Andoku is a sudoku puzzle game for Android that offers not only the traditional sudoku, but also a lot of its modifications.


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Developer: Markus Wiederkehr

Category: Games

Latest version: 1.3.2

Total versions: 12

Submitted: 18 Nov 2010

Updated: 18 Nov 2010


Andoku is an open source sudoku puzzle game for Android released under GNU General Public License v3.

Besides the standard sudoku puzzles it offers these sudoku variants:
- X-Sudoku
- Hyper-Sudoku
- Percent-Sudoku
- Color-Sudoku
- Squiggly Sudoku (a.k.a. Jigsaw Sudoku)
- and combinations thereof (e.g. Sudoku-X with jigsaw regions)

Features overview:
- 10 different game types
- 5 difficulty levels per game type
- 100 puzzles per game type and difficulty level
- Puzzle timer
- Undo/redo function
- Auto-save
- Cell highlighting
- Statistics


Andoku 1.3.2 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Andoku 1.3.2:

Released: July 11, 2010.
- Fix for FC on Android 1.5.

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of Andoku.

Andoku 1.3.1

Description/changelog of Andoku 1.3.1:

Released: July 11, 2010.
- Italian translation
- Allow app to be moved to SD card on Froyo
- Fix for force close when restoring undo/redo state
- Fixed highlighting of fingertip position on older devices


Andoku 1.3.0

Description/changelog of Andoku 1.3.0:

Released: July 9, 2010.
- Support for Color Sudokus
- Support for undo/redo
- Improved support for hi-res devices
- Mini statistics in New Game screen
- Added an option to reset all puzzles in a certain variation
- Notification if puzzle completed but solution is incorrect
- No longer requires the wake lock permission


Andoku 1.2.2

Description/changelog of Andoku 1.2.2:

Released: June 6, 2010.
- Bugfix for force close when migrating from "Android Sudoku"


Andoku 1.2.1

Description/changelog of Andoku 1.2.1:

Released: April 17, 2010.
- Bugfix release; changed the way digits are highlighted back to how it was in 1.1.2.


Andoku 1.2.0

Description/changelog of Andoku 1.2.0:

Released: April 14, 2010.
- Support for multiple color themes; added a dark theme
- Added a setting to turn off full-screen mode
- Strict error checking against actual solution can be turned off
- Added a menu entry to eliminate values (partially solving the puzzle)
- Additional input methods (Values Then Cell, Automatic)
- Two additional buttons to clear and reverse values of a cell
- French localization


Andoku 1.1.2

Description/changelog of Andoku 1.1.2:

Released: March 2, 2010.
- Added new game type Percent Sudoku (including 1000 new puzzles)


Andoku 1.1.1

Description/changelog of Andoku 1.1.1:

Released: December 29, 2009.
- Old desktop icons from version 1.0.2 should work again
- Added an option to turn off the timer while playing
- Added more options to control digit highlighting (never, single value, all values)


Andoku 1.1.0

Description/changelog of Andoku 1.1.0:

Released: December 14, 2009.
- External application can create folders and import puzzles into Andoku
- Imported folders can be renamed and deleted
- Added a puzzle solver for solving built-in and imported puzzles
- Added settings activity
- Highlight currently selected digits (optional via settings)
- Draw colored regions (optional via settings)
- Completed digits are highlighted on the keypad
- Removed landscape support for maintainability reasons
- Layout tweaks
- New icons for options menu
- Better support for small and large displays
- Automatically backs up database to SD card so it can survive a reinstall
- Updated for Android 1.6
- Minor tweaks


Andoku 1.0.2

Description/changelog of Andoku 1.0.2:

Released: July 27, 2009.
- Main menu also runs in fullscreen mode
- Fixed German localization for game statistics
- Use standard Toast class for displaying game information
- No drop shadow in fullscreen mode
- Screen should no longer occasionally get shifted down a few pixels
- Minor tweaks


Andoku 1.0.1

Description/changelog of Andoku 1.0.1:

Released: July 4, 2009.
- Fullscreen mode (slightly larger playing grid and toggle buttons)
- A resumed game gets started automatically
- German localization
- Minor tweaks


Andoku 1.0.0

Description/changelog of Andoku 1.0.0:

Initial release: May 25, 2009.



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