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Digital Movie List is a handy tool for storing details about your movies. We have all gathered movies through the years, and have even shared them.


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Developer: Anthony Trevino

Category: Multimedia

Latest version: 1.0.0

Total versions: 1

Submitted: 5 Mar 2015

Updated: 5 Mar 2015


Digital Movie List or DML, is a handy tool for storing details about your movies. We have all gathered movies through the years, and have even shared them.

As we add more and more movies to our home library, we become overwhelmed with the quantity, we tend to forget what we have and what we don’t.

Enter DML. DML stores a list of all your movies, providing you with a quick reference about the movie and even allows you to rate and write your own summary. You can set the image so that when it is tapped, a movie or trailer will be played back.

DML even keeps track of who borrowed the movie, and to alert you when it is time to get your movie back.

DML takes advantage of the touch screen and is easy to use. Alot of information can be stored about each of your movies, so with DML, you can provide as much information as you want. Download the PDF for more information about Digital Movie List.

Note: Since DML stores images and videos, alot of space can be consumed. it may be prudent to download a program that allows you to store this these images and videos on a storage card. As with all grumpydragonsoft databases, the main program MUST reside in the local directory of your hand held device.

Microsoft Windows Mobile does not allow for opening sub directories, but there is an app called tgetfile.dll at Tilanosoft that will allow your device to seach directories and subdirectories.


  • Store detailed Movie Information.
  • Add your own summary about the movie.
  • Score each movie from worst to best.
  • Playback stored Trailers.
  • Export to a comma delimited text file for spreadsheet import.
  • Search Movie by Category.
  • Track Movie borrowers by setting dates and alarms.
  • Filter through movies using specific defaults or create a custom filter.
  • Add new Movie Studios to dropdown list.
  • Samples are available.


Digital Movie List 1.0.0 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:


Games (40)
Finance (5)
Health (5)
Travel (8)
Reference (14)
Productivity (25)
Multimedia (18)
Communications (20)
Customization (10)
Utilities (29)
Internet (6)
Education (4)

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