes
  • Ignore/reject commands for phone calls


  • Bug fixes
  • New Xmpp library


  • File transfer
  • Take photo and receive them via XMPP with front and back camera
  • Screenshot feature (Rooted phones only)
  • Bluetooth command, enable/disable adapter, show status
  • Setup Wizard
  • Bug fixes
  • Option to mark messages as read on reply


  • Application starts when a SMS containing "GTalkSMS" is received
  • Client Offline Messages - GTalkSMS will try to send cached messages on reconnect
  • Bug fixes
  • New Xmpp library
  • New blank icons for status bar


  • Rejoin MUC rooms on XMPP reconnect or service restart
  • Handle offline messages on servers that support XEP-13
  • Bug fixes
  • New status bar icons
  • Status bar icons picker

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of GTalkSMS.

GTalkSMS 2.1

Description/changelog of GTalkSMS 2.1:

  • Alias command added
  • Setting cleanup
  • Bug fixes


GTalkSMS 2.0

Description/changelog of GTalkSMS 2.0:

  • New XMPP library
  • Lot of bug fixes
  • Admob banner added
  • Current charge status in XMPP presence message
  • Donate application version becomes a key
  • GTalkSMS now backups and restores its configuration automatically



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