ElJay is a LiveJournal client for Android allowing you to post entries to the LiveJournal service.


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Developer: Dytara

Category: Communications

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Total versions: 1

Submitted: 21 Aug 2010

Updated: 21 Aug 2010


With ElJay app you can post blog entries to your LiveJournal account. The app supports user pictures and GPS.

ElJay also supports any blogging service that uses the same URL structure or codebase as LiveJournal. So one can use this app for such service too. In order to do that, when you launch ElJay, click Menu, and then Settings, scroll to the bottom and you will find a server setting. Select that, and enter the domain name of your blogging service, like www.deadjournal.com. Hit OK, and log in with your username and password.

The app provides automatic save as draft functionality for unexpected quits, phone restarts, and task switching, so that if they will happen, you will be able to retrieve a recent version of your post.

Changelog, 2009-11-09
* Bug Fixes:
- Regress SDK to 1.5 to avoid force close on startup
* What's New:
- Now includes a reporter to send crash reports to our servers. This contains no personal information, not even your IP address., 2009-11-08
* Bug Fixes:
- Fixed issue where some could not log in despite careful entering of their password
- Now supports full Unicode, so non-latin languages like Russian are now fully supported
- No longer attempts login if no network connection is available
- Fixes a minor issue where some userpics would not actually be communicated to the server
* What's New:
- Save multiple drafts and call them back to post at any time, including userpics, filters, and privacy
- No longer toggle on/off post options, they're now located in an Options tab
- Switched to the more modern LJ API
- Caches userpics, no more waiting around for images to load every time
- Now retrieves updated moods from the server
- Select any of your defined friend filters
- Post to any of the journals or communities attached to your account
- Supports posting to any site that uses the LiveJournal codebase, including DeadJournal
- Formatting buttons now properly set the insertion point
- Reorganized settings section, now offer greater control over location
- Partial Russian translation
- Now supports new small and large screened devices, 2009-02-17
* More posting fixes., 2009-02-16
* Fixed crasher when a login fails, and you attempt to log in immediately after.
* Fixed crasher/loop when orientation is switched during login process.
* Fixed endless loop of logging in during some types of network outages.
* Now saves a draft of a post when you click post, in case of unforeseen network or application errors.
* Adds a basic formatting toolbar to quickly add bold, italic, underline, user, and cut tags., 2009-01-25
* Deactivate post and userpic buttons until successful login.
* Added progress and updates on auto-login process.
* Improved reliability of location grabbing.

0.9.9, 2009-01-07
* Fixed a bug regarding error handling, so login now reports the real reason for failure, instead of the generic network/server error all the time.
* Fixed a bug where auto-login would hang on the logging in dialog without completing login.
* Fixed a bug where a successful post would still cause a dialog to hang around.
* Speed increases for each function shift - switching modes is now faster for login, userpic selection, preferences, and even rotation.
* Reworked networking, again, resulting in faster login, posting, and a 20% memory reduction. This should also help take care of issues some people were having with logging in.
* Reworked userpic browser. You can now see the titles of your userpics if the pic doesn't load properly, and the window loads in realtime instead of a long delay.
* Autologin now skips the login screen, allowing you to immediately start writing your entry.
* Automatic save as draft functionality for unexpected quits, phone restarts, and task switching.


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Description/changelog of ElJay

Released: 2009-11-21
* Bug Fixes:
- Fix random crashers in posting and login
- Remove "Add" menu, as it's no longer required
- May fix some "Unknown error" issues on login
* What's New:
- Minor visual changes


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