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Dolphin Browser HD is a mobile browser for Android powered devices that supports add-ons.


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Developer: Dolphin Browser

Category: Communications

Latest version: 6.0.0

Total versions: 11

Submitted: 6 Nov 2010

Updated: 6 Nov 2010


Dolphin Browser HD is a browsing app for Android based mobile devices that supports add-ons and gesture commands.

Gestures can help complete your actions more easily, which you can use to Load URL, Back/Forward, Go to top/bottom of the page, etc.

The browser can also play flash and has multilingual support.

Dolphin Browser HD is supported by Android 2.x platform.


Dolphin Browser HD 6.0.0 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Dolphin Browser HD 6.0.0:

- Change into new logo. If the logo doesn't change into new one after updating, create a new shortcut to desktop
- Webzine integrated
- Fixed crash problem on Asus Transformer & Xoom
- Fixed Google image issue
- Fixed some other random crashes

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Dolphin Browser HD.

Dolphin Browser HD 5.1.0

Description/changelog of Dolphin Browser HD 5.1.0:

- Page loading issue on most devices fixed
- Select text issue on some devices fixed
- Can't view desktop websites on some devices fixed
- Double tap to zoom issue on some devices fixed
- Clear cookie/history issues on some devices fixed
- Save image issue on Droid Incredible fixed
- Set "about:blank" page as homepage
- When launching Dolphin by opening an external link, Back to the original app instead of new tab page
- Bookmarks Management


Dolphin Browser HD 5.0.1

Description/changelog of Dolphin Browser HD 5.0.1:

- Force close issue fixed
- Page loading issue is alleviated


Dolphin Browser HD 5.0.0

Description/changelog of Dolphin Browser HD 5.0.0:

This is 5.0 final:
- Remove ads from main app
- UI redesign: UI optimized, Speed Dial homepage/new tab page
- Performance improved: faster start-up and browsing speed, remove Setup Wizard when first launching Dolphin
- Features added: Bookmarks-subfolder supported, add Quick Access in Bookmark bar, import bookmarks from Dolphin Browser (original) & stock browser directly
- Add-ons & themes updated
- Fix bugs in beta versions
- Support for 16 languages: 14 languages updated & add 2 new: Dutch & Greek


Dolphin Browser HD 5.0 beta 3

Description/changelog of Dolphin Browser HD 5.0 beta 3:

Dolphin browser v5.0 beta 3 is the last version published before the official release of Dolphin browser v5.0 to Android Market. Comparing with dolphin browser v4.6.1, it focuses on enhancing browsing experience and improving performance with below new features:

1. Powerful bookmarks feature
In beta 3, bookmarks sub-folders syncing is supported for Android 3.0 devices. What is more, you can import bookmarks from original Dolphin browser and stock browser without using Bookmarks to SD.

2. Stable and improved performance:
In this new version, more bugs are fixed, so that you can browser by fast loading speed and easier launching step. No complicated setup wizard now when you install to your mobile.

3. New Themes & Add-ons updated
More colorful themes and powerful Add-ons are updated for this new version, which makes it florid and handy. According to dolphin browser official blog, the blue, orange, red and purple themes will be updated along with the final release of Dolphin Browser HD v5.0, and there are four add-ons updated: Speed Dial, Alexa Rank, Shiny Shake and Screen Cut.

4. Minor UI change
Now the tab bar and the edge of the browser is changed to soft green color and dark green, which ensures better browsing experience.


Dolphin Browser HD 4.6.1

Description/changelog of Dolphin Browser HD 4.6.1:

- Bug fixed in Google Reader & GMail: pages keep refreshing when clicking to show all feeds/messages
- YouTube video bug fixed: videos cannot play in "Android" mode

Version 4.6:
- Add Bookmark Batch editing: delete/move multiple bookmarks at a time
- Add option: menu shown up when long pressing the black area of a webpage
- Add option: open a URL in a new tab by default
- More actions for Gesture, bring in the concept of "gesture store"
- Fixed crashing issue on Xoom
- Minor interface refinement


Dolphin Browser HD 4.5.0

Description/changelog of Dolphin Browser HD 4.5.0:

[no description available for this version]


Dolphin Browser HD 4.3.0

Description/changelog of Dolphin Browser HD 4.3.0:

- Update to add more gesture actions
- Update the settings view
- Fix some crash bugs


Dolphin Browser HD 4.2.0

Description/changelog of Dolphin Browser HD 4.2.0:

- Update the Gesture Button
- Fix New Tab FC bugs
- Add overview action for Tab title
- Upgrade for the coming Christmas gift


Dolphin Browser HD 4.0.0

Description/changelog of Dolphin Browser HD 4.0.0:

- Swipe action issue fixed
- Drag down window issue fixed
- Other tiny bugs fixed
- Added Page Management via Address bar
- Added Multi-language support (12 languages)
- Added Bookmarks Folder support
- UI upgraded


Dolphin Browser HD 2.0.0

Description/changelog of Dolphin Browser HD 2.0.0:

[no description available for this version]



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