AnySoftKeyboard is a on screen keyboard application to be used on Android powered devices instead of standard one.


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Developer: Menny Even Danan

Category: System

Latest version: 20100815

Total versions: 3

Submitted: 5 Nov 2010

Updated: 5 Nov 2010


AnySoftKeyboard is not a regular application, it is a on-screen keyboard replacement for multiple languages.

- Supporting lots of languages via external packages. E.g., English (QWERTY, DVORAK, AZERTY and Colemak), Hebrew, Russian, Arabic, Lao, Bulgarian, Swiss, German, Swedish, Spanish, Catalan, Belorussian, Portuguese, Ukrainian and many more.
- Special keyboard for text fields which require only numbers.
- Special keyboard for text fields which require email or URI addresses.
- Physical keyboard is supported as-well.
- Auto capitalization.
- Word suggestions.
- Special key-press effects: sound on key press (if phone is not muted), vibrate on key press.


AnySoftKeyboard 20100815 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of AnySoftKeyboard 20100815:

- Symbols can be cycles all around.
- Backspace in terminal is working again.
- Fixed crashes in Sony Ericsson X10.

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of AnySoftKeyboard.

AnySoftKeyboard 20100805

Description/changelog of AnySoftKeyboard 20100805:

- Fix for re-loading external packages on install/upgrade/uninstall (fixes reboot requirement).
- Auto-completes in landscape (e.g., contact names in To fields).
- Backword support (shift+backspace). Enable it in Tweaks.


AnySoftKeyboard 20100516

Description/changelog of AnySoftKeyboard 20100516:

- Bugs fixes (landscape layout issue).

v. 20100515:
- External packages introduced. All languages have been removed from the main app. One can search for certain language pack by using button "Search for add-ons".
- Changelog notification added.
- Some bug fixes (e.g., Enter/Next key problem, Suggestions under Samsung).



Games (176)
Finance (59)
Health (91)
Travel (104)
Reference (146)
Productivity (230)
Multimedia (116)
Communications (215)
System (158)
Entertainment (256)
Shopping (61)
Sports (58)
News (36)
Internet (1)

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