chompSMS offers to people who often write sms a lot of extra features like chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, quick reply, signatures.


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Developer: chompSMS

Category: Communications

Latest version: 5.3

Total versions: 10

Submitted: 25 Jan 2010

Updated: 24 Nov 2010


SMS heaps? Then chompSMS is for you: It's got a great user interface, chat style SMS bubbles, lots of customizations & heaps more great features.

It's a free app and SMS are sent normally via your carrier tariff; or there's the *option* if you pay high SMS rates (e.g overseas) to send them cheaper via the chompSMS network.

There is also the TextFreek feature that allows you free text messaging.


chompSMS 5.3 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of chompSMS 5.3:

- Removed full screen ads
- Registering for TextFreek no longer requires you to reduce your unlimited license donation to expire in 12 months
- Fixed a bunch ob bugs

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of chompSMS.

chompSMS 5.2

Description/changelog of chompSMS 5.2:

Released: November 23, 2010.
- In Quick Reply, you can now long hold on the text and "Speak all Unread".
- Added a Resend feature, makes it easy to quickly resend a given message. Simply long hold on a bubble.
- Added support for the security pattern lock feature for the xperia x10 phone.
- Fixed up issue where long (multi-part) messages would fail to send on certain HTC branded phones.
- A full list of country names is now displayed during the TextFreek registration process (free text messaging).
- Fixed up a bunch of bugs associated with backups, background images and counter styles.


chompSMS 5.1

Description/changelog of chompSMS 5.1:

Released: November 5, 2010.
- Fixed issue with Contact Pics not appearing for some users.
- Added an invite feature for the new TextFreek service. Simply long hold on a contact in the Conversation List screen.
- Added support for the Hands-Free and Eyes-Free voice control application called StartTalking. See Settings, StartTalking.
- Fixed "Mark all as read" bug where for some users this would force close.
- Fixed issue with saving themes not always working correctly.


chompSMS 5.0

Description/changelog of chompSMS 5.0:

Released: November 3, 2010.
- New TextFreek service - lets you send free text messages to other TextFreek users
- Added a couple more new bubble styles


chompSMS 4.9

Description/changelog of chompSMS 4.9:

Released: September 29, 2010.
- Fixed the Froyo 2.2 timestamp issue, that mostly impacts Droid X phones. The fix is for new incoming messages only, not existing ones.
- Added an additional bubble style in the customization options.
- You can now customize the LED Blink Color (as well as Ringtones) on a per conversation (contact) basis. Just long hold on a contact in the conversation list.
- New feature: If inside the chompSMS application and you receive a message, instead of playing say 30 seconds of your favorite ringtone, you can now nominate to play a simple short zoooom sound.


chompSMS 4.8

Description/changelog of chompSMS 4.8:

Released: September 23, 2010.
- Themes. Create, Preview and Share your custom Themes with your friends.
- Added the ability to backup (and restore) your chompSMS settings to the SD card.
- Added more privacy options for Notifications and the Quick Reply feature.
- When saving MMS messages to the SD Card you can now specify the file name.
- For contact pics, you can configure them to show independently on the conversation list and conversation screens.
- You can now choose to ignore a failed message if you know it was delivered (in addition to Delete and Retry).
- Added a new "Timestamp Fix" setting in chompSMS, Settings, SMS & MMS Network, Mobile Carrier Settings, Incoming Timestamp Fix.
- Fixed a heap of bugs including better timestamp support for the Droid X.


chompSMS 4.7

Description/changelog of chompSMS 4.7:

Released: August 19, 2010
- Added 12 new notification icons
- Improved the "vroom sending" sound
- For improved sending performance, by default the "spinning indicator" is no longer shown when a message is sending (Settings, Notifications)
- Fixed force close impacting "ad supported users". While caused by the ad provider, added a workaround to prevent the force close occurring


chompSMS 4.6

Description/changelog of chompSMS 4.6:

August 16, 2010:
- Added a vibrate and "vroom sound" option that plays once an SMS message has been successfully sent (in Settings, Notifications).
- Added the ability to "Insert Contact" details. Makes it easy to send anyone a contact number.
- Added a contact picture option for the conversation screen as well.
- Fixed up issue that could cause messages to be sent multiple times (typically poor signal areas). In effect we now do the same as the native Messaging app.
- Added new Quick Reply "Portrait Only" setting. Some phones have an issue rotating the home screen (can crash), this setting prevents this occurring.
- You can now tap the landscape widget to open chompSMS (as full widget support in landscape is still in progress).
- Quick Reply now displays properly on the new dell-streak phone.
- Fixed up issue that on some displays the text on the Quick Reply buttons was hard to read.
- Further improvements to Blacklisting (mostly around correct matching logic).
- Improvements when deleting a conversation, if no messages remain then will navigate back to the conversation list.
- The [Later] button in Quick Reply can now be pressed in privacy mode.
- Polished up some of the setting descriptions.
- Fixed issue whereby the notification ringtone while on call did not always play.

Version 4.5 (July 21, 2010)

- Added a new (+) icon in the conversation screen so that it's more convenient and quicker to access Smileys, Templates and for adding Attachments.
- In the conversation screen, users now have the option to show timestamps for every message.
- In the conversation list users now have the option to show a count of messages against each conversation (just like the built-in Messaging app).
- Fixed up a number of issues where MMS messages were being scaled and resized smaller than necessary.
- When deleting a conversation, an Android bug meant that on occasions the option "Include locked messages" was not always offered, and thus locked messages could incorrectly be deleted. We now always show this option.
- Fixed a bunch of bugs and force closes.

Version 4.4 (July 16, 2010)

- Updated the Widget graphics.
- Added support for sending MMS messages with a limit of 600K, as this is the default size for AT&T users. See Settings, MMS Network.
- Added the ability to press the Contact Pic (or long hold on text and choose Open) in Quick Reply to Open the chompSMS application.
- We now use Google contact pics in preference (if present) to facebook contact pics.
- Improved contact matching.
- Fixed a number of force close issues and rectified some bugs.

Version 4.3 (July 13, 2010)

- Completely revamped the Quick Reply feature, added full privacy, better lock screen support and fixed all known bugs.
- Fixed issue where draft messages could sometimes be incorrectly created after sending a message.
- Fixed a number of minor bugs and some force close issues.


chompSMS 3.0

Description/changelog of chompSMS 3.0:

Version 3.0 (3 February 2010)

* Added support for delivery reports, depicted by neat icons inside the bubbles!
* Improved high resolution graphics support for Droid and Nexus phones.
* Lots of polishing on the Settings screen, which are now grouped logically with much clearer descriptions.
* Under the blacklisting setting, we now show a list of your blacklisted contacts.
* Improved Contact Pic rendering performance.
* Fixed various issues with transparency, long pressing on bubbles and better sound file support.


chompSMS 2.19

Description/changelog of chompSMS 2.19:

Version 2.19 (21 January 2010)

* Much improved support for high-resolution screens (like Driod and Nexus), better graphics and more polished user interface (more graphic improvements coming soon...)
* More performance improvements and force close fixes.
* Changes to User Interface to make it more consistent with new Android firmware versions.
* For Droid and Nexus devices, pressing on the contact image now opens the new Android contact widget in the correct position.
* Added small banner advert in settings page only, to help us to continue to fund the development of chompSMS.



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