Fun Crosswords

Fun Crosswords is a words puzzle games. You would be able to download new puzzles, customize how to check the words and show the answers.


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Developer: beka

Category: Games

Latest version: 0.5

Total versions: 5

Submitted: 29 Apr 2010

Updated: 9 Aug 2010


  • Play cross words puzzle game.
  • Downloadable puzzle from web server.
  • Zoom, check single or multiple words, check single/ multiple letters, and show letter/ word/ all capabilities.
  • Capabilities to store the puzzle session for each puzzles.
  • Download

    Fun Crosswords 0.5 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

    Description/changelog of Fun Crosswords 0.5:

    - Add 5 more pre-loaded puzzle with medium difficulties.

    Old versions

    Below are the earlier versions of Fun Crosswords.

    Fun Crosswords 0.4

    Description/changelog of Fun Crosswords 0.4:

    * Select the puzzle from list of hints
    * Filter the puzzle when selecting puzzle to be played


    Fun Crosswords 0.2.1

    Description/changelog of Fun Crosswords 0.2.1:

    Requires Android 1.5.


    Fun Crosswords 0.2

    Description/changelog of Fun Crosswords 0.2:

    New features:

  • Delete the downloaded puzzle.
  • Re-size softkeyboard and customize DEL button.
  • Delete the downloaded puzzle.
  • Reset the puzzle.
  • File(s):

    • [no files available]
    Fun Crosswords 0.1

    Description/changelog of Fun Crosswords 0.1:

    [no description available for this version]



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