Mytravelr is a travel tool that includes maps, world clock, information on international dialing codes, currency converter and weather data


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Developer: Unwired Lab

Category: Travel

Latest version: 1.0F3

Total versions: 1

Submitted: 4 Mar 2015

Updated: 4 Mar 2015


World clock, World map, latest currency exchange rates, international dialing codes and a lot more.

Why hasn’t travel always been like this?

World Day/Night Map

Ever notice how irritated your foreign business colleagues get when you call them on their cell phones at 3 am their time? Well, it won’t happen again – not with the Mytravelr World Day/Night Map. A global projection map shows you the location of the selected city. With the map’s shadowing feature, you can tell at a glance whether it’s still daylight there. Below the map, a clock shows you the current time in the selected city. You’ll also be able to see the local date, as well as the local sunrise and sunset times. You’ll find this tool helpful in planning trip logistics, as well as in scheduling outdoor activities such as site inspections. Choose from nearly 1000 cities around the world.

World Clock

In today’s global business environment, you’ve got to keep your time zones straight. When you’re arranging an international conference call to pitch your newest strategy to the top management team, you can’t afford to miscalculate the time in each of their offices.

Mytravelr makes it easy. It displays the time and day for five cities at a time, with additional detail for your primary city. It takes care of everything automatically, including Daylight Savings Time calculations. You can choose from nearly 1000 cities worldwide. Now you don’t have to worry about figuring out what time it is. Instead, you can focus on making that conference call presentation a huge success.


The key to a successful trip is preparation. With Mytravelr, the savvy traveler can now be prepared for the weather in any destination. Rain or shine, warm or cold, snowy or windy, you’ll be ready.

Knowing the weather allows you to pack appropriate clothing, rain gear, etc. Mytravelr also helps you anticipate likely delays at the airport and weather-related traffic slowdowns. (In bad weather, you’ll want to leave extra time in your itinerary.) And it enables you to select weather-appropriate sightseeing and recreation activities, so you can enjoy your free time. Choose from 40,000 cities and get accurate 5-day forecasts. You can also select 50 favorite locations for instant, up-to-date information.

Seventeenth century explorers and seafaring traders recognized the extraordinary value of the barometer – which measured atmospheric pressure – in predicting the weather. By measuring the height of a mercury column in a long glass tube, they knew whether to expect storms or fair weather. For those trips when it just isn’t convenient to carry a long glass tube filled with mercury, Mytravelr provides accurate barometric readouts for the destination city of your choice. It also gives you that city’s wind speed and direction; the day’s high and low temperatures; the “real feel” temperature; and helpful visibility information.

International Dialing Codes

No matter where you need to call, you’ll be ready with the Mytravelr Dialing Codes directory. This incredibly useful tool lists 163 country codes and 120 area codes within the USA. With the importance of the telephone in both business and personal communications, you’ll probably use this handy directory often. It’s conveniently searchable and displays the time (relative to GMT) for each dialing code listed. Whether you’re calling domestically or connecting with someone halfway around the globe, Mytravelr is there for you. But be careful. You may find yourself making expensive international calls just so you’ll have an excuse to use the Mytravelr Dialing Codes directory. It’s that much fun.

Currency Converter

When you reach your destination, you’ll probably convert some cash into the local currency for your daily expenses. Make sure you’re getting the best rate with Mytravelr’s online currency converter.

When you make a purchase, you’ll want to know how much you are really paying. Mytravelr converts currency instantly with realtime data. It supports 180 different international currencies and displays three currencies at a time. And when you itemize your expense report, just use Mytravelr to convert purchases made in foreign currency to your native currency. Your accounting department will thank you.


Mytravelr 1.0F3 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of Mytravelr 1.0F3:

- Fixed bug: some cities DST issue.
- Fixed bug: Weather update from forecast screen.
- Added: Option for disabling Internet Network confirmation.


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