BikeDashboard by Mathieu Gardere helps you to keep track of your biking activities using a Windows Mobile device.


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Developer: Mathieu Gardere

Category: Travel

Latest version: 0.951

Total versions: 4

Submitted: 18 Jan 2015

Updated: 19 Jan 2015


BikeDashboard by Mathieu Gardere helps you to keep track of your biking activities using a Windows Mobile device.

Are you a hardcore biker? This Windows Mobile freeware application might just be the thing you need. BikeDashboard is a virtual assistant which will help you improve your bike-related skills. The application offers both training assistance and navigation help. It will show you graphs and stats and it will also display important GPS information.

The app will let you keep track of your progress. You will know exactly where you rode your bike, for how long and how fast you were going. Next time you can try to beat your record and all that exercise will be great for your body. The application homepage is


BikeDashboard 0.951 seem to be the latest available version. Below you can find file(s) assigned to this version:

Description/changelog of BikeDashboard 0.951:

Version 0.951 was released on May 5, 2009.

This minor release addresses a few user reported bugs.

FatFingaz User Interface

Some menus were not showing correctly in resolutions others than QVGA.

Nautical units

In case you wonder, Mikael would like to use BikeDashboard as a "WindsurfDashboard"! There you go, mate.

Rename routes

An unwanted file was created in the folder above the workout files folder each time a non empty route was renamed.

Map calibration

There was a bug affecting users with a decimal separator which is different than a dot (mostly european countries using a comma as a decimal marker).

Old versions

Below are the earlier versions of BikeDashboard.

BikeDashboard 0.95

Description/changelog of BikeDashboard 0.95:

02/05 - v0.95 released

  • FatFingaz User Interface - Menus and dialog boxes have been reworked with a custom user interface that will deal with the fat fingers issue. Menu with large buttons are displayed instead of the standard bottom screen menu and small dialog boxes. The tabs have also been replaced with large pictures making the use of your PDA stylus unnecessary.
  • Imperial units - The settings screen now lets you display all distance, speed and altitude related details using imperial units (mi, mph, ft).
  • Heart Rate Monitor - Zephyr Technology HxM-HRM - Along GPS related details (speed, distance, altitude, direction), you can now display and record your heart rate. BikeDashboard has been interfaced with Zephyr Technology Bluetooth Heartrate monitors: HxM and HRM.
  • Darker Style - I have started designing the screen for them to look a bit better. They now all have gray / black backgrounds... simply because it is more usable out in the field.
  • Empty routes are no longer saved - With the new autosave feature introduced in 0.94, each time you started the application a new route was created and therefore saved, no matter if got any position. If you happened to start the application several time, you ended up with loads of such files. It will no longer happen as now nothing is saved until you get actual positions.
  • Name your routes - You can now give a name to your routes instead of the default one (yyyyMMdd HHmm.gpx).


BikeDashboard 0.94

Description/changelog of BikeDashboard 0.94:

.NET Compact Framework 3.5
Windows Mobile 5 / 6 / 6.1


BikeDashboard 0.93

Description/changelog of BikeDashboard 0.93:

Version 0.93 was released on April 23, 2009.

BikeDashboard becomes VGA compatible

This version is compatible with VGA devices (HTC Touch Diamond for instance).


The desktop application lets you create training file: basically you choose a target type among several types (say average speed, for instance) then you enter a value (30 km/h, for instance) and you click the add button to add it.

Once you have combined the different target for your training and set the desired value, you just need to click save to get TRN file. Copy this file on your Pocket PC. There, when you launch the PDA application, you can open this file (main menu / open training). As soon as your route/trace will have started, those targets will get updated in real time (training tab) showing which ones have been achieved and which ones still need to be completed.


The settings form on the PDA has been slightly rearranged and the settings are now automatically saved upon change.

A new "connect on startup" option has also been added thus making it unnecessary to connect to the GPS each time you start the application.

As part of the new settings, you can also indicate what color you want for planned and actual route.


On the map you can now see where you are heading. A small symbol now indicates your direction.


If the application crashed, it should now generate a file called "BikeDashboard_Crash.txt" on the root of your PDA.



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